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Whether you need an aftermarket hood to replace a damaged or heavy stock hood, upgrade the style of your Challenger, extract hot air to keep your engine cool or increase the flow of fresh air to your engine’s intake, our line of Challenger hoods puts the power in your hands. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you’ll be on your way to giving your Mopar ride the hood it deserves. With such a wide variety of hoods on the market, it’s a relief to be able to relax while you shop online. The first decision is a relatively simple one: do you want fiberglass or carbon fiber? It’s a simple choice but making that decision could be tough, given all the qualities and attractions of each option. Fiberglass tends to be more cost-effective, and it’s a time-honored tradition for upgrading America’s muscle cars. With a carbon fiber hood, you enjoy much lower weight, but you might be digging a little deeper into your tuning budget. Just think of the pride you’ll enjoy from knowing your Challenger is sporting the same aerospace technology as the world’s fastest racing cars. You’ll get to luxuriate in a high-gloss finish showing off the hand-laid weave that needs no paint to give your Challenger a show-winning finish. The next decision is identifying the objective with your aftermarket hood. If styling is the goal, the final choice is determined solely by your tastes and how well any particular hood fits into any other mods you’ve given your Challenger. A shaker hood evokes the classic lines of a 1970s muscle monster. A beefy cowl design will up the aggression and bold stance. The T/A hood has an effect not unlike a huge bicep rippling under a suit. Some of these hood styles are functional. For the final word in functional style, a ram air hood helps to blast fresh air into your intake, for more power and performance, as well as killer looks.

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