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MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers (15-20 Fastback)

Item 389636
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    Features, Video & Details

    • Retro Muscle Car Inspired Styling
    • Durable Automotive Grade ABS Construction
    • Grain Style Textured Black Finish
    • Lift-Off One Piece Design
    • Paintable - Install As Is or Paint To Match
    • Simple Straight Forward Installation
    • US Patent Pending
    • Fits All 2015 to 2020 Fastback Mustangs

    Review & Installation Video

    Review & Install Video

    Hey, guys. Adam here with And today, we're taking a closer look at and installing the MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers, available for the 2015 and newer Fastback Mustang. Now, for the owner of an S550 Fastback, you might be in the market for an exterior styling piece that makes a huge difference on your appearance. This part from MMD is a textured matte black, ABS plastic, rear window louver that adds that retro styling, the retro muscle car styling to an otherwise very modern Mustang design.It's using all of the best quality materials, a textured black, impact-resistant, crack-resistant, UV-resistant, matte black finish, with a textured grain, which uses a really angular aggressive stealthy design when compared to some of the options in the category. Now, in my opinion, I really like the ABS finish, I've had this exact same louver on my old SN95 or at least something very close to it from MMD. I'm a big fan of it, but of course there's aluminum options out there, there's smoother options that aren't as angular, it's all personal preference, but at the end of the day it's a very impactful, bold styling piece for the rear end, something that you can even see on your side profile.A couple of other things I'd like to note about this particular MMD option which I think makes it stand out a little bit more from the rest is, underneath of each one of these louvers is a nice weatherstrip padding right at the edge here where it contacts the windshield. That's gonna help prevent any rattling at highway speeds which is some of the complaints in some of the other options in the category when it comes to louvers. Sometimes these guys at highway speeds will have a rattle, but this includes that padding to make sure it's got a soft touch and you're not gonna hear anything from inside the cabin.In addition to that, this one, even though it is a textured matte black finish, you can paint it right out of the box, you want to take it to a local paint shop of your choice. In our case, we have a 2018 Eco, which is orange fury. We can get this paint matched to this color if we'd like. Personally, I like the matte black finish, but that really comes down to personal preference, the option is there for you to choose if you'd like.Now, this one comes in right around 400 bucks which is gonna be a pretty expected price tag for rear window louvers. It doesn't stray too far from some of the other options out there, given that it's MMD modern muscle design, designed by none other than Chip Foose himself. It definitely has a reputation behind it and I'm a big fan of MMD parts, same thing goes for this guy here.Now, the install for this is gonna get a very simple one out of three wrenches on our difficulty meter. Literally anybody can tackle it in the driveway at home, in about 30 minutes to an hour from start to finish. I'm gonna walk you through every step of the process but keep in mind it is recommended to also have a helping hand on deck. So if you have a friend that can help you get this installed properly, it goes a long way to make sure it's lined up on both sides as you install it.Also, one thing to note before we jump into things is, once you do install this with the 3M brackets to the windshield and you tighten them down with the nuts, it's recommended to remove the louvers and let the adhesive on the brackets installed on your windshield cure for up to 24 hours before permanently putting on your louvers, something to keep in mind. One thing I really do like about this, again, before we jump into things here is they are removable. So anytime you install it and it comes time to wash your rear windshield, you can unscrew these nuts, pull off the one-piece louver, clean your windshield and pop them right back on without having to break out any serious hand tools which makes life a whole lot easier and make sure your Mustang can get cleaned in every aspect.Now, again, I'm gonna show you every step of the process. What do you say I shut up and we get to it? Tools used in this install include a ratchet and an 8-millimeter socket, deeper short, clean microfiber and a bottle of soap and water is also recommended. All right, so just to kick things off here, of course, what we're gonna do is take the 3M applied brackets and we're going to install them on the backside of our louvers. The way you want to do this is all of the brackets included have a lock nut and a washer, you want to take the lock nut off as well as the washer. And you're basically going to apply this to the open pre-drilled hole on the louver, with the 3M on the backside.You want to take the washer and put it through the stud on the other side or on the, you know, the outside and then tighten it down using the nut. Now, we're only going to get them finger-tight for now, you don't want to tighten them down too much with a socket or anything like that because once we apply it and install it onto the windshield, we're just gonna take the louvers right back off to do a silicone sealant and to let it cure before permanent installation.So once you have that, you're gonna repeat this for each one of the brackets, there's two on each side, three on the top, two on the bottom. So let's do this exact same process for all of them. Now, when you install them, you want to make sure you're installing them the appropriate way. So this would be the appropriate way, the 3M on the inside. If you flip it around the other way, it'll be sticking out over the edge and it will be really ugly in appearance once you install it on the windshield. So just make sure they're facing the appropriate way, you don't want anything overlapping the edges. Just want to make sure that the spacer, the washer is on the other side as well on the nut side and then just keep it moving.All right, now that we have every one of our brackets applied, what we're gonna do now is go to the backside of the 3M, peel off the backing on each one of the brackets. And each one of the brackets does have two strips of 3M, so you're doubling down on each one of the brackets, peel those guys off. If you want to apply adhesion promoter, you can do so now. I would suggest doing that if you want a more permanent solution to installing these brackets. Of course, you will be able to remove them anytime, you'll probably need a heat gun to get them off though if you're using adhesion promoter, but if you want that added peace of mind, it's included in the kit, apply them to the backside of the tape. It's a little sponge you can just wipe that over with and then you'll be good to move on.Now, for the purposes of this video, afterwards, we're gonna be uninstalling them, so I'm not using adhesion