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Barton Short Throw Shifter with Brushed Aluminum Stick and Black Shift Knob; TR-6060 (09-23 V8 HEMI Challenger)

Item CH2964
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here with, and today I'm checking out the Barton Industries short throw Shifter with the Aluminum Stick and Black Shift Knob for TR-6060 equipped 2009 and newer Hemi Challengers. If you're one of the lucky people who owns a Challenger with the Tremec TR-6060 manual transmission, you've probably also been unlucky enough to miss a few shifts during your ownership. Challenger shifters are notoriously a little bit finicky or even sometimes described as sloppy. So, that 2 to 3 upshift or the 5 to 4 downshift is often a little bit tricky. So, if you've got yourself a manual 2009 or newer Challenger and you're looking to improve the shifting and your overall driving experience, you really should take a look at this.Now, let's get something out of the way right off the bat. A short throw shifter itself is not going to make your car faster. However, going with the right one can dramatically improve not just the active changing gears but the overall driving experience as well. And really, that's what modifying your cars is all about. Now, I love short shifters when they're done right, and this one is definitely done right. Barton claims a 44% reduction in the length of the throw and the whole thing has some really nice features overall. And as these firm centering springs which Barton claims are unique in the market and they're meant to reduce the slot from the factory gear selector rod by helping move the linkage back into that 3, 4, gate and keeping it all nice and aligned in the center. This is a full replacement shifter, meaning that you don't need to transfer any of the dust boots or bushings from your original shifter.Barton also isolated the handle to keep this one quiet, so there's no rattling around or clanging of metal like you can get with some other shifters out there. Speaking of which, the moment you pick this thing up out of the box, I think you're gonna be impressed. I was. It has some serious health to it. The bushings feel nice and it's gonna help eliminate any slack that your stock setup has. And the whole thing is made from billet aluminum and stainless steel. Now, the stick itself is this beautiful, polished aluminum piece with the Barton name engraved on both sides. And the shift knob is this smooth, black, almost pool ball type of thing, and it does have a little bit of weight to it, though. It isn't what you'd call heavy. But good news is this is just a standard threaded stick, so you can always change out the knob if you wanna go with something later that has a little bit more weight to it.Another nice feature I wanna point out is that you also have the capability to adjust the pitch of the shift lever itself. So, once you get this thing assembled, if you decide you want to move the lever back towards you, you can do that. Or if you like that canted forward old-school muscle car style, you can lean it towards the front of the car. The adjustability is really great and it's easy to do as well, you just loosen this one bolt right here so you can change it up when you see fit. Without a doubt, this is a high quality piece and it's going to last, which is especially important since you're gonna be spending a good chunk of money on a single modification, which brings us to the price.Coming in at around $625, it certainly isn't cheap. However, when it comes to full replacement short shifters for your Challengers, you really don't have a lot of options. And there are some that are gonna be more expensive. The Barton shifter is really a lovely product for the money, and according to Challenger owners, this is an excellent one to get. Now, as far as installation goes, this one comes in at a two out of three on our difficulty scale. While it will require some disassembly to get your stock shifter out and some assembly, obviously, of this new shifter, it is a job that is easily accomplished at home and should take you a little over an hour or so to get it all buttoned up. And to show you exactly how to get this done on your Challenger, let's head on over to the install bay and we'll walk you through it step by step.Man: Tools used for this insulation 3/8 shallow socket, 8-millimeter Allen, 3/8 to-quarter-inch drive adapter, quarter-inch drive ratchet, 8,10 and 13-millimeter sockets, clip removal tool, quarter-inch drive extension, Phillips screwdriver, and 3/8 drive electric ratchet.Hey, guys? I'm gonna show you how to uninstall and install our short throw shifter in our Hemi Challenger here, so let's get started. First thing we're gonna do on our uninstall is we're gonna have to remove our boot and our plastic ring that goes around here that holds it in place, that way we can get access to the bolts down here holding our shifter in, and then we'll be able to remove our console. So, you're gonna need your clip tool and we'll get started. We will remove our plastic here to get our boot off. So, now I'm gonna take my clip removal tool, I'm gonna dig down in here, pop this up and we're going to just pull it up out of the way. That'll give us access to our two bolts down here holding our shifter in place. And now we'll get a ratchet and we'll remove those. So, now I'm gonna take my quarter-inch drive ratchet and my 13-millimeter socket and loosen up our two bolts here holding on to our shifter. I'm gonna remove these and just lift that up out of the way. Remove our booth and shift all in one piece.So, now we're going to remove the upper part of the console. So, what I'm gonna do is get back in here and try to get my clip removal tool, plastic trim tool and get up here and pop this out like that. And you just go and wanna move it around till you get it loose. Now, underneath here, we'll have a couple of connectors that we're going to have to disconnect. What we're going to do with them is pull the little red tab, push the clip, pop this one off, and do