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When you’re rolling in your Challenger, you want the go slow to be as impressive as the go. We’ve all seen the videos of some hot shot on the track in his muscle car, blasting past the competition, only to lose ground at the hairpin that looms large at the end of the straight. Just because your Mopar muscle has all that power doesn’t necessarily mean it can provide the total performance package you need. Those stock brakes can be excellent from the factory, but if it’s been a while since your brakes were maintained or you’ve been pushing your Challenger to the limits, they could be due for some remedial work. For the best results with brake updates, a matched set of new rotors and Challenger brake pads is the ideal solution for balanced, reliable brake feel, stopping power, and freedom from fade. Our brake rotor and pad kits are the easy, expert way to renew or upgrade the performance of your Dodge Challenger’s braking performance. For cost-effective restoration of braking power for daily driving, our OE replacement kits include Challenger brake rotors and pads at low cost, but with the high standards you expect. Unlike regular stock replacement kits, these feature pads with a higher-performance compound, for an increased friction coefficient. Better brakes for less money? How awesome is that! If your performance needs are above-average or you love the look for high-tech rotors behind your alloy rims, supercharge the style and stopping power of your Challenger with one of our performance braking upgrade kits. These give your ride the kind of advanced rotor design and finish customarily seen on competition cars, for better cooling, enhanced pad surface maintenance, and reduced fade. They’re available with a choice of pad compounds depending on your performance requirements. With our upgraded rotor and pad kits, your Challenger will leave the competition in the shade.

Challenger Brake Rotor & Pad Kits