promoter on our fleet vehicle in the shop today, but again, if you want that added peace of mind, it's a very simple step, use that sponge and apply it to the tape. If you need to, you can use a knife or a blade to just squeeze under there because it can pretty tight, so we've got a little blade here. I'm just working up the edges and peeling off the backing.Next step, guys, we're gonna toss this stuff aside, we're gonna head over to our vehicle behind me. You want to use the two alcohol wipes included in the kit to wipe down the windshield to free it of all dirt and dust. Now, this is a very important part you do not want to skip. Some of the horror stories you hear over the years is people having their louvers fly off and that's mainly attributed to skipping the step or neglecting the step of cleaning the windshield. If you don't clean it properly, you'll have dirt and dust prohibiting a good bond between that and your 3M tape, which can cause them to come off after a while, especially at highway speeds.Clean off the windshield using the alcohol wipes here, we're gonna focus on the edging all around the windshield, top, bottom and the two sides. You also want to focus on right below your third brake light because as you can see, there will be 3M in there as well, so we'll do that with our alcohol wipes. Now, you can use a soap and water mixture as well if you want to, the alcohol included in the kit will definitely do the trick. Just avoid using chemicals like Windex and other cleaners because they do have added chemicals that can prohibit the bond as well. You really want to stick to these.Once we have that taken care of, we'll be able to use a helping hand of a friend to get this aligned and apply it into place. And from there, I'll teach you guys what you've got to do next. So for now, we're gonna toss this aside, let's get in the windshield. Now, I don't know if you can see this on camera but our windshield is extremely dirty, it's got a lot of pollen all over it too. So I'm actually gonna use soap and water first with a microfiber, clean the entire windshield, and then I'll go back to the edges where the 3M is with the alcohol wipe just to double down.Now we can take the alcohol wipe and focus on the edging here where the 3M will apply. You want to focus on about a 4-inch gap from your paint out into the windshield. We're just gonna go back and forth, making sure that that's really clean. You also want to focus on right under that third brake light like I said. All right, so I'm gonna do about half the windshield with this one. We do have another one in the kit, so you want to make sure you're swapping out to the other one.Next step, we're gonna install the louvers and I got my buddy Joe here to help me out. You definitely need a helping hand, don't try to do this by yourself. You want to make sure it's aligned properly on both sides. You really have one good shot at it because the 3M already has the backing removed. So what we're gonna do is line this guy up, making sure you're keeping the third brake light in mind. Go from the top, up into that corner, bring her down. It's looking good on my end.All right, from there you can put pressure all around, firm even pressure on each one of the brackets and let it sit for a minute to cure and then we're gonna take it back off. All right, so the next step is actually to remove the louvers. So in order to do that, we're just gonna unscrew those little nuts on the outside and lift straight off. Our brackets will stay applied to the windshield and that's exactly what we want. If any of them come off, you want to make sure you're reapplying that and maybe use the adhesion promoter to make sure it's sticking properly.But what we're gonna need to do is remove this, we're gonna use our silicone sealant and then allow it to cure for up to 24 hours without the weight of the louvers applied to the brackets. That makes sure that it gets the good bond, the louvers aren't dragging them down while it's still in the curing process, we want it to get the best bond possible. Once it's done that, we'll be able to reapply the louvers, tighten them down, grab a socket or a wrench, and make sure they're nice and tight and not going anywhere. But for now, remove the nuts on each one of the brackets and set the louvers aside. You also don't want to forget about the washers as well.From here, let's gently lift up on the louvers to detach them from the bracket. Should get them off of those studs there. Go over to the other side, if you can't get it off there, just pop them off of those studs. Here we go, let's set this guy aside. Next step, once you have your louvers uninstalled, it's recommended to use the silicone sealant included in the kit. In your kit, you'll find this little tube here. All you'll need to do is take the cap off, put this cone top on, and you're basically going to apply this around the edges of the brackets that are sitting on your windshield. This will really give it a weatherproof, waterproof seal around the 3M and to make sure nothing can undercut that 3M and loosen it up over time.Now, this isn't required but it is heavily recommended if you really think you're gonna be using your louvers in the longterm. This makes sure that these last the lifetime you want them to without coming off beforehand. So what you're really gonna do is make sure that you have this on. You'll poke a hole in the cap here or cut the tip of the cap and follow around the edges here on each one of the brackets. Hit all four corners and if you need to, you can push it in by hand to flatten it and really tighten it down.Now, again, because we are just going to be removing these from our 2018 here, I'm not actually gonna be applying this myself, but I did want to give you that step, all you gotta do is go around the edges and repeat for each one of the brackets. Let them cure after you're done for up to 24 hours and then we can put our louvers back into place.All right, we've let it cure for 24 hours and we're gonna put our louvers into place now. So what you're gonna do is, you really only need one person for this job. We're just gonna lift it over, find those studs and insert them into those holes. All right, seated on all of them, just want to double check, and up there on the third brake light. Perfect. Let's grab our washers and our nuts and tighten them back down. I'm gonna finger tighten all of them and then come back with a socket.Final step and it's an easy one. Grab an 8-millimeter socket, deep or short, quarter-inch ratchet does the trick as well and just tighten these guys down. Now, you don't want to overtighten them. Keep in mind, you are installing this to an ABS. If you tighten them too much, they can start to put too much pressure on the plastic, so just get them nice and snug and then maybe a quarter turn after that and it should be good. All right, with that last one wrapped up, you can put your socket away, you're good to go.Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my review and install for the MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers, available for the '15 and newer Fastbacks. A lot of good things I like about this part as we expect from MMD. If you want to get this one for yourself, you can do so exclusively right here at