the same with this one, push the tab and pop it off. So, now we're gonna remove inside the console here this plastic piece in the bottom and get that out of our way, which is gonna expose four 8-millimeter screws. I'm gonna take my quarter-inch drive with a long extension and remove those bolts down inside here. And now that I got those four all loose, we'll go to the front of the console here and remove two Phillips screws we have to get out. So, now I'm gonna take my Phillips screwdriver, remove our two Phillips screws right here.So, now we got our four bolts out here and our two Phillip screws, we got two electrical connectors we have to remove, one's here and one's up here. You just go and push on the tab, and pull it out just like that. So, I got my first connector, I'm working on my second one. I just wanted to flip the console upside down so I could see it. You're just gonna have to push the little tab, it's kind of be a little bit of a pain. But once you get that little tab clip pushed down right there, it's easier to do it this way and then you can just remove the console and get the console out of your way. So, now we got our console out of the way, we're going to remove our air duct here. We're just gonna pull up on it like that, pop this clip out, grab a hold of it and slide it out from underneath the dash just like that. So next, we're just going to remove this rubber shield. Kind of just lifts up out of the way. You get that out of the way. So, now we got six 10-millimeters right here, these six here and one 13-millimeter, so I'm gonna take my quarter-inch drive ratchet with 10-millimeter and loosen and take these all off.Now I'm gonna switch over to my quarter-inch drive ratchet because one's under the dash is a little bit tough to get to. Now that we have those off, I'll switch over to a 13-millimeter here on my quarter-inch drive ratchet and remove this nut here which holds the shifter mount up in the back. And once I have them all off and out of place, I'm going to push my grommet out of the way here and then just lift up on our metal plate and remove it. So, now once we have our shifter undone with our plate, there's a 13-millimeter here that holds the rod into the bottom of the shifter, we're gonna break that loose. I got my quarter-inch drive on my 13-millimeter, and we're gonna take this bolt out here. I have that out which will drop our rod out between the shifter here just like that.Next, we'll go up in the front here, pull our pins out. So, now you have two pins, one here, one under here. What I'm gonna do is take my flat blade screwdriver and just pop them up to get the pin out. You just pull the pin out once you get the clip off. Might be a little tricky to see with my hands down there. We're gonna do the same at the bottom of the pin. Then I'll take my screwdriver, just twist a little bit here, and pop the clip out like that. Get down in here. It can be a little tight to get it out, but I'm just gonna pull the pin out like that. It kind of goes in, the clip goes in and catches it. We wanna keep these pins because we wanna be reusing them. And once you get that done, you will be able to just pull your shifter right out, and then it's removed.So, now we have everything removed, our old shifter, we're gonna take our new shifter and start installing it in our vehicle. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our shifter, we're gonna slide it down inside, and then we're gonna install the fork on the bottom here. Now, with this bushing that we have in here, it's plastic, the manufacturer recommends that if it's really tight fit into your fork, you're gonna want to just take some sandpaper and sand this off. I already have taken a little bit off because it was tight. I just tried it. So, now we're ready to take it and I'm gonna show you how to put it in the vehicle. So, now we're gonna take our shifter. I'm gonna drop it down inside here like this for now, and then I'm gonna get this fork and press down and get our bushing in place here with our fork. And like I said, if it is tight, this one is not too bad right now, you can take some sandpaper, sand that plastic bushing a little bit. I'm actually gonna take a Phillips screwdriver that I have right here to line the holes up. I'm gonna come in this way and get this in place. Now I have it pretty close there to be able to start my bolt. This was the old bolt that we took out, get that started. I'm gonna take my 13-millimeter on my quarter-inch drive ratchet and tighten this one up.Next, we'll go and put our pins in the front there and get our bushings in place. So, now we have our fork and everything in place, we're going to take our shifter here and we're gonna press it inside where our bushings fit now. We're gonna take our pins, put our pins back in. You might have to move it around a little bit to try to get the bushing lined up. It's supposed to clip up like that, and I will do the same on the other side. This one you might not be able to see because it's pretty far in there. I know my hands are in the way, but you're gonna have to put the bushing in, put your pin in place. Now we're gonna install our back mount right here with these two slots. It's going to ride right on there just like that. I'm gonna put it right about there. Now we'll get our top cover laid out in place, put our nuts on and start tightening that down.So, now I'm gonna show you how to remove our boot from our factory shifter. Now, this shifter here does give us the option to install our plate in the back here, which will slide into place sort of like that. And you'll be able to use your factory shifter handle if you like it, but it does give you that option to actually install this back onto here. But for our case, we're gonna put our new one on. So, what we have to do is we have to remove our boot from our shifter. I'm gonna take a flat blade screwdriver and just wiggle this up off of here and pop this clip. You get that one out of the way, you get that one out of the way. Now, once you get them popped out of there, your boot