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Barton Shifters

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Barton Shifters

Make your vehicle more efficient and more enjoyable to drive by upgrading to one of the Barton shifters available at American Muscle. Barton shifters make your vehicle more efficient, and they can enhance the drive performance of your ride as well. If you have a manual vehicle that you want to enhance, a new shifter is a powerful improvement. There are many shifters available for purchase today, so it's up to you to choose what sort of product you want to invest in. Learn more about Barton shifter options in particular, and you'll begin to see why so many other car owners invest in these products specifically.

Improve Drive Feel and Durability with a Barton Shifter

A good shifter improves the feel of a manual vehicle to a surprising degree. Adding a Barton shifter to your ride can make shifting smoother and quieter at the same time. You'll be amazed at how good it feels to shift through the gears of your car with your new shifter, and you'll enjoy acceleration more than ever with your new upgrade. Barton shifters are self-centering and lubricated for the smoothest and most reliable performance. Add a Barton shifter to your car and enjoy the following benefits:

  • quiet performance
  • self-centering springs
  • smoother shifting
  • comfortable design
  • quick shifting performance

Stock shifters are built to last, but aftermarket improvements from Barton are even more reliable. They feature tougher seals, a thick rubber boot to keep dust and debris out, and more dependable construction. When you want to extend the lifespan of your vehicle's shifter investing in a Barton product will help. The short and normal-length shifters are both designed for maximum durability and built from more durable materials than the stock options are.

Make Shifts Quicker with a Barton Short Throw Shifter

Most car owners invest in products like the Barton short-throw shifter in order to improve shift accuracy and cut shift times. If you want to shift more efficiently and accelerate faster, it makes sense to get a short-throw shifter. These shifters reduce the travel length for shifts and can help reduce your shift times. If you're upgrading your car to make it more race-ready, adding a short-throw shifter is a good place to start. Another key upgrade to make to your car to help prepare it for racing is a big brake kit. Adding larger brakes to your vehicle will help you slow down more effectively so you can drive faster with confidence. No matter how you decide to change your car, you can get improved aftermarket parts that help you meet your upgrade goals. With so many different parts available at American Muscle, you should be able to make most changes to your ride with ease. Make these key upgrades to your vehicle and enjoy improved acceleration, braking, style, and more. There are dozens of different upgrade parts available at American Muscle, including Barton shifters as well as custom pedals to improve the style and feel of driving your vehicle. If you want your car to stand out, you can customize it any way you like. Stop investing in parts that don't have a major impact on how you interact with your vehicle and upgrade the parts that will improve your ride quality and drive experience. You'll love driving your car even more when you make these select improvements, and adding a new shifter is one of those quality-of-life enhancements that you won't regret!