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Adam's White '96 GT

I found this project from a co-worker that needed to sell and I saw the car once and had to have it. It's not a gem but it has potential. It is a 96 GT body with a 98 Cobra swap which to me is the better crank and block (older school). I'm a big performance guy and wanted something that I could eventually build and race so I had to get it.



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I've been a ford guy from the first time I was able to say so, my first vehicle related toy was a ford truck that I could drive and I'm still pretty sure my mom regret to this day for the amount of things that I have broken in the house. Then a family friend bought a green 90 gt and the car was all I thought of the sound the look the way it put you in the chair was enough to make me smile from ear to ear. I plan on twin turboing the car full suspension interior complete gut and roll caged. On average looking for 750 hp on 25 lbs and with e85 and a shot of nitrous capable of 1000+. It currently has full bolt-ons but is definitely in the middle of being cleaned up bigger throttle and aftermarket intake manifold nitrous and then dynoed stay tuned.