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Lighting up the Inside of Your Challenger: Interior Lighting

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There's more to decorating your Challenger than a spoiler and some wheels. Upgrading your factory lighting or adding your own accents not only provides a crisper look, but also a unique look.

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Seeing clearly is something you need in life. The human body has eyes for a reason. Low lighting can be hazardous and potentially harmful to the eyes. Most people looking to spend their money on lighting upgrades for their Challengers will focus on the exterior. Fog light, taillights, headlights, and under-glow kits take all the glory but the Challenger has more to offer in terms of lighting than simply lighting the road well. The interior of the Challenger has many lights within the vehicle from front to rear, and you can spend the time to upgrade these lights just like you would those on the exterior.

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The Benefits of LED Interior Lighting

Dodge interior lighting from the factory can be low. This low lighting can strain the eyes if trying to read.

It can be too little to properly illuminate the areas you are searching through. With LED lighting installed, the cabin will be lit significantly better which will make for a better experience in otherwise unpleasant circumstances.

Looking for Light

To illuminate the interior better you will want to take a look at where LED lights can be installed in the Challenger. There are some obvious areas to consider, but if you are replacing one you might as well replace them all.

Replacing the lights wherever possible will make the cabin that much brighter and will make for a flush appearance and atmosphere.


Dome Light Bulb Number: 578

The dome light is the light right above your head in the Challenger. While searching through the cabin for something you dropped or trying to read in the dark this is one of the first lights you will turn on. Replacing this light with an LED will give the most results and is where many will start.

Map Light Bulb Number: 578

When you hit the dial on the dash to flip on the dome light the map lights will also turn on. Many reach for the map lights first. These lights shine down directly on the passenger and driver and are specifically intended to make it easier to read in the dark. Upgrading these to LED bulbs will only bring positive results in low lit situations. 

Glove Box Bulb Number: 194

There are little experiences more frustrating than searching through the glove box. This area can be very hard to see in even with adequate lighting. There are obvious benefits to installing an LED bulb in the glove box and almost all vehicle owners should consider it.

Door Lights Bulb Number: 562

Lower interior door lights can be helpful for spotting things you dropped on the floor in the Challenger. They also make it easy for other drivers to see the door when it is opened.

Upgrading these bulbs to LEDs will help you in small instances but will improve safety by reducing the risk factor of someone running into your open door.

Trunk Light Bulb Number: 562

Cargo is made easier to see at night with the use of a trunk lights. These bulbs may not always be beneficial to the driver and passengers like the other bulbs discussed will but certainly make a world of difference. LED bulbs can be fitted to the trunk and will make it easier for you to see what you’re looking for in the dark.

LED Accent Strips

Upgrading to LED bulbs for low light vision is a practical choice that isn’t driven by style. Those who are interested in running custom color schemes for styling will want to take a look at LED accent strips. These strips can be used to run through and illuminate wherever the owner sees fits.

Color Change Options: LED accent strips can be purchased in preset color options but most come with changeable color options. A remote is hooked up to the system and the users can change the lighting on command.

This can be useful for accenting a particular color scheme for demonstration purposes but can also be used practically. When the lights are switched to a white light setting they will help completely illuminate the cabin which can be useful in many situations.

Ghost Lights

For the show car types ghost lights are of interest. These lights won’t provide any practical benefits to the owners, but they are an interior lighting option that will greatly increase flare.

A ghost light is fitted to the bottom of the door and is activated when the door is open. This light casts an image on the ground. Challenger owners can look to have the light cast showcase a number of Dodge logos including the R/T emblem, Challenger logo, or even the Hemi logo.

Aftermarket Switches

During the build of a Challenger many switches will be added in order to run certain operating systems. In the dark finding switches can be quite difficult if they are not lit.

Aftermarket switches with LED lights can be purchased to make it easier to find them. The can be configured to also let you know whether the system attached to the switch is on or off.

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