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Cervini's 4-Inch Cowl Hood; Unpainted (18-22 Mustang GT, EcoBoost)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Hey, guys. It's Joe from AmericanMuscle and today, we're gonna be taking a closer look at the Cervini 4-inch Cowl Hood Unpainted fitting all '18 and newer GTs and EcoBoosts. Now, this is gonna be a great option for you if you're looking for one of the most aggressive cowl hoods on the market that's gonna make plenty of room in the engine bay for crazy aftermarket mods and at the same time, it's going to add to the looks of your S550.So, first thing's first, let's talk a little bit about build quality and design, then we'll dive into some other features. Now, this guy is made out of aircraft-grade fiberglass, four-inch cowl smack dab in the middle, that's gonna add a lot of room on top of that motor for a forced induction setup, roots or twin screw blower, that's gonna give you plenty of room for a centrifugal supercharger, but it is going to make plenty of room for those other setups.It's not all about functionality. However, this thing looks great on any S550. I really dig the cowl hood design, especially on the '18 plus. Actually, you can see these body lines flow right into the fangs and the grille. I really, really like that. Looks like it could have come on this Mustang right out of the factory. Now, one thing I do wanna mention, and this isn't going to be at fault of the Cervini specifically, but cowl hoods in general, they are gonna steal a little bit of visibility from the driver seat. If that's a worry to you, it might be better to go with a smaller cowl. However, I think with the four-inch, this isn't going to steal that much and it's a great trade-off for what this is going to give you in terms of looks. And if you do plan on going with a supercharger in the future, it's great to have that extra space in the engine bay, again, as well.This does have one feature that I really, really do appreciate. Back in the olden days, '05 to '09, I had an old S197 and when you did an aftermarket hood on that, you usually had to pair that with a squirter nozzle relocation kit to get those up and running again. Or if you didn't go that route, you'd effectively lose that functionality. Not the case with the Cervini cowl. This is going to be able to transfer over all that factory stuff. All the hoses and the nozzles themselves, they're gonna mate up with this hood, no problem. So there are no squirter nozzle relocation kits needed. All the factory stuff is going to work and one thing I really, really like is it has its own hidden channel and basically runs inside of the hood. So, if you are doing any crazy engine work, you want your engine bay to look nice and clean, this is gonna keep all those hoses nice and hidden inside of the hood rather than held up with push pins on the bottom and that is a really nice piece of design from Cervini.Also, if you do have hood struts, this will work just fine. If you're using hood struts that you were previously using on your factory hood, you should be able to transfer those over no problem. As long as they interface with the mounting bracket and the fender, you should be just fine. Cervini does offer their own variant of hood struts specifically for their aftermarket hoods, but you can't get away with the factory style mounted up to the hood. That will transfer over just fine.One thing I do have to mention here is this hood is going to come completely unpainted. We had this painted race red for the video. This is going to come bare fiberglass, no primer. So, what that means is you're gonna have to take this to the paint shop, get it color-matched to your Mustang. So, if you're considering cost, factor that in because it is going to cost you a little bit extra to get this to match. The underside is gel coated, so if you were looking to save a little bit, you can just paint the top side and run with the gel coat on the bottom. But that's neither here nor there.Speaking about price, this is gonna cost you right around 750 bucks, which isn't bad. One of the cheapest hoods out there for the '18 plus, includes a limited lifetime warranty as well and the thing looks amazing. It adds a little bit of functionality with that extra engine bay space as well. All big pluses, definitely well worth the money, in my opinion. The install isn't going to be too bad. No modifications required. We are gonna be transferring over a lot of factory stuff. We're gonna show you what that's like in just a second here. Really easy. I'm gonna give it a one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. If you're working fast, this should take you about 45 minutes to an hour tops. So, without any further ado, let me show you what tools you will need and how it's done.Tools you'll need for this install will include a ratchet, 10-millimeter socket, and a set of trim panel removal tools.So, over by our '18 GT, getting the hood off is a relatively simple process. It's only held on with about four nuts, which makes it really, really easy to remove. But before we do, we have to unplug our washer jet hose and that is underneath this heat blanket here. This is held on with a couple of push pins, we're just gonna use the trim panel removal tool to get those out of the way. We're missing a few, there's about 14 but they're all gonna be the same exact process. And with all those out of the way, we can go ahead and remove the heat blanket. So, in this shot, you can see the washer nozzle. It's right at this leading edge of the hood. To unpop that, we're just gonna pull down from the front like so. And this is too big to actually thread back up into the hood. So, what we're gonna do is pull down the hose here. Spin that around so you can see. I'm just gonna separate the two at the bottom right there. And push that hose up through the hood and pull it out of the top. Now, we can go ahead and do the same thing over on the passenger side. And just like the heat blanket, that hose is held in with a bunch of push pins, trim panel removal tool to get those out of the way.So, now we just have to remove the hood. Like I've said earlier, that is really, really easy. Two 10-millimeter nuts on either side. We're gonna take one completely off and leave one just a couple of threads on, then you can grab a buddy, unthread the rest of that nut and take the hood off the Mustang.Now, one thing I like to do just in case is I like to throw a rag in between the hood and the glass right here just in case. Usually, they don't slide that far but don't wanna scratch up the car. Now, you can grab a friend. So, before we completely ditch that factory hood, couple of things we are going to need a scavenge. First thing's first, this bar is gonna be for our latch, that is gonna transfer over. It's held on with two 10-millimeter nuts. And then we can pull that off. The second thing we're gonna have to scavenge is this big seal up by the windshield. Now, one thing I do recommend is if you have a thin mouth trim panel removal tool, that is gonna work the best for something like this. Otherwise, you'll just pull the push pin right out of the rubber. Another thing we're going to need to take is these seals right here, there's two of them. They're right above the headlights. Now, in reverse order, we're just gonna put this all together on our new Cervini hood, which is what you're looking at right now.The next thing we're gonna drop right back on is that weatherstripping up by the windshield. Couple things I do wanna say about this is the push pin spacing is a little bit different. You can see it gets a little bit tighter around these five right here. So, you wanna make sure you have this lined up and nut flipped to 180 before you go ahead and drop these push pins in. Also, if you had this painted, likely these holes are gonna be painted over. You might need to drill those out a little bit. We sure did. So, with all that said, we're gonna go ahead and get this started, make sure that lines up, then we can come to this end, make sure that lines up. Then we can drop it in all the push pins in the middle.So, the next thing we're gonna install is our hood latch. Now, this is not symmetrical as you guys could see if I hold it up like that. You can see that this side is bent out a little bit. That's gonna be your leading edge. You wanna make sure that is toward the front of the hood and the kit gives you two brand new 10-millimeter bolts to secure that with. And there is a little bit of play in this, so what we're gonna do is line it up as I tighten it down, this might need some further adjustment later on as well. While we have this flipped over, we're gonna go ahead and remove the four 10-millimeter bolts that are eventually gonna hold this to the hinges as well.So, now that we have our Cervini hood all prepped and ready to go on our Mustang, I figure now will be the perfect time to bring back our factory hood, put the two next to each other and draw a small comparison. Now, the biggest difference between these two is gonna be that cowl induction four-inch cowl that's gonna give you a lot more room in the engine bay to go with forced induction. This factory hood flat across the top, that is going to limit your space if you do wanna go that route. That is not the only styling feature I like about the Cervini though. This area right here, you can see this body line curves in and gives that little bit of it hip to it. I was never a really big fan of that as an '18 GT owner. I think the Cervini improves on that look with the straight body line all the way to the front. That's just something small that I noticed that I like about the Cervini. We are losing the heat extractor, so that is a little bit of difference in terms of styling. So, next up, let's talk about materials used. Factory hood, this is aluminum, Cervini, that is going to be fiberglass. I think the fiberglass is very, very and I mean really slightly lighter. It's gonna be a really small difference. If you really wanted to go with weight savings, you can pick up some carbon fiber options. That's what I recommend, but again, weight savings is always worth noting. Some similarities between these two. Again, you just saw us transfer over the latch, the weatherstripping, the headlight seals, all that stuff is gonna be the exact same as the factory hood.So, without any further ado, we're gonna take our Cervini hood back to our Mustang here. We're gonna need the 10-millimeter bolts that we removed earlier and we can get this mounted up to our brackets.So, now we're just gonna tighten this down. If I wiggle this around a bit, you can see the outline of where the washers used to be. So, in order to get this lined up right, we're just gonna line up our new ones and use the 10-mil to tighten it down. And we're gonna do the same thing over here on the other side. So, now that we have the hood vaguely where it's going to stay, we can go ahead and do the sprayer nozzles and they're gonna slide in through this hidden channel right here. We're just gonna work that all the way across. Sometimes that will work out of the gate, other times you'll have to take it back out. If you look on the underside of this 90-degree angle, you could see this collar here. And, if you peel that back a little bit, it'll actually you to separate those two. It's a little bit easier to get this fed through without that there. And same thing goes for this one. Peel back from that collar, that'll separate right there.Now, once that's fed through, you can come to these rectangles right here. And if you reach in, actually pull that up. Now, we're gonna take that hose that we just disconnected. I'm gonna feed that through first. You can see that it's gonna pop out there. Grab that one more time then we can reconnect these two like that. That's one side pretty much done. Here's the other side right there, we're just gonna do the same thing. Hold on to that with one hand, feed the sprayer through with the other and then come up here and click these two together. And on both of those, we can actually reconnect the jet, that is going to push in right like it was in the factory. And we can feed that up and that is going to meet up with this hole right here and click in right there. And we're gonna hit the same thing over here on the driver side. Now, the last thing we're gonna do here is very gently close the hood. Make sure our panel gaps are okay, nothing's hitting. And we're actually looking pretty good. Gonna push this closed. That's gonna be it.That's gonna do it for my review and install of the Cervini four-inch Cowl Hood Unpainted fitting all '18 and newer GTs and EcoBoosts. As always, guys, thank you for watching. I'm Joe. Keep it right here at AmericanMuscle for all things Mustang.

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Clears Large Superchargers and Engines
      • Tough and Aggressive Hood Styling
      • Made From Aircraft-Grade Fiber Glass
      • Unpainted Gel-Coat Finish, Ready for Customization
      • Hassle-Free Installation
      • Covered by a Limited 90-Day Warranty
      • Can Be Installed on 2018-2022 GT and EcoBoost Models of the Ford Mustang


      More Room Under the Hood. This unpainted Cervini’s 4-Inch Cowl Hood is designed to give your Mustang’s hood a tougher, more aggressive look. It also gives you more room under the hood, with 4 inches of extra space to clear large superchargers, engines, and other components that might get in the way of the OEM hood. Moreover, this cowl hood also features a channel underneath to keep the washer nozzle hoses and turn signal wires neat and concealed.

      Heavy-Duty Fiber Glass Construction. For guaranteed toughness and long-lasting durability, this cowl hood is constructed out of aircraft-grade fiber glass. It’s topped with a gel-coat finish that’s ready for customization for a seamless match with the look of your Mustang. Meanwhile, the heat-extracting louvers located underneath are made with high-quality polyurethane.

      No-Cut, No-Drill Installation. This cowl hood has been engineered to fit perfectly onto your Mustang using the factory hinges and latching system. There’s no need for hood pins, or any cutting, drilling, or other forms of modification. Proper installation can be completed in approximately 30-45 minutes.

      Comes With a Limited 90-Day Warranty. Cervini’s warranties that the fiber glass parts of this cowl hood will be free from any defects in materials and construction within 90 days from the date of purchase. The urethane components, meanwhile, have a limited lifetime warranty. For any questions about the coverage, return policies, and claiming procedures, kindly get in touch with customer service.

      Application. This unpainted Cervini’s 4-Inch Cowl Hood can be installed on 2018-2022 Ford Mustang GTs and EcoBoosts.



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