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Borla Exhaust, Mufflers, & Parts

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Borla Exhaust, Mufflers, & Parts

Customize the sound and style of your ride while making your engine more capable with Borla exhaust upgrades. These upgrades can include a full cat-back system or something simpler such as a muffler upgrade or a new set of headers. There are so many different types of exhaust improvements available from Borla that it's up to you to choose the changes you want for your vehicle. We'll dig into some of the improvements that are available for your vehicle below so you can start considering the options that are available to you.

Invest in the Right Borla Exhaust Components for Power and Longevity

Adding new Borla exhaust components to your vehicle can increase the power you produce as you drive by improving the flow of exhaust away from your engine. The upgraded exhaust pieces from Borla are optimized with an improved flow pathway to move more exhaust gases in the same amount of time versus the stock exhaust pipes. These improved pipes are mandrel-bent for wide-open pathways, even around sharp corners. The pipes are also created to have wider pathways than most stock exhaust components, and the muffler and catalytic converters included in many of these upgrades are optimized for faster exhaust flow too.

  • improved exhaust flow path
  • mandrel bent turns
  • wider pathways
  • bolt-on design
  • aggressive sounding

Upgrading from a stock exhaust system isn’t just about increasing horsepower and torque figures, though. It’s often about making your system more durable and stylish too. Borla exhaust systems are made from aluminum; they’re often chrome-plated or protected with a powder-coat finish too. They’re made to withstand corrosion more capably, so you can get more years of performance out of them than stock components. Look at the build quality of the exhaust parts you’re considering and only opt for parts that will last better than stock components do. You’ll be glad you spent the additional money to keep your vehicle running more effectively over time.

Install a Borla Muffler for Improved Sound

The muffler on your vehicle is responsible for making it quieter so it can operate without being too loud for those around you. The stock muffler that comes with your vehicle is designed to make it as quiet as possible. If you want your ride to sound more aggressive, or to just have a custom sound that stands out, consider adding a Borla muffler to your ride. These aftermarket mufflers are designed to give your ride an angry growling tone that stands out when compared to stock vehicles. The muffler alone is simple to install and often doesn’t require any sort of modification to put in either. Since the mufflers are designed to fit specific exhaust systems, you can enjoy a quick and easy installation process as long as you choose a muffler that’s meant for your vehicle specifically. Adding a Borla exhaust kit to your ride will help:

  • Improves vehicle horsepower
  • Wide diameter pipes
  • Easy install process
  • Aggressive sound
  • Efficient exhaust routing
  • Attractive exhaust tip

In order to get good results from an upgraded muffler, or any other exhaust components, you will have to invest in parts that are designed to fit your vehicle. There are many different types of parts available today, and only some will be compatible with your current exhaust system. Learn more about the exhaust that you have on your vehicle, and make sure that you only consider upgrades that will fit your exhaust kit specifically. That might mean choosing different parts than what you initially considered, but as long as you look for parts that are optimized specifically for your ride’s exhaust system, you should be able to install them easily and get good results from them as well.

How a Borla Exhaust System Can Enhance Performance

When you add a Borla exhaust system to your ride, you’re making it more efficient without even realizing it. These exhaust kits are designed to encourage exhaust to flow through as fast as possible. They reduce back pressure by using wider pipes that are mandrel-bent around the corners. These kits also rely on advanced mufflers and catalytic converters that help improve the flow of exhaust gases even more. Thanks to careful engineering, your exhaust kit will enable exhaust gases to flow out faster, and that means that your engine can perform at a higher level, and it won’t be held back as much as it otherwise would be. Consider adding Borla exhaust upgrades to your ride to make it faster and to give it a meaner sound. There are many types of upgrades, but some of the most useful you can get are things like replacement mufflers and resonators to change the sound of your vehicle. You could also invest in a cat-back exhaust system that will increase the horsepower of your vehicle and make it even more enjoyable to drive. There are additional upgrades besides exhaust system improvements available as well, and you can use those to help make your ride faster, roe stylish, and more capable than ever.