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Barton Short Throw Shifter for OEM Handle; TR-6060 (09-23 V8 HEMI Challenger)

Item CH2960
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for American Muscle. And today, I'm checking out the Barton Industries Short Throw Shifter for the OEM Handle fitting TR-6060-equipped 2009 and newer Hemi Challengers. If you're one of the lucky people who owns a Challenger with the Tremec TR-6060 manual transmission, you've probably also been unlucky enough to miss some shifts during your ownership.Challenger shifters are notoriously finicky or even sloppy, so that 2, 3, or 5 to 4 shift is often a bit tricky. So, if you've got yourself a manual 2009 or newer Hemi Challenger and you're looking to improve the shifting and your overall driving experience, you really should take a look at this. This particular setup, since it is designed for your factory shift handle, also saves you some money and it's gonna keep your interior looking totally stocked. So, if you're focused on the driving experience, stay tuned because I think you're gonna like this.Now let's get something outta the way right off the bat. The short-throw shifter itself isn't going to make your car faster. However, going with the right one can dramatically improve not just the act of changing gears, but the overall driving experience as well. And really that's what this is all about. Now, I personally love short shifters when they're done right, and this one is definitely done right.Barton claims a 44% reduction in the length of the overall throw, and the whole thing has some really nice features built in. It has these firm centering springs, which I almost can't actuate here on the table. Barton claims that these are unique in the market and they're meant to reduce the slot from the factory gear selector rod by helping move the linkage back into alignment with that 3, 4 gate.Now, as you can see, this is a full replacement shifter, meaning that you don't need to transfer any of the dust boots or bushings from your original. You don't really have to save anything off of that with the exception of the handle itself.Now, Barton also isolated the handle here to keep this nice and quiet. So, there's no rattling around or clanging your pedal like you get with some of the other cheaper shifters out there. Even though you are gonna keep your original lever and knob, which is gonna bolt right up to this assembly using the bracket here.Now, speaking of which, the moment that you pick this thing up out of the box, I think you're gonna be impressed. It has some serious heft to it. The bushings are all new and they feel really nice. It's gonna help eliminate a lot of slop that your stock setup has. And the whole thing is made from billet aluminum and stainless steel. So, this is without a doubt, a high-quality piece. It's gonna last. And that's especially important when you're spending a good chunk on a single mod.Now, the only shame of it really is that you're not gonna be able to see this once it's installed in the car, but that billet aluminum and the stainless steel construction here also means that this is gonna stand up to the test of time. So, any corrosion or rust that may have happened on your stock shifter, not gonna be a problem here. And again, you do get all those new bushings included.So, now we need to talk about the price. Coming in at about $500 for the setup, as you see it here, this certainly is not cheap. However, when it comes to full replacement short shifters for the Challenger, you really don't have a lot of options. It's basically just this and the Hurst and that doesn't have the adjustability or the same level of quality as the Barton does.This is a really great product for the money, and according to Challenger owners, this is the one to get. You are gonna save a little bit on this particular setup because again, it is gonna reuse your factory shift handle and shift knob as opposed to having the aftermarket one that Barton also makes.As far as installation goes, this is gonna come in at a two out of three on our difficulty meter. While it may require some disassembly to get your stock shifter out and some assembly of that new shifter, this is a job that you can accomplish at home and it should take you a little over an hour to get it all buttoned up. Now, as we saw earlier, all the bushings do come pre-installed, so it's just a matter of unbolting the stock shifter and bolting this one in. And to show you exactly how to get this done on your Challenger, let's head on over to the install bay.Man: Tools used for this install, 3/8"s electric impact gun, a 10 and 13-millimeter sockets, Philips screwdriver, flat screwdriver, 3/8"s ratchet, 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench, and a 19-millimeter open-end. Hey, guys, I'm gonna show you how to install our short throw shifter here on our 2016 Challenger R/T. So, let's get started.So, the first thing we're gonna do on our shifter install here is we're going to remove this centerpiece right here. We're gonna remove our shifter knob, get that out of the way. We'll remove this. We got a couple screws up top here. We gotta remove a couple connectors for our wiring harnesses to get out. We have two 10-millimeters on the side here we're gonna take out. That'll give us access to remove our console out of the way. Then we'll be able to get down inside here and start removing our shifter.So, the first thing we're gonna do is I'm just gonna pull my boot down like that, get to this nut down here. And I'm gonna take a 19-millimeter, we're gonna break this loose. Unscrew it like that and that'll give us access to just remove our shifter knob.This is gonna allow me not to have to take this piece out here. We'll be able to get this to fall right over top of it. You'll see later on when I get this out. I think it makes it easier than trying to remove the plastic here. Them clips are very delicate and they break very easily.Next, we'll remove our big centerpiece here. Now I'm gonna take a flat-blade screwdriver. I'm gonna get around right here on this edge of this trim. I'm just gonna get down in there like that