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Injen Cold Air Intakes

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Injen Cold Air Intakes

Bump up the power of your car’s engine slightly using a simple cold air intake upgrade. Injen cold air intakes are designed to bring colder and denser air into your engine for combustion. By helping to deliver cooler air to your engine, these simple parts increase the power output of your vehicle in a big way. An Injen cold air intake is designed from high-quality parts and materials and is carefully engineered to deliver as much cool air as possible to your engine. There are many cold air intakes on the market today, but only some are form-fitted and engineered for peak performance levels.

Raise the Power of Your Car Using an Injen Cold Air Intake

An upgrade like an Injen cold air intake can improve the horsepower of your vehicle by as much as 20 or 30 HP. These upgrades can also increase the torque output of your engine, and they do all of this in a simple way. These bolt-on performance parts are affordable and will help keep your engine cooler and help it create more power at the same time. A high-quality cold-air intake draws in a greater amount of air to your engine and has slight upgrades to keep the air cooler too. These insulated pipes are built to grab air from a hood scoop or another vent and direct the air to your engine.

  • enhanced engine air flow
  • doesn’t require a computer tune
  • equipped with an enhanced air filter
  • easy bolt-on installation
  • enhances intake air insulation
  • delivers cooler air to your engine
  • Tough aluminum or molded plastic construction

Injen cold air intakes are designed to install without any modifications when paired with the right car and engine type. That means they install quickly and with very little labor. Some car owners are able to complete a DIY installation of these intakes, and most mechanics won’t charge very much labor to put an intake in. If you’re searching for an affordable performance upgrade for your vehicle, an intake enhancement is one of the best options available to you, along with a tuner chip installation.

Enjoy the Durable Performance of an Injen Cold Air Intake

Even though cold air intakes don’t suffer from much wear, it’s still important to invest in a part that’s built to last and to perform at a high level. Injen cold air intake parts are made from durable aluminum, molded plastics, and tough steel construction. The parts are made to resist corrosion and to install within the stock engine bay of your vehicle without any modifications. If you want a simple upgrade that won’t be difficult for an auto shop to install, you can get an intake enhancement without much difficulty. This upgrade doesn’t even require a computer tune in order to function properly. When added to your car, you’ll notice a boost in performance, and that’s pretty impressive from such a simple change. An Injen cold air intake will raise the performance of your ride while giving your engine a sportier look, but it’s just one of many different possible upgrades you can make to your car to make it more capable. Consider making modifications to other parts of your intake system, your exhaust system, or even your car’s fuel-delivery system to increase the power output of your ride. There are many minor enhancements available for your ride, including a boosted fuel pump, an intercooler, a throttle body enhancement, and a new muffler that will increase the performance of your ride slightly. Consider which of these upgrades will enhance your ride the most and which are within your budget, and then create an upgrade plan for your ride based on top-tier parts available from American Muscle.