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MP Concepts ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper with DRL; Unpainted (16-18 Camaro, Excluding ZL1)

Item CC1992
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for American Muscle, and today, I've got this MP Concepts ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper with Daytime Running Lights, for the 2016 to 2018 Camaros, excluding the ZL1. If you're tired of the standard bumper on your Camaro, or if you need a replacement for it and you want to inject a little bit of that ZL1 style into the mix, then this bumper from MP Concepts might just be what you're looking for. This is a full bumper replacement for the Camaro owner who wants that aggressive look, but isn't gonna go too wild. Now, MP Concepts did a really good job here with this setup. And though the style isn't groundbreaking by any means, it does a faithful impersonation of a ZL1 1LE package car's front fascia. Now, this is a pretty all-inclusive kit that's gonna give your Camaro a menacing, updated look, that mimics that ZL1 1LE-type car perfectly.So, in the kit, you get this lower spoiler, you get the canards for the side, you get the vents for the outside ducts. You also get the lower grille and the upper grille, not to mention the bumper overrider and the cover for it. And of course, the bumper cover itself. Now, original CAD data from Chevy was used to ensure that everything is gonna fit perfectly on your Camaro. And since this is modeled after the 1LE package's aero trickery, you can bet that it's gonna help with airflow, too. Now, that's not to say that having these little canards on the car is gonna make your Camaro a track monster all by itself, with tons of front grip, but a little extra airflow assistance certainly wouldn't go amiss.Now, everything you see here is made from injection-molded polyurethane, just like your stock bumper. So it's gonna be strong, it's gonna be lightweight, and it's gonna have superior impact resistance, too. So, just like your OEM bumper, this is gonna hold up to the rigors of daily driving. So, it's gonna be able to take a hit, which hopefully won't happen, but it's good to have the peace of mind that it will withstand something like that anyway.Now, as you probably noticed by this point, the bumper cover and the associated bits do come unpainted, so you're gonna have to get this painted to match your car. But again, you do get all of the additional pieces that you need, so even with painting, I still think this is gonna be a bit of a value proposition. But before we dive into pricing, there's one more feature that's worth mentioning.Now, I alluded to these earlier, but since this kit doesn't retain your factory daytime running lights at the bottom of the bumper, MP Concepts includes a set for you. So, these are full LED lights on both sides, and they're gonna look and function just like your factory lights. They also come with the wiring harness you need to plug them in and get 'em installed in the bumper as well.So, now we should probably talk about cost, and for this entire kit that you see, you're looking at right around $1,200. If you've looked at any of the OEM replacement parts, you'll likely come to the same conclusion that I did, and that is, for all you get in this kit, it's a pretty good value. Again, you're getting pretty much everything you need to do a facelift on the front end of your car, short of maybe the bow tie and the headlights. So, pretty much everything else you need is included. If you're gonna buy all these OEM parts straight from Chevrolet, you'd be piecing everything together, and probably end up paying quite a bit more. And again, since this uses original Chevy CAD data, this is gonna fit like an OEM part as well. So, despite the need for paintwork, I still think that this is a good value if you're looking for this type of upgrade.Now, as far as installation goes, this is gonna come in at a two out of three on our difficulty meter, and you should plan on it taking you about three hours to get it all done, not counting that paintwork, of course. Now, this is a pretty straightforward bumper swap, all things considered, but you are gonna have to remember that you gotta put those LED daytime running lights in. However, they mount right into this part, just like this. You plug 'em in and you're ready to go. You'll also wanna retain the stock bumper's hardware, since some of that is gonna be reused when you take that off to get this mounted back up. But it's much easier to show you than to tell you about it, so with that, let's head on over to the install bay.Man: Tools required for this install include a drill, a clip removal tool, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, pair of scissors, a 7-millimeter wrench, a ratchet, an extension, a 7-millimeter socket, a T15 Torx bit, a 3/8 to 1/4-inch adapter, a 1/8-inch drill bit, a Phillips head bit, a roll of double-sided tape, and a ratchet.So, our first step to removing the bumper is going to be removing all of the 7-millimeter screws holding in our lip. So, we can leave these two, to kind of hold our lip in place so it doesn't fall and potentially crack on us while we're trying to remove it. So, our next step is to remove these four T15 Torx screws, to release our fender from our fender liner. And so now that we have our fender liner screws out, we can go ahead and pull back on that, and tuck it behind the tire a little bit, and then we're gonna have these two 7-millimeter screws. They're gonna be the two that are closest to the fender side. So, we can remove those. The back one's gonna be a little hard to get to, so we're gonna tuck it in there with a 1/4-inch ratchet. And now we can repeat that same process on the other side.So, our next step is to remove these four 7-millimeter screws that are holding our bumper to our fender. And now with that done, we can repeat that same process on the other side. Now we can remove our six T15 screws and our two pop clips, and then we can remove our bumper. So, now we're ