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MMD 2015 Mustang GT Overhaul

2015 MMD Foose Mustang Build

Table of Contents
  1. Foose Overhaul of a 2015 GT
  2. Stage 1 MMD Overhaul Mods
  3. We Supercharged the MMD by Froose 2015 GT
  4. Stage 2 MMD Overhaul Mods
  5. Appearance Overhaul for the 2015 GT
  6. Stage 3 MMD Overhaul Mods

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Foose Overhaul of a 2015 GT

Stage 1 MMD Overhaul Mods

What's up, everybody? Justin with, here with something really exciting. Now, you're probably wondering what's going on with this shiny 2015 GT behind me. Well, I'm gonna tell you but first, you probably all remember our really badass 2014 MMD Project car we built, blown, bagged, matte white wrapped, and of course we gave that away at our 2014 American Muscle Mustang show, with the help of hot rod legend, Chip Foose. Well, at that show, Chip announced that he's gonna do it all over again, come back to the 2015 American Muscle Mustang show, give away another Mustang, and this time collaborating with MMD to create one badass car that he's gonna give away later on this year at our show. And to enter for your chance to win the MMD by Foose 2015 GT, just click on the link below if you're watching this on YouTube, or go to the link listed on the screen. But now, let's get back to this beautiful 2015 MMD by Foose GT behind me, ingot silver, premium car, very stock for now, but as you guys know, won't stay like that forever. Now, we've actually already started on this thing, so we're gonna get the car in the air and I'll show you guys what we've been up to. In this portion of the build, is pretty much setting the stage to add big power in the next video, and we've done so with a couple of killer parts from the Driveshaft Shop, starting with this one piece carbon fiber driveshaft. And this thing is gonna be a benefit for a couple of different reasons, the first of which it's much stronger compared to the factory two piece driveshaft, and as you might expect, it's much lighter. Now, any time you can shave a lot of weight off your rotational mass, whether it be through a one piece or lightweight driveshaft like this, or through lightweight drive train components, or even a set of lightweight wheels, you can expect the car to feel much quicker and more responsive overall. We also went ahead and installed the Driveshaft Shop 800 horsepower rated Axle or Halfshaft. Now, after snapping the factory halfshaft in our Bama car with basically just bolt-ons and a sticky tire, we knew we had to upgrade these so the future owner could basically just thrash this thing at the strip with ever having to worry about breaking one. These things are pretty much beefed up everywhere. Bigger CV joints, bigger halfshafts, and thanks to that new independent rear suspension, they're actually easier to install than you might think. That's gonna do it for underneath the car, guys, so let's get out and show you guys the last part we did in the stage.

The third part we did here at, just to kind of get the ball the rolling with this build, is pretty much responsible for this new stance. We did the Vogtland Springs, a 1-inch drop all around here with the MMD by Foose 2015 GT. We've had some limited experience so far with these springs, and they perform great. They ride really well, handles even better, and it's a quality spring. They've been around for over 100 years. Guys, that's pretty much it for this first stage. Obviously, we came things pretty simple. But first, I think it's a perfect excuse for me to get this thing out of the shop, take it for a spin and see how it feels.

All right, guys. So, I have the 2015 MMD by Foose GT out on the road currently, and I'm just kind of stretching hits legs a little bit. I've never really been out in this car. Now, I will tell you right now, there's really not a whole lot of these parts that we installed in this first kind of get the ball rolling stage that we can really feel out on the road, with the exception of those Vogtland Springs. I mean, the car rides great, handles great, it's firm, sporty, and I really can't say enough good stuff about it. As far as the driveshaft and those halfshafts, yeah, of course the driveshaft did shed some weight. Yeah, the car definitely feels like it's pulling strong. But again, parts you're really not gonna feel on the road or on the butt dyno per say. But again, parts that the future owner of this car will be very thankful he or she has when they go to the drag strip and then start putting this thing through its paces. Now, you might have picked up on the fact that yes, this is an automatic. And here's the deal, guys. I love a manual Mustang. I'm sure a lot of you guys do as well. There's nothing like rolling through the gears, but the fact of the matter is, these automatics certainly have their place, especially in the world of drag racing. There's nothing that's gonna shift faster or more consistently than the 6R80 cars. I mean, it's just the truth of the matter. Nevertheless, it is a Mustang and who am I not to lay into it, right?

Yeah, I tell you what? The thing definitely rips. I mean, for not having really anything done to it power-wise, these new Coyote Mustangs certainly are nasty right from the factory. I'm telling you, man. I'm cruising in this thing. Somebody out there is getting a really, really nice car. I'm really jealous, to be honest with you. And in the meantime, stay tuned. And for all things Mustang, keep it right here at

We Supercharged the MMD by Foose 2015 GT

Stage 2 MMD Overhaul Mods

Justin: Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the 2015 MMD by Foose GT build. Of course, my name is Justin, hanging with my buddy Paul from the Bama Performance team today. And we're checking in on the progress of this build. Now just a friendly reminder, Chip Foose himself will be handing over the keys later on this year at our AmericanMuscle Mustang show and you can possibly win this machine. All you have to do is click the link below or follow the link listed at the bottom of the screen.

