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What Do You Need To Supercharge Your S550 Mustang?

What Do You Need To Supercharge Your S550 Mustang?

Supercharger kits are certainly fun, but slapping a power adder onto a stock Mustang isn't always the best way to go about things. Preparing your S550 for boost includes a number of other mods aside from the supercharge itself.

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Supercharger kits are one of the simpler ways to bolt on a decent chunk of power quickly. Some superchargers are sold by themselves while others are sold in complete kits for a more straightforward installation.

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Superchargers for Beginners

So you want to supercharge your S550 Mustang? It seems like a fairly simple task, just choose the supercharger kit you want to install and let it rip, right? There are a host of other mods that should be done to adequately prepare your Mustang for the extra 200-300 horsepower you’ll be throwing at it. Like any good build, you’ll want to start at the bottom and work your way up. These key areas need to be addressed before installing a supercharger:

  • Wider wheels and tires with a stickier tire compound
  • Upgraded suspension
  • Stronger half-shafts, driveshaft, and clutch
  • Consideration of the fuel you plan on running
  • Correct injectors for your fuel of choice
  • A SAFE tune

Upgrading Your Suspension and Tires

All the power in the world is useless if you can’t get it to the ground. Doing burnouts is impressive and fun, but if you want to enjoy extra power you’ll have to do some work to get it to the ground. Replacing the factory cradle and differential bushings with polyurethane or other materials stiffer than rubber will help limit wheel hop, making it easier to get power to the pavement. Locking out your cradle is also very effective. It helps to limit fore, aft, and vertical cradle movement which will also reduce wheel hop. Swapping out the narrow factory wheels and tires is incredibly important as well. Any Mustang owner who has tried to push their car knows the factory tires can barely handle stock power levels. Wider tires with a stickier compound will keep your ‘Stang on the road and headed in the right direction.

2015 EcoBoost Mustang with Aftermarket Tires

Driveline Upgrades

The factory half-shafts and driveshaft are designed to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness while also being cost effective. Unfortunately, this leads to compromises in performance. Upgrading your half-shafts is a must with a supercharger. Even stock cars have been known to snap the stock half-shafts. The driveshaft is a little more robust, but if you plan on taking the car to a drag strip an upgraded carbon fiber or aluminum driveshaft is a must. The automatic transmission is a very strong transmission and doesn’t require work for basic supercharger kits. If you own a manual transmission, you will want to either upgrade your clutch before installing the supercharger or set aside some money for the future when it lets go.

Ford Racing Half-Shafts for S550 Mustangs

Fuel System and Tuning

Many supercharger kits come with their own fuel system upgrades and tuning. Both of these are required for safe engine performance and for the longevity of your engine. First you will need to consider what type of fuel you plan on running. E85 is a popular fuel because it resists detonation and reduces intake air temps, allowing for more horsepower than pump gas. E85 also has a lower energy content than gasoline, so you will require more fuel. If you plan on using E85, you need to purchase a tuner kit instead of a complete supercharger kit. Tuner kits do not include injectors and tuning. Those of you wanting to run pump gas can stick to a complete supercharger kit. Be sure to verify which items your supercharger kit comes with.

VMP Tuner for E85 Mustangs or Other Mild Mods

Ready for Boost!

With a good tune, strong driveline, a proper suspension, and upgraded wheels and tires, you’re ready for boost! Adding these supporting mods will not only prevent you from having downtime while you repair parts as they break, but it will also increase the safety and stability of your Mustang. Superchargers are a wonderful mod to have for your Mustang, but the foundation for the supercharger is just as important.

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