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Everything About the 2008-2018 Challenger Submodels

Everything About the 2008-2018 Challenger Submodels

The Dodge Challenger is a long-running name in the world of Muscle cars. The third generation has been with us now for a decade, and in its run Dodge has paired it with a significant amount of trim packages. This leaves a lot of questions for buyers looking for one of these cars. Whether it’s a daily driver or a pure track car, you need to know what you’re getting into.

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There are almost a dozen different trim levels of the 2008-2018 Challengers, but only one of you. Personalizing your Challenger to make your ride unique is simple with exterior trim parts, and even more drastically, a combination of body kits, decals, and more. Whether you're going for subtlety or jaw-dropping showbiz, we have you covered.

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SRT-8 2008-Current

The SRT8 was the original bad boy trim package for third gen Challengers. The SRT8 badge represents the all-out performance segment of Dodge. These cars feature the biggest engines, in terms of displacement, available to the Challenger.

Along with the powertrain, these cars are paired with bigger brakes, performance suspension parts and the best luxury features from the line. SRT8 cars can work for both on and off the track use as they seamlessly blend all-out performance with practicality.

Engine Options

  • 6.1L (2008-2010) 425hp & 420lb-ft
  • 6.4L (2011-2014) 470hp & 470lb-ft
  • 6.4L (2015-current) 485hp & 475lb-ft​

R/T 2008-Current

The R/T logo has always been Dodge's designation of performance. R/T Challengers come standard with the 5.7-liter Hemi engine and either an automatic or manual transmission to match. These cars may not have all the bells and whistles that an SRT8 may but they are still a great option for those who want to drive a performance level car on a daily basis. The smaller Hemi has plenty of get up and go but doesn’t stretch too far into the performance level to require giant brakes like an SRT8.

Engine Options:

  • 5.7L (2008-2010) 370hp & 398lb-ft
  • 5.7L (2011-current) 375hp & 410lb-ft

SE 2008-Current

SE is the base level trim package for third-gen Challengers. These models are perfect for Challenger lovers who are mainly interested in the exterior aesthetic appeal of a muscle car but don’t need all the bells and whistles that arrive with RT models.

This, sadly, also leaves out the V8 power plant that makes a Challenger a muscle car. Don’t be fooled; just because it has a V6 doesn’t mean it’s a slug.

Earlier models running from 2008-2010 had the smaller 3.5-liter V6 which produced 250 horsepower. After 2011 though, they were matched with the 3.6 liter V6 which produces 305 horsepower. With Dodge, “base model” doesn’t mean docile.

Engine Options:

  • 3.5L (2008-2010) 250hp & 250lb-ft
  • 3.6L (2011-Current) 305hp & 268lb-ft

SXT 2008-Current

SXT Challengers are the step directly above SE models. They don’t come equipped with the Hemi or even a stick transmission but they do come with nicer features like bigger wheels and an alarm system and other bells and whistles you might find on RT models.

As far as the drivetrain goes, these are virtually identical cars to the SE. This trim package is a great option for Challenger lovers who want to ride with a little more flare but may still be interested in the fuel efficient, yet powerful, V6 powertrain. 

Engine Options:

  • 3.5L (2008-2010) 250hp & 250lb-ft
  • 3.6L (2011-Current) 305hp & 268lb-ft​

Rallye Redline 2013

For those who want to hang onto the V6 but still want a sportier feel, the Rallye Redline was made available for the 2013 model year. Let’s face it; 305 horsepower is an impressive number. This setup equipped the Challenger with performance suspension and brakes. On top of that, it features exterior trim, exclusive to the Rallye Redline package, along with blacked out 20-inch wheels.​ Still no stick to give it the feel of a muscle car but a great option that blends performance with economical demands.

Engine Options:

  • 3.6L 305hp & 268lb-ft


Scat Pack 2014-current

Dodge proudly resurrected the Scat Pack badge for the year 2014. The Dodge Scat pack was originally introduced in 1968 with legendary performers like the Coronet and Charger. To qualify for the Scat Pack, these cars had to run 14 seconds in the quarter mile in stock form.

It’s safe to say Challengers equipped with 6.4-liter behemoth of a Hemi qualifies. Scat Pack cars receive signature badging, many of the features of RT’s, like the cloth seats, but is stuffed with the 392 Hemi. Owners of this trim level not only get to own a performance monster of Dodges current line up and get to claim their place in the legendary Dodge Scat Pack.

Engine Options:

  • 6.4L (2014-current) 485hp & 475lb-ft

Hellcat 2017-Current

This trim level really needs little introduction. The only way not to have heard of the Hellcat Challenger is by purposely avoiding any and all things automotive. Dodge shocked the world when they took a 6.2-liter Hemi, popped a supercharger on top then crammed it in the Challenger.

This beast produces 707 horsepower 650lb-ft of torque. Fitted with some distinct exterior trim features like exclusive wheels and induction running through the headlights there’s no mistaking a hellcat when you see one coming. The Hellcat can be driven practically but truly warrants use on the dragstrip more often than not.

Engine Options:

  • 6.2L (2015-current) 707hp & 650lb-ft​​

GT 2017-Current

The GT Challenger is the only all-wheel-drive, two-door muscle car on the market. That’s right; Dodge took their Icon of modern times and adapted it to perform in any climate conditions. Featuring exclusive pin stripping, the body of a Challenger and an all-wheel-drive powertrain. What’s not to love about this model? Well, these models are only limited to the V6 engine option. Many find this to be a bit disappointing but it more than makes up for the lack of power with the gains of driving capabilities.

Engine Options:

  • 3.6L 305hp & 268lb-ft

T/A 2017-Current

The Challenger T/A is yet another throwback trim package made available by Dodge for Third-Generation Challengers. The T/A trim level offers many accents and features reminiscent of the original T/A’s of the 70s.

Along with appearance features, these cars come equipped with performance suspension and brakes. Powertrain options for this package include both the 5.7- and 6.4-liter Hemi engines that can be paired with either an automatic or manual transmission.

T/A cars are handling oriented. This seems to break away from the drag racing appeal of these Muscle cars but it’s still appropriate considering the Trans Am racing heritage of the Challenger.

Engine Options:

  • 5.7L 375hp & 410lb-ft
  • 6.4L 485hp & 475lb-ft

Demon 2018

The Hellcat was Dodge’s way of reminding the world of who is the top dog when it comes to domestic muscle cars. Almost as if 707 horsepower was a number that could be easily bested by the competition, they sealed the deal with the Demon.

That being said, the Demon is really only recommended for use on the drag strip. With 840 horsepower, they are not only capable of running 9 second ET’s but can also pull the front wheels.

This model was only available for 1 year and Dodge claims this has always been the intention. This might make them more of a collector’s item than a racecar, but everyone has to love the level of ridiculousness Dodge achieved with this beast.

Engine Options:

  • 6.2L 840hp & 770lb-ft
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