    Muscle Car Styling. Add unique muscle car inspired styling to your S550 Fastback Mustang with this high quality Modern Muscle Design ABS Rear Window Louver. Rear Window Louvers were very popular in the 60's & 70's and now you can have that same cool, retro styling for your very own late model pony. MMD designed their Rear Window Louver with the third brake light in mind, and continues the angled design down the entire louver for a unique look that still lets you see clearly out the rear window.

    Convenient Lift-off Design. This MMD Rear Window Louver will not only give your modern Pony a classic muscle car appearance, but with its convenient lift off design it can easily be removed for routine cleaning of your back window. They are not hinged, so there is no need to worry about people messing with them.

    High Quality Construction. Manufactured from high quality acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), this MMD Rear Louver Spoiler was designed using the original OEM CAD data from Ford to ensure a perfect fit. ABS is an extremely strong material known for its light-weight, superior durability and impact resistance. This Modern Muscle Design Rear Window Louver features a factory style grained texture for an OEM appearance.

    Paintable Black Finish. Completed in a textured black finish out of the box, these MMD Rear Window Louvers can be installed as is for a great aggressive look. However, if you're not a fan of the black finish, the Louvers can be painted to match your Mustang's exterior color scheme, the choice is up to you.

    Simple, Straight Forward Installation. Modern Muscle Design engineered their Rear Window Louver to install simply with no drilling required. This MMD Rear Louver uses a series of mounting brackets that secure to the exterior rear window with 3M automotive grade bonding tape. Installation can be completed in about one hour with just basic hand tools, but you should wait at least 24 hours for the brackets to fully cure before driving.

    Application. This Modern Muscle Design ABS Rear Window Louver is designed to fit all 2015-2020 Fastback Mustangs including the V6, EcoBoost, GT, GT350 and GT500 models.

    Modern Muscle Design

    Fitment: 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Details

    MPN# 389636

    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    What's in the Box
    • (1) Textured ABS 1 piece Window Louver
    • Hardware
    • Installation Instructions
    Installation Info
    Tech Specs
    • Material: ABS
    • Finish: Textured
    • Color: Black
    • Requires Painting: No
    • Paintable: Yes
    • Hinged: No
    Will it fit my Mustang?
    • Bullitt - 19, 20
    • EcoBoost - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT350 - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT350R - 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    • GT500 - 20
    • V6 - 15, 16, 17

    Fits Fastback models only

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        Questions & Answers (50)

        5 Top Rated Questions

        I live here in Vegas and the Temps get extremely hot, especially items that are black in color. Will this thing sag and survive Temps in the 110 to 115 range? I was thinking about the aluminum one, but it has a bar in the dead middle and I'd rather not have it there. Thank you, Mac.