will come up and you're gonna have to fish this retainer through your boot like that. Just pull it around and then you can remove your factory shifter. And now we'll be reusing this cover in our boot when we get this all back and assembled. So, now we're going to mount our shifter onto our shifter bracket here. And what we're gonna do is if you wanted to use the factory one like I told you before, you just slide this into place, put it in here like this. You would put your bolts through here. You're gonna start your longer bolts through there, and they'll hold this in place and you can actually use your factory shifter. Now, in our case, we're not gonna use our factory shifter, we're going to take our long bolts here, we're gonna bolt this side up, bolt the other side up, and then mount our bottom part of our shifter handle that goes in here that gets our top to where our ball goes on.So, we're gonna take this, and I'm gonna put four bolts in here, get them started. Make sure you put the lock washers on them. Now I'm just gonna install them just like that. And we're going to do the same thing on the opposite side. I'm gonna run them all in just finger-tight for now. So, once you get them all started, leave them a little loose, gives us some room. We're gonna take the top or the bottom of our shifter handle, you're gonna see it has a round part on this side with the threads and you have the cut-out indent. It's gonna go like that, sit down in place just like that. I'll snug these up a little bit and we're gonna get these four shorter bolts. I'm gonna put these into place, two on each side. And I'm just gonna run all in by hand tight and I'm gonna take my quarter-inch drive ratchet, my 13-millimeter, and tighten these all up.So, now we got everything in place here, we're going to install or reinstall this rubber cover. Get that under the carpet. Sit that in place. I'm gonna pull the carpet away on the side and put it underneath the carpet. Now we're gonna reinstall our tuck here for our AC and heat. I'm just gonna slide that back up into place, push it down in like that, and that will install our lower console. Next, we're gonna reinstall our lower console back into place, get it sit down in. And we're gonna reinstall our electrical connection. We have one under here. We're gonna take right here and plug that in, [inaudible 00:22:55.425] and we'll go back under here. It's gonna be a little tricky to see. Get that one in place and just get our wires up here for our upper console. There are some connectors there. So, once we get this pushed into place here, we're gonna line up for holes for our top here. Now we're gonna take our Philip screws that we took out earlier, start them up here. One, and there's two.And then in our console here, we have four bolts. We have to start in here, and then we'll tighten up, and tighten our Phillips up. So, now I'm gonna start my 8-millimeters that we have here. I'm gonna start these down inside here. Once I got one started, what I'm gonna try to do is take my 8-millimeter on my ratchet. I'm gonna hold it in place, line it up, get it started to make it easier. Like I said, it's a little tough to get in there. I even got small fingers. So, I'm gonna try to get in this one once you see the hole. And what I did was push forward on the console, I made it easier to get them started. So, now we have those four tight, we're gonna tighten up our Philips up front. Now I'm gonna run in my two Phillips screws. And that one secures our console. Now we'll put our upper part on. Now we're gonna install our upper part of our console. We're gonna reconnect our electrical connector I have here and then our back one, which was right here. With most of our console in place, push it up to the front first, get it where we want it, smack it down just like that. So, now we're gonna install our shifter handle. I put my nut on here as this is gonna lock our ball down when we get to that point. We're gonna take our Allen heads that were supplied with our washers. We're gonna stick them in here just like that. We'll stick this one in there just like so, and then this is gonna go right on here almost on our bolts in.And on this shifter, it's gonna give you the option to place the shifter in a different position. You're gonna be able to use this to swivel. If you want it straight up down that's fine, if you'd rather have it more of front to pull back, that's good or back and vice versa. I'm just gonna put it in the middle, and I'm gonna take my 8-millimeter Allen head here and I'm just gonna run these in and tighten them up. Same at the bottom. So, now that we have those tight, we'll start to put our boot back on in place. So, now we're going to put our factory boot back on. And what we're gonna do with this is gonna slide over top and come down. And you're gonna see this groove that's cut into the shifter, you wanna slide this down till this fits into the groove and go all the way around with it. Now, once you have it down in a place like that and you have an over-the-top, you're gonna be able to lift it back up. And at this point, to hold it in place, what you can do is they supply you a fire tie which you can put around it like this, tie it tight and pull it into that groove and lock it in place. Since we're not keeping this shifter on our car, I'm not gonna do it. But that's what you can do to hold the boot over top of that. So, once you have the boot in place like that, what we're gonna do is just put our trim piece back in place. Now, once we have our trim piece in place, the next last thing we're gonna do is install our ball. We're gonna screw our nut. Now, if you wanna get a 5/8 wrench, it's either five or 11/16, you can tighten this up, lock it in place wherever you want your ball. And hat will wrap up this install.Jake: That wraps up this review and install of our Barton Short Throw Shifter with Brushed Aluminum Stick and Black Ball Shift Knob for TR-6060 Trans, '09 TO '22 V8 Hemi Challengers. Thanks for watching. And for all things Challenger, keep it right here at

      Product Information

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      • Enables Quicker Shifts for Better Performance
      • Provides 44% Throw Reduction
      • Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction
      • Brushed Silver Shifter Finish
      • Brushed Aluminum Stick and Black Shift Knob
      • Includes a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
      • Fits 2009-2023 Dodge Challenger V8 HEMI Models With TR-6060 Transmissions


      Provides 44% Throw Reduction. Perform quicker shifts by equipping your Challenger with this Barton Short Throw Shifter. This short throw shifter enables you to change gears with ease, providing about 44 percent throw reduction.

      Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel. Built for delivering an outstanding performance, this Barton Short Throw Shifter is manufactured from billet aluminum and stainless steel. These high-quality materials enable your short throw shifter to exhibit superior strength and durability for a long-lasting service.

      Includes a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If your purchased shifter is found to be defective, Barton Industries will return the full purchase price of the product. However, the product in question must be returned in its original packaging containing all of its accessories within 30 days from the purchase date.

      Application. The Barton Short Throw Shifter with Brushed Aluminum Stick and Black Shift Knob is designed to fit 2009-2023 Dodge Challenger V8 HEMI models with TR-6060 transmissions.



      Barton BC-0914-1B

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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      • (1) Shifter Assembly
      • (1) Stick
      • (1) Shift Knob
      • Boots

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