But let's talk about the here and now. And that, of course, is more power with the help of this guy next to me and the rest of the Bama Performance team. Now, Paul, we couldn't follow up last year's Vortec powered MMD build with anything less than awesome. So why don't we head back, pop the hood on this thing and show everybody what you and the boys came up with?

Paul: We figured for the MMD by Foose car, it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase our new Bama Supercharger kit. It's the same kit that our customers can pick up off the website and it's pretty much the exact same kit there was on our black 2015 car that went 991.

Justin: Okay, well, let me get out of the way then and let's see what this thing is making.

Well, Paul. We could definitely hear that twin screw working over time, man. Let's talk power numbers, what are we looking at?

Paul: It made 649 wheel horsepower and 488 foot-pounds of torque. The car picked up almost 270 horsepower and 120 foot-pounds of torque overstock running 93 octane to the wheels through the automatic transmission. That's over 800 horsepower to the engine.

Justin: Very impressive. So through the automatic, of course, you're talking more drive train loss there. And keep in mind, guys, this thing is still on stock manifold, stock header, stock exhaust, basically stock everything just with that blower on it and you're making over 600 wheel. I think it's time for me to do what I do best here, take out this guy's hard work, beat the crap out of it on the streets and maybe try to bring it back with some tires on it.

I'm just cruising around right now. And the thing drives like a stock GT, it really does. You know, AC is on, no complaints whatsoever. So let's see if we can find a nice little stretch here to see what 650-plus horsepower feels like at the rear wheel, shall we? Again, this thing feels pretty stock for now. As far as drivability when you hit that peddle, that twin screw comes to life. And there's triple digits just like that. Another hairpin, let's hammer on it. This thing is completely stock exhaust wise and that just does not fly with me, it is much too quiet for a Mustang.

So in that regard, I think we have some stuff over from our friends at MagnaFlow. They actually hooked us up a little bit with this build, so let's pop over and see what they got. All right, guys. So we're out here at Chip's shop in beautiful Huntington Beach, I may add in. We already visited Richard here at MagnaFlow. He hooked us up with a great exhaust system. What are we working with again?

Richard: So we got the Comp series 3-inch all the way through. Uses our smaller 5-inch but fully packed type muffler. And of course, X-pipe upfront to get a little bit of that extra power and sound.

Justin: All right guys, with the help of Richard and Chip, we got the exhaust installed here on the 2015 MMD by Foose GT. It fixed great but we've got to hear how this thing sounds. So Chip, can you let rip for us, sir?

Chip: Sounds like a Mustang.

Justin: Does sound like a Mustang. So hats off to you, Richard for building a great system. And, guys, if you want to win this car, you have to click the link below or follow the link listed at the bottom of the screen and keep an eye out for more of these videos coming to you very soon. For all things Mustang and MagnaFlow, keep it right here at

Appearance Overhaul for the 2015 GT

Chip Foose Give the 2015 GT an Appearance Package

Stage 3 MMD Overhaul Mods

Justin: Hey, everybody, Justin with, and welcome back to Stage 3 of the MMD by Foose build here at, the stage a lot of you guys, including myself, have been waiting for because, that's right, the man himself is in the building working on the car. What's going on, Chip? How are you doing?

Chip: Well, it's a pleasure to be here. It's really cool to see the car.

Justin: It is. Now, what are we doing with this thing again? Remind everybody at home why you're here and what the purpose of this car is.

Chip: Well, at any time, you can click right below, because on May 20th is when you'll be able to start to enter to actually win this car. It's going to finish up August 3rd, and then August 15th, I'll be back here at the American Muscle Mustang Show, where we're actually going to give this thing away.

Justin: Second year in a row giving a car away, how does that make you feel?

Chip: It feels great. You know, I had a great time last year, where we gave away the MMD Mustang, but this year, it's actually an MMD by Foose Mustang, so I'm really looking forward to handing the keys over to whoever wins this car.

Justin: So, I mean, the performance is definitely there, and now it's time for us to pass the torch to you, sir.

Chip: Well, now, actually, all the parts were prototyped on my Mustang that I had at the SEMA Show.

Justin: Chip, what do you say we dive right into this thing? Let's check out some of these parts and show these guys what they're in for.

All right, Chip, so we're starting up front of the car here, and I think we should just dive right in. Let's get down to this chin spoiler.

Chip: What I wanted to do here is, if you look at this side rocker on this car, I wanted to pick that up up front, pull that all the way around, and take the plane view of this bumper and continue that around, still wrapping under, but then picking up the line of the upper grille. It actually drops down, wraps around, and when it's done in body color, it looks like it should have come from the factory this way.

Justin: It does. It definitely gives you a more aggressive look. But speaking of aggressive looks, let's dive into this hood scoop because this thing really caught my eye at the SEMA Show last year. It was on your award-winning car, and I remember you told me you really wanted to work with the lines of the factory hood.

Chip: I love these two lines that come down through the front, and I thought a perfect addition would be to just add something in the center and make this hood look a lot more aggressive. And then, it's following the form of that hood, just by pulling up, but coming down, and giving you two intakes.