        • Hello! Prolonged exposure to those temperatures may cause the adhesive on the MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers to weaken.

        Helpful (9)

        I was wondering how hard it would be to wash the rear windshield when these are attached? I'm concerned about dust, dirt, bugs etc getting through the louvers and onto the rear windshield.

        • Hello! These Louvers feature a lift up design where you are able to pull up the louvers to clean the rear windshield, and then put it back down.

        Helpful (8)

        Bought 2 of these recently one for my Shelby and one for my GT, the metal pegs on brackets break easy, how can I order replacements?

        • Hey Lori, Just give us a call to the number on the site and we can set you up with a set!

        Helpful (6)

        Does it cause wind noise?

        • The louvers are not known to cause any additional wind noise.

        Helpful (3)

        Will an automatic car wash crush or damage these louvers when the cylinder passes over the rear windshield?

        • We do not recommend going through the car wash with the louvers installed as they could potentially get damaged. It is highly advised to remove them before going through an automatic car wash.

        Helpful (2)
        10 More Questions
        One of the screws broke off the 3m tape when installing. Do you sell them by themselves? 1 answer
        How should this and its adhesive hold up in MInnesota winters? It gets to -30 / -40 1 answer
        My 2016 Ecoboost came with the factory wing or spoiler blade, meaning I do not have a fastback, does this mean the product will not work? 1 answer
        I just installed mine I'm really happy with it, but I noticed one issue. The very bottom (opposite of the 3rd brake light side) bar kind of stands up like it's being bowed up so it's visible above the decklid. Is that normal or did something get messed up? When I push down on it, it sits flush, but then it immediately pops back up when I stop holding it. Thanks. 0 answer
        What is the difference between this louver and the MP Concepts kit that costs $150 less? They look identical, so can someone enlighten me? 1 answer
        Is there a chance i could have these custom painted? I understand paying more. 1 answer
        Can i order just the fastners... as mine broke. Thanks 1 answer
        Is it possible to remove them and replace them on a different car 1 answer
        Can I order the louver pre-painted? 1 answer

          Customer Reviews (100+) Write a Review

          Ratings Summary

          4.5 out of 5 overall rating from 100+ customers

          Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

          Installation Cost: $100-$250

          • January 07, 2020

            1 2017 GT - SteveNap76 Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            Hold down plates are flimsy and the studs aren’t studs at all. Studs are actually hollow set screws, punched into flimsy tin. Product would have been good if studs weren’t busted through the plate. You’re better off going somewhere else other than AmericanMuscle if you want a good Louver. Don’t make the same mistake my buddy did and get aggravated. I’ll never shop on this site again and I can’t say why because I’m not allowed to review “customer service” (what a joke they are). You’re better off ordering from “Wish”.

            Helpful (0)
          • November 21, 2019

            5 2019 GT - hafgod Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            Really well crafted, fits perfectly, doesn’t rattle at all! Would recommend

            Helpful (0)
          • October 17, 2019

            2 2019 EcoBoost - dougorlando Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Nuts provided are rusting???

            The louver is great, but the nuts provided are rusting as soon as water got on them.

            Helpful (1)
          • October 06, 2019

            5 2018 GT - EET Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            absolutely love them

            Easy to install, Love the look. The only thing is the epoxy they suggest you use is not easy to get out without making a mess. It is a pain to clean up the mess. I would like to know if Gorilla tape would work to protect the seal on the pads and add extra adhesion? Also I would like rear quarter window louvers with the same color and texture.

            Helpful (0)
          • September 10, 2019

            5 2016 EcoBoost - KatieB Installation Time: Afternoon

            Awesome feature of the car

            I got these in 2016. Had a small issue when delivered (cracked). AM made it right and sent another set and shipped another to me with new improvements to prevent vibration on the glass I might add. These louvers lasted all the way through the car being totaled last month(not at fault). Was unable to get brackets off it due to not having the right resources to pull them at the tow yard. Louvers are sitting on kitchen table for now.

            Helpful (0)
          • August 12, 2019

            5 2016 EcoBoost - YellowBee Installation Time: Afternoon

            2nd Time's the Charm!

