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How to Use the Line Lock on a 2015 Mustang GT

How to Use the Line Lock on a 2015 Mustang GT

Ford recognizes how much we like burning rubber, so the new GT Mustang comes stock with a line lock feature. This feature is critical to understand if you're going to be drag racing your pony.

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If you plan on using the line lock feature, you'll be going through tires more often than usual unless your ride is a track dedicated Mustang. Either way you'll need good tires to survive the line lock and get you down the track quickly.

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What is a Line Lock?

Any Mustang enthusiast out there knows how awesome your Mustang looks when it’s doing a burnout, but not all of them may know the purpose of burnout. When you’re at the track racing your Mustang, it’s important to do a burnout. Not only does the burnout remove unwanted dirt and grime from the tires, it also sheds old rubber giving you a fresh tire surface. In order to perform a burnout, racers would apply the brakes and accelerate at the same time, hoping that the torque of their car would overpower the rear brakes, while the front brakes held the car in place. This is extremely hard on your rear brakes and can cause them to wear prematurely. Enterprising drag racers soon came up with a solution: the line lock. Also known as "brake control", a line lock allows you to apply the brakes, activate a solenoid that keeps fluid pressure on the front brakes, allowing the rear brakes to lose pressure and spin freely. This is much easier on your Mustangs rear brakes. Line lock systems also allow the rear tires to turnover easier than with the brakes applied normally - doing a much better job of heating the tires up for starting line traction.

2015 Mustang GT Doing a Burn Out

Line Lock on the 2015 Mustang

With Ford's latest Track Apps software suite, many new features were introduced to the Mustang. With a host of different performance statistics and features, Ford also introduced an electronic line lock through the Track Apps software. The line lock feature is available only on Mustang GT’s, meaning that owners will not have to mess with installation of a mechanical line lock. No more messy brake fluid, bleeding the brakes, or running wiring for your line lock solenoid. Ford’s line lock gives up to 15 seconds for a burnout once it’s been activated, so it will be perfect for those at the track or just looking to impress their friends.

2015 Mustang GT with Front Brembo Brakes

How to Use the Line Lock Feature

Using the line lock feature of the Track Apps is a breeze. Just navigate to the Track Apps option on your instrument cluster using the directional buttons on your steering wheel. Once you have selected the Track Apps menu, select line lock and hold the “OK” button. The display will then tell you to hold the brake pedal. Press and hold firmly until it tells you that the line lock is initialized. Once line lock is active, you have 15 seconds to blow those tires off. You can deactivate line lock by pressing the left arrow, and the front brakes will release.

If you have an automatic S550, it is best to lock the car into a gear (be first or second) and go through the line lock procedure for the computer. Once the 15 second countdown begins, have at it!

BAMA Performance Project 2015 Mustang GT with Line Lock Switch

Bye, Bye Tires!

Line lock is an wonderful feature for drag racers and show-offs alike. With a few simple button clicks, even a bone stock Mustang can rip off some impressive burnouts. The ease of use even makes it simple for novice drivers to use. When paired up with the launch control app, your Mustang GT will become a track star in no time! For the V6 and EcoBoost guys and gals, unfortunately you will have to install a traditional mechanical line lock on your Mustang.

Quick and Dirty Guide to Using the Linelock

  • Select the Line Lock option under Track Apps by using your steering wheel controls
  • Press and hold the “OK” button
  • Once the information center tells you to hold the brake pedal, firmly hold it to allow the Line Lock to engage
  • Once the Line Lock has engaged, enjoy the 15 seconds of smokey freedom!
BAMA Performance 2015 Mustang GT Rear View
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