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Josh Crystal White '96 Cobra

This is my 96 GT that has had a complete 98 cobra conversion. The entire driveline and front end has been converted to a cobra. I purchased the car from a good friend of mine two month ago; he had owned it for 6 years since the cobra conversion was originally completed. However the car hadn’t run in 4-5 years due to some faulty wiring. After a couple days of tearing the car apart to troubleshoot all the Frankenstein-ed wiring she’s back to raining terror on the streets!

The Lowdown

  • Wheels & Tires
  • Stock 17x8
  • Stock 17x8
  • 265/40-17
  • 275/50-18 Hoosier Radials
  • Future Upgrades
  • I plan to locate a cobra rear bumper, install a roll-cage so it’s legal to run on the track and have the car repainted with fresh coat of Crystal White.


Customer Service Supervisor

I have always been a motor head.  My parents told me my first word was “car”, and growing up I always had a toy with 4 wheels on it!  My grandfather was also a big motor head, and me being the first grandchild I was soon the companion for every summer car show! Like many a mustang owner, my fascination with mustangs came when my grandfather showed me the movie Bullitt.  Watching Steve McQueen short shifting around San Francisco sparked my never ending obsession with mustangs.  I learned a lot about mustangs from my uncle who owned many over the years.  I received my permit when I was 16 and he let me drive his 2000 silver metallic GT convertible. That first drive infused mustangs in my blood and I knew I had to have one from that day on.  It is quite funny that I now own a 2000 silver metallic GT myself; it being my second of three mustangs I’ve owned.  When I was 17 years old, I bought my first mustang and it sparked a tradition in my family to the point that between my brothers, father and I we have had 8 mustangs in the past 4 years.