Justin: Yeah. The front of the car is definitely working, but you didn't stop here. Of course, we've got some other parts that we still have yet to install, so what do you say we get to work?

Chip: Check it out.

Justin: We're starting with the MMD by Foose side scoop. And of course, who better to show us than the man himself? So, Chip, I understand you have some pointers for us to getting these things installed.

Chip: We'll get this wiped off. If there's wax, or any dirt or dust, it's not going to get that real tight bond that we want. So, once we've got that all cleaned, I'm going to position this. So, you hold that right in position. That's where I want it, but see, by doing it in several pieces, I can follow the curve of the part. It's going to make it a lot easier now when we peel the back side of that tape off.

Justin: Tips from the master himself, getting your side scoops aligned perfectly.

All right, guys, so the last part we're installing here today, and my personal favorite part with this build so far, has to be these new MMD by Foose quarter window louvers. They look awesome on the car, guys. Believe me when I tell you. I saw the prototypes. And we're about to throw this guy on. It's pretty cool getting to see one of your idols work here in the shop right in front of you.

Chip: I think I almost worked up a sweat putting that one on.

Justin: And it's such a simple part, right? I mean, what was your thinking behind this part?

Chip: Well, you know, you look at the history of the Mustang, you actually had these side scoops on some of the Shelbys and some of the different Mustangs. So, you know, it says "Mustang" to me.

Justin: Now, again, guys, you can pick these parts up later on this fall, MMD by Foose stuff. And I think a lot of the guys are going to be looking for those quarter window scoops. Those are awesome.

Chip: I love the little screen up front because it matches the same shape as the front grille.

Justin: But we're not done here, right? We have one more part, I think, with your spoiler in the rear, and then I think it's time to get you behind the wheel in this thing and see if you think it's fast enough.

Chip: Are we going to tear this up?

Justin: I hope so.

Chip: Cool.

Justin: All right, Chip, rounding out the MMD by Foose parts here on this particular Mustang, we have a familiar part, a part I saw on your SEMA car, and something that just had to make the MMD by Foose car. What's going on with this thing, man?

Chip: Well, this rear wing, you know what, I really like it on the coupe because it's a much shorter deck lid, and just following that radius looks so cool. This little indentation that's around the license plate hole, that's what I was mimicking by pulling it up here. It's not just a simple shape. There's a little bit of design.

Justin: Absolutely. And that's one thing I've learned about, talking with Chip here recently. Everything you do or design on this car, or any car for that matter, has a purpose. You think it out, and as a result, it fits like a factory part. And I tell you what, it's fun talking about this thing, right, but you know, who likes to talk in front of Mustangs all day long? You need to feel what 650-plus horsepower feels like.

Chip: As you just said, I need to.

Justin: All right, Chip, so we're finally out in the MMD by Foose 2015 GT here, and you're putting this thing through its paces a little bit. What are your first impressions of the car?

Chip: Oh, I wish my EcoBoost rolled like this.

Justin: Well, you're right, you can't match the power of a big-blown V8, that's for sure.

Chip: I love that sound.

Justin: Gotta love that whine. Never get tired of that.

All right, Chip, so let's give these guys what they want. I'm sure they're dying to hear how this thing feels. So, why don't we let them know?

There it goes! Oh, man, it's not often that I actually get to ride shotgun, but man, it is fun. Chip, I tell you what, man, we've had a blast in this thing so far, but now, I think it's time to get it out to California, maybe with some new tires, and then we'll unveil it at your shop out there. What do you say?

Chip: I think we might have a little fun with it before we give it back.

The traction control's not working.

Justin: All right, guys, so we're here. It's the big day, the day of the reveal of the 2015 MMD by Foose GT. We're actually at Chip Foose's shop here in sunny California. How awesome is this, right? I mean, as a car fan, you've got to love this. You get to see all this cool build stuff, you've seen an overhaul, but that's not the big story. This right here, right, Chip, is the big story today. The man himself is in the building here. We're going to be revealing this thing for the very first time to you guys and a host of other people that'll be here in the building today. We're really excited, guys. We are going to be giving this thing away at our seventh annual 2015 American Muscle Mustang Show. You ready to see this thing, or what? Boys, let's do it.

All right. What do you guys think, huh?

Man: Chip brings such a neat process and perspective to everything he does.

Woman: I want to win this car, bad. We've been entering every single week.

Justin: Well, Chip, here we are, man, the big day, a culmination of months of hard work between you and MMD. The car is finally revealed. How do you feel?

Chip: I feel good. We've got all the parts on the car. We've got the graphics on the car. Now, this is a fun car to drive.

Justin: It certainly is. And the next time you see this man with this car together, we'll be at our car show, so don't miss it. Of course, enter to win this car. Again, guys, click the link below or follow the link listed at the bottom of the screen, and Mr. Chip Foose himself may be handing you the keys at our show.

So, Chip, thanks again, sir.

Chip: Thank you.

Justin: Beautiful car. And for all things Mustang...

Chip: Keep it right here at