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Covercraft Parts

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Covercraft Parts

Covercraft Covers

Protect the interior of your vehicle while customizing its appearance with help from high-quality seat covers. There are countless interior accessories and upgrades available to choose from at American Muscle, but the Covercraft seat covers are some of the most impressive upgrades available to you. The company offers durable and form-fitting seat covers, as well as protective sun shades, mirror covers, and full car covers all designed to protect your vehicle in different ways. With access to this technology, you can easily customize and protect your vehicle and extend the lifespan of your ride.

Custom Fit Covers for Unique Styling

Transform the interior of your vehicle while protecting your upholstery from damage using a variety of different custom-fit seat covers. These carefully-stitched covers are made to fit your vehicle so close that it appears to be an OEM upholstery finish. The covers are crafted from durable materials and offered in vinyl, leatherette, and polyester finishes. Choose the cover style and material you like best and use these options to protect and style your ride. Outfit your vehicle with parts from Covercraft and:

  • customize your interior with seat covers
  • protect your upholstery from harm
  • cover the exterior of your vehicle against weathering
  • block out the sun and protect your dashboard with a shade

There are hundreds of different covers to choose from, but only some of them will fit your specific vehicle. To get good results from adding a new cover it's essential to choose an option that's made to fit your ride. Look for bucket seat options for the front of your vehicle, and bench seats for the rear to fully outfit your ride to make it stand out. It's a good idea to pair seat covers with floor mats or floor liners for additional protection for the interior of your vehicle. These simple changes are easy for you to install yourself and they offer significant real-world benefits for your vehicle. Along with seat covers, there are many other protective products offered by Covercraft at American Muscle. These products give you additional ways to guard your vehicle and make it last for longer.

Covercraft External Covers for Optimal Protection

Just like a seat cover protects the interior of your ride, an exterior car cover gives you the means to guard your car's exterior. Add one of these 5-layer covers to your vehicle and keep the elements off your ride easily. You'll love how long-lasting the covers are and they are optimized to keep your paint safe and to allow moisture to drain off during use. The company offers a range of different silver sunscreens as well that are fitted to your vehicle's windshield. These special screens block UV radiation effectively to protect your interior from sun damage and to keep your car cool during hot months. When you add one of these shades to your car you'll reduce your cooling costs over time and you'll block others from looking into your vehicle as well. Covercraft is a powerful brand for covers and protective devices for your vehicle. Equip your ride with products from the company and level up the style of your interior and guard your exterior at the same time. You have complete control over the level of protection for your ride, and by investing in just one cover you can preserve your car's resale value and more over time.