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Paxton Superchargers

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Paxton Superchargers

Make your vehicle faster than ever before and improve acceleration and overall drive feel with a Paxton Supercharger. Superchargers work by forcing more condensed air into your engine during combustion. By making more oxygen available during this process, more energy can be generated from the explosion that occurs in your engine. Many car owners also improve the fuel-delivery system in their vehicles to make more fuel available during combustion as well for an even greater power increase. Superchargers are complex and costly, but they are one of the best values overall when you’re trying to boost the power of your ride significantly. Learn about the benefits of superchargers from Paxton and how to select these products for best results.

Gaining Significant Performance from a Paxton Supercharger

One of the most effective ways to squeeze more power out of the same engine is to invest in a supercharger. The Paxton Supercharger kits come complete with most of the intake and engine components necessary to make the supercharger work for your ride. You’ll get a MAF housing, filters, superchargers, drive pulleys, bypass valves, and more to help configure your vehicle for high-powered performance. There are loads of different upgrades that should be made along with the installation of a supercharger, and many of those enhancements come with these complete kits.

  • Enhances horsepower and torque significantly
  • Built from quality components
  • Fits a range of vehicle models
  • Comes with an attractive finish
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Whole kits or separate parts available

These supercharger sets are designed to swap out the stock components and to replace them with parts that are designed to deliver more air to the engine. The parts open the passageways, swap stock curved tubes for mandrel-bent tubes with larger passageways and work to make the intake process as efficient as possible. If the right kit is selected for your vehicle and installed properly, it should dramatically enhance the performance of your ride and give you a vehicle that feels completely different than normal. You can take things up a notch from there after you have your new kit installed by making fuel system upgrades or exhaust enhancements, and you’ll be impressed by the level of power your vehicle can achieve with the right aftermarket parts and the right tuning.

Why a Paxton Supercharger Kit Requires Professional Installation

Full Paxton Supercharger kit products include a long list of components that all must be installed properly and work together in the right way. This is a complicated and time-consuming process, and many vehicle owners aren’t up to the task of completing this install work. Vehicle owners should always leave these kit installs up to professionals with a garage and many years of experience. Not only do the parts all need to be installed properly, but the engine must be tuned properly after the work is complete to make everything run well. This is a tough process and not something that a DIYer should tackle. If you’re searching for a way to help your vehicle perform at the highest level, you can get the best performance improvement results using full supercharger kits from well-known companies like Paxton. The kits aren’t cheap, and they aren’t easy to install, but they offer some very good performance improvements, and that’s what really matters overall. Consider adding a supercharger to your ride along with fuel upgrades, exhaust enhancements, and even some safety and braking improvements as well. You can make your car into a racing vehicle with the right upgrades, but they come at a high cost, and you’ll need many of them before your car is ready to hit the track.