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JLT Catch Cans, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

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JLT Catch Cans, Cold Air Intakes, & Parts

Prepare your vehicle for tuning and supercharging by adding other performance enhancements such as a JLT catch can as well as a JLT cold air intake. Oil catch cans are simple enhancements that help prevent oil vapor from making it into the intake system of your engine. They are beneficial when driving a car with a supercharged engine in some instances. Cold air intakes increase the power of your vehicle by bringing cooler and denser air to your engine, and these systems also come with enhanced air filters for added engine protection. Between a new intake and an oil catch can you’ll bump the performance of your ride and protect your engine more effectively at the same time. Choosing these parts isn’t simple to do, though, and getting an optimal match is necessary to get good results from these upgrades.

Key JLT Performance Parts Must Match with Precision

Whether you are investing in a JLT catch can, or you’re adding a cold air intake, an intake manifold, or another performance part, it must match exactly. This is simple to achieve when working with a company such as American Muscle because we separate parts based on the vehicles and engines they are meant to fit. That means as long as you know what vehicle you drive and exactly what engine it’s equipped with, you can choose parts that will fit your ride perfectly. When you get form-fitting parts, they install more easily, give better results, and won’t cost you as much in labor if you work with a mechanic to have the parts put on. Add an oil catch can or cold air intake to your car and:

  • increase the performance of your vehicle by drawing in cooler air
  • prevent oil vapor from being forced into the intake system
  • filter the air to your engine more effectively
  • boost the performance of your ride
  • style your engine bay for a more aggressive look

It’s important to consider the features, the style, and the fit of any performance parts that you decide to invest in for your car. Think about how these upgrades will look under the hood of your car and try and coordinate the different parts to give you a more impressive engine bay overall. Also, consider the different features and performance improvements you can expect from certain upgrade parts for your ride. When you consider all of these different features and specifics of engine upgrades, you can get the most from your money. At American Muscle, we value transparency and clearly explain the value of the upgrades we offer. You’ll understand which vehicles they are meant to fit, as well as what sort of warranties and performance features you can expect from each enhanced part.

Add a JLT Cold Air Intake for Engine Protection and Enhancement

The main reason most vehicle owners consider adding a cold air intake to their ride is to make it faster and more aggressive for a small investment. An intake won’t supercharge your ride, but it will boost its power a bit without making any significant changes to it in the process. An intake like this improves the performance of your vehicle by directing cold air into the engine. Cold air is denser and is loaded with more oxygen. When cold air goes to your engine rather than warm air, it produces more power naturally. A high-quality intake, such as a JLT cold air intake, comes equipped with a more effective air filter as well. That means along with directing a greater flow of cool air to your engine; it captures harmful contaminants more effectively too in order to keep your engine clean. This is a serious advantage and something you should also be considering when investing in an intake as well as a JLT catch can. These upgrades are meant to protect your engine and intake components and can help keep things running smoothly for longer. Whether you’re planning on installing a full turbocharger or supercharger kit on your ride, or you just want to make slight performance enhancements to your vehicle, it makes sense to consider a cold air intake as well as an oil catch can for protection and performance gains. These parts are both simple in construction, and they should last for many years without any issues. They’re affordable and easy to install, and they make nice-looking improvements to your ride too.