            First time I installed the louver, I heard the very obnoxious rattling noise anytime I went over 60mph. It didn't fully make contact on the bottom towards my trunk and allowed for the wind to get underneath. Removal process is a PAIN because those suckers really do stick to your windshield. (Had to buy adhesion removal spray, etc. it was a task) Second time around, used duct tape to outline the placement more precisely and problem solved!

            Helpful (1)
          • August 10, 2019

            4 2012 GT - WarrenT Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Looks great on our 2015 ecoboost!

            Instilation was was really easy and it took about 30-45 minutes. We've had this installed for about 2 years now and have had zero issues with the adhesive coming loose or the ABS plastic cracking.

            Helpful (0)
          • July 25, 2019

            5 2018 EcoBoost - Brutus Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Looks Awesome

            PLEASE take your time and follow instructions exactly as written. Looks great! Suggestion, buy a small ratchet wrench with rubber teeth. Keep in the glovebox so u. an easily remove the hex nuts when u want to clean rear window. The rubber teeth will keep the hex nuts black coating from peeling or chipping off

            Helpful (1)
          • July 17, 2019

            5 2015 V6 - DevinW Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            awesome look

            great look to the s550 mustang, can very well set you apart from the rest

            Helpful (0)
          • June 23, 2019

            5 2015 GT - Baloo Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            Love these, look great on my car. I’ve gotten a lot of complements. Easy to install.

            Helpful (0)
          • June 04, 2019

            4 2016 V6 - Scotty Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Gotta love Pony Parts!

            This is one bad @$$ louver for my Pony car! It fits perfectly (side to side) and a little gap at the bottom (which you NEED!) so it won't hit the trunk as you pop it as others have said. The ONLY reason I'm giving this a 4 star is because the thin piece at the center-bottom will not lay flat against the window when the sun is beating down on it. It was perfectly flat last night when the temps were cool, but popped up about 2 inches from the glass at high noon today (can we say thermal expansion??). I'd thought about putting a spare 3M pad there to hold it down, BUT...I can't remove the louver to clean the glass then, now can I? (sigh) It is what it is! No rattling on the glass because there's black flexible tubes attached to the underside of the louvers (in the middle) to stop that. Great idea, MMD! Oh, I also shot it with a light coat of clearcoat to keep a good shine going! It IS pricey for what it is, but for the killer look on your S550, this is the one to get!

            Helpful (1)
          • June 04, 2019

            5 2017 GT - Mukyluk Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Helps keep car cooler.

            Easy to install. 2 day process but less then hour total. Seems to be fairly well made. Helps keep the car cool. About a 20 degree difference when getting into car on a 100 day. Does really abstruct review at all. Bought for wifes car and she loves it.

            Helpful (0)
          • May 17, 2019

            5 2018 GT - Vinzino Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Great quality

            These louvers are of great quality and very easy to install. Makes the mustang look a lot more aggressive too!

            Helpful (0)
          • April 12, 2019

            5 2016 GT - Shawn Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Great buy

            Looks amazing. Fits will

            Helpful (0)
          • April 11, 2019

            5 2018 GT - jellybean82881 Installation Time: Full Day


            Love the look it gives to my ‘18 GT. Very easy to install. Took about 24 hours because you have to let the silicone cure. The brackets seem a little shoddy, but so far so good. I didn’t break any. Ha!

            Helpful (0)
          • April 08, 2019

            5 2018 GT - 20

            Window Louvers

            It was so good and stylish.It just added more muscle to my black beauty

            Helpful (1)
          • April 01, 2019

            5 2017 GT - Anthony Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour


            The louver looks awesome, very sturdy, doesnt restrict the view out back!

            Helpful (0)
          • March 31, 2019

            5 2015 GT - Michael Installation Time: Full Day

            Rear window louvers

            The louvers look great on my 2015 Mustang GT. It is very secure against the rear glass and I have no vibration in the louvers. Awesome retro look! Make sure you follow the directions and let the attachments dry for 24 hours before installing the louvers.

            Helpful (1)
          • March 20, 2019

            5 2017 GT - Nobody Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Great Product

            Very well made, ive had it for over 2yrs and it hasn't lost a bit of color, brackets hold tight, and haven't had any cracks or breaks even going through a car wash.

            Helpful (5)
          • March 17, 2019

            4 2017 GT - Doctir Installation Time: Less than 1 Hour

            Looks great, but the price is a little steep.

            I wanted louvers for the longest time and finally decided to pull the trigger on these and I am very glad I did. They look awesome on the car and have an awesome design that isn't bland or throws off the body lines on the S550. The material is a nice ABS plastic too, but it isn't anything super special, and makes me wonder why it has a $400 price tag. Nonetheless, if you have the money, I'd definitely get these.

            Helpful (0)

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