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How to install a Pypes Violator Axle-Back Exhaust on your 2005-2010 GT Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

American Muscle
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SFM60S: 2005-07 GT 409 Stainless Axle-back w/ Street Pro Muffler

SFM60V: 2005-07 GT 409 Stainless Axle-back w/ Violator Muffler

SFM60VS: 2005-07 GT 304 Polished Stainless Axle-back w/ Violators

SFM67: 2005-07 V6 409 Stainless Axle-back

Thanks again for purchasing your new stainless steel Pypes Performance Exhaust 05-07 Ford Mustang Axle-back system. Please be sure to confirm all the components in the kit were received in your shipment before beginning installation. These kits will include 2 muffler assemblies w/ 4” polished stainless rolled edge tips and a pair band clamps. V6 owners receive one passenger side axle-back and one band clamp. If you find any components missing, please contact our office at 800-421-3890 for replacement. Installation of these kits will require a few simple tools: jack stands, 13mm & 15mm wrenches and penetrating oil. For a quicker and tighter installation, air tools are recommended. Technical assistance is available online at: or 800-421-3890.


1. Begin by placing the vehicle on a lift or four jack stands at maximum height. This will aid in an easier installation.

2. Unbolt the factory band clamps (15mm wrench) connecting your factory axle-back to your mid-pipes. Soaking your factory mounting points with penetrating oil will allow for easier removal. Next, remove the 4 OEM hanger bolts (13 mm wrench) located on the frame rail. Now, drop the muffler out from under the car and repeat for the other side.

3. It’s time to install your new axle-back system. Begin by installing the two band clamps on to the muffler necks. Place the factory hangers in the welded wire forms on the axle-backs in the same manner that they were removed. Slide the muffler necks on to the mid-pipes, and then bolt the hangers on to the frame rails. Once all the hanger bolts are tight make sure the tip is adjusted properly in the bumper cut-out and now tighten the band clamps. The use of several washers can help center the tips. Be sure to check all the connection points periodically, as they may come loose.

Note: If you find the new tips are not aligned properly in the bumper cutouts, you may need to adjust your factory mid-pipes by loosening the two band clamps located where your factory h-pipe meets the mid-pipes. A slight rotation of the mid pipes will allow for the best fit. Also, the use of several washers in between the hangers and frame rail can improve the tip position.


1. You will be following the above directions but only working on the passenger side of your vehicle. The V6 Mustang also has an extra hanger near the muffler neck which will not be used when installing your new axle-back.

Now it’s time to fire up that muscle car and enjoy your new Pypes Performance Exhaust.

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