and just go around. And go gentle because it is plastic. And we'll just wanna pop this up out of the way just like that. I'm gonna work my way around to this side, just pop up on it.And again, I'm going pretty easy because I don't wanna break nothing or damage anything. So, now what I'm gonna be able to do is just tweak this a little bit and pull and get that off. And behind here, you're gonna see a connector. I'm just gonna pop that out and remove this whole piece.Then next, you're gonna wanna put your seat all the way back on both sides. There's a little cover right here. Again, I'm gonna take my little flat-blade screwdriver, pop that cover out, which is gonna give us access to a little 10-millimeter right here.And what I'm gonna do is take my gun right here with a 10-millimeter on it and I'm gonna get in here and remove this bolt. And now you're gonna want to repeat that same procedure on the opposite side.So, now we're gonna remove these two 13-millimeters here that hold the shifter in place. I'm gonna get this so that we get this out of our way when we remove our console. I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter socket here with my ratchet and loosen these two up.Okay. So, now that we have everything removed here, what we're gonna do is just remove our wiring harness from the side's upper console and pull our clip out. That clip was actually loose. And then we're gonna pull these out up top here and pull these clips off like that. That one there. I have one more right here. It's holding this on, we'll pull that one out. And get all the clips off the console pretty much like that. We'll get these down out of the way.And next, we're gonna have two Philips screws, one here, one here. I'm gonna get in there with my Philips screwdriver and remove these. And then one more right here.So, now that we have everything pulled away here, what I'm gonna do is disconnect this harness here, unplug it. Same goes for this one here. We'll unplug that one and that will get our console removed from our car. We'll be able to lift it up like this, pull it out, and get it out of place.So, now I have the AC vent here and the heat vent that were going on this plastic tube. All you're gonna do is lift up on it. There's just a push clip in the back here. We're just gonna pick up and pop that out and slide this right out of the way.So, next what we're going to do is just remove this rubber seal here that is in place up in here and be able to... What I'm gonna do is just get this out of the way. It's gonna give us access to our 10-millimeters here that hold this piece in place. So, I'm just gonna take it, instead of taking it all the way out, what I'm going to do is just move it out of the way enough that we can get to the bolts to remove this.So, next we're gonna remove our grommet. I'm just gonna pull up on it here, pull it out around, pull it off like that and get that out of the way. Next, take our 10-millimeter, start loosening up our screws. I think this one's gonna be 13, so we're going to have to remove that one first.So, I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter here on my 3/8"s gun and break this one loose first. That's gonna let our shifter drop down. Let me just take this and get this out of the way. And we'll switch over to a 10-millimeter socket now, and get in here, remove these. And then we'll go up, get these up here. And I'll move this back a little bit and get to this one. And then I have those out. We'll be able to lift up on our plate and expose our shifter.So, now we're gonna remove this 10-millimeter right here that holds this fork into the back of the transmission. I'll take my 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench. Now we're gonna break this loose. I'm gonna pull that bolt right out. So, now we have two pins up here that hold our shifter brackets here in place. There's one here and one over here. Now this one over here, you're probably not gonna be able to see.What I'm gonna do is take a flat-blade screwdriver and pop this forward like that. And that'll go like this and we'll be able to work our pin out like that. And if it drops down, it'll probably go onto the ground so it won't be that big a deal. And now I'm gonna get my fingers in here and see if I can pop, which I'm not gonna be able to. So, I'm gonna take my flat-blade screwdriver again and pop this second one off over here. And this one's gonna be a little bit tricky because the room that you have over here to get this off is definitely a lot tighter than the other one. There we go.So, now once you get it to that point, you're not gonna be able to see because I'm going to have to use both my hands to catch it. But I'm gonna wiggle this one out too and then just pry it the rest of the way with my flat-blade screwdriver. And it's definitely tight to get in there to get this one out. Now, I pretty much have it all the way out. And at that point, you should be able to, just like that, remove your shifter like that.So, now we're gonna remove our shifter fork here from our stock shifter, put it on to our new shifter. We're gonna do that by removing this 10-millimeter bolt we have right here. I'm gonna take my 10-millimeter socket on my 3/8"s gun, remove this 10-millimeter bolt right here. And we'll just take this, wiggle it off and we'll install it onto our new shifter here. Put our bolt back in place and we'll take our gun and tighten it up. That'll give us some movable room here for the shifter. Now we're ready to install our shifter back into our vehicle.So, now what we're gonna do is I put some grease in here to make it easier for our bushings to slide into place. I'm just gonna take my shifter here and push this back into place. And what I'm gonna do is reinstall these pins that we took out. I already have one over here. And I'm gonna push this one in and line this up. Again, you might not be able to see it because I gotta get my hands in here to get this in.So, now we're just gonna go and push our clips in like this and get 'em in place. And we'll do the same on this side. So, now that we have our pins up here holding our shifter in, we're gonna take our fork here and we're gonna line our fork up with our rod that comes out of our transmission. We're gonna get it in place. I'm gonna try to line this bolt up here and get it started. Sometimes you gotta wiggle around a little bit to get it to line up so it goes through. I'm gonna take my 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench and run it in.So, next we're gonna take our plate, stick it in place. And what I wanna show you here is we have this piece right here, which we're gonna slide right on there. The bolts are going to go towards the front. We're gonna get this in place and get this lined up with this hole. Start our 13-millimeter nut on this here, move our rug out of the way and then start letting our plate back down over top of our holes like that. And then we'll reinstall our 10-millimeter nuts here and one more up in here.So, now what I'm gonna do is take my 10-millimeter and my 3/8"s gun, tighten these up. I'm going to try to get up in the corner here and get this one. It might be easier to get it with my 10-millimeter ratcheting wrench. And now that we have that done, we're going to take our rubber seal here, you're gonna see it says front and rear, and slide that down over and then get this down over our shifter here and push it down into place. And now you're gonna feel it pop down in groove there.And once we have that on, I'm gonna take our grommet here and just fold it down a little bit because it's all bound up. We'll hold that up like that. And last, we'll take our 13-millimeter here, tighten this one up, make sure that didn't move, push it down into place.Now we'll install our cover here. I'm gonna get it underneath the rug here a little bit. The rug's a little stiff, but there we go. So, now we have that all in place, now I'm gonna bolt my shifter handle on and get that where it has to go, then we'll reinstall our console.So, now we're gonna reinstall our shifter handle. Just gonna slide down into place like that. We will start our two 13-millimeters here and get them started. Gonna start our 13-millimeters here. And this will bolt just like this. And I'm gonna get all these started. I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter on my gun here, line these all up just like that.Now we'll reinstall our console. So, before we install our console, which that's what I was thinking we were gonna do next, we're not, we're going to install our air duct. We have to put this back into place. I was jumping ahead a little bit here. So, we're gonna just push it down. There's a push clip in the back here and it sits in a pocket right up in there. And you just wanna push down just like that. Now we'll install our console and get our console in place.So, now we'll reinstall our console. Take this console, get it into place here pretty much like that. We'll get our bolts started in here, reattach our wiring harnesses, and then we'll be able to put our boot on and our shifter handle and button this all up. So, now we have two screws, one here, one here, we have to put back in. I'll take my Philips screwdriver with the two Philips screws, get them in place. Same with this one over here.Next what we're gonna do is plug in our connectors here. Just plug these back in. Same with this one down here. Get this one plugged in. And then we're going to push our push clips that were holding everything in place back where they gotta go. This one also has two clips right here. And then this is going to plug into our heater controls. And now we're going to connect our heater control. Take our plug, push it in place. We'll be able to reinstall our trim piece here. And again, all you wanna do with this to get this back into place is just push it down just like that.Next, what we're gonna do, reinstall our shifter knob. And take this, screw this all the way down. Take our 19-millimeter nut down here, tighten that up. You can just pull this back over top, just like that. And now we'll reinstall our 10-millimeters on the side. We're gonna take our 10-millimeter, put this back into place, get it started. I'm gonna take my gun with a 10-millimeter socket on it. I'm gonna tighten this one up. Put our plastic cover back on. And now you're gonna wanna repeat that same procedure on the opposite side, and that'll wrap up this install.Jake: That's gonna do it for our review and install of the Barton Short Throw Shifter for 2009 and newer Hemi Challengers. Thanks so much for watching. And remember, for all things Challenger, be sure to stick with us right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Eliminates Clunky Feel of Factory Shifter
      • Gives 44% Throw Reduction
      • Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel
      • Black Anodized Finish
      • Designed to Reuse the Factory Shifter Handle and Knob
      • Fits 2009-2023 V8 HEMI Challengers with TR-6060 6-Speed Manual Transmission


      Gives 44% Throw Reduction. Installing this Barton Short Throw Shifter for OEM Handles gives around 44 percent throw reduction. This helps eliminate the clunky feel of your car’s factory shifter, enabling you to change gears with ease.

      Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction. To ensure great quality and long-lasting service, this Barton Short Throw Shifter for OEM Handle is made from billet aluminum and stainless steel. Furthermore, it is completed with a black anodized finish to protect the shifter from rust and corrosion.

      With 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you encounter any issues of your purchased shifter, it must be returned for inspection within 30 days from the date of purchase. Once the defective item has been inspected and verified for manufacturer defects, Barton Industries will return the full purchase price to the customer.

      Application. The Barton Short Throw Shifter for use with the OEM Handle fits 2009-2023 Dodge Challenger V8 HEMI models equipped with the TR-6060 6-speed manual transmissions.



      Barton BC-0914-2

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      What's in the Box

      • (1) Shifter Assembly
      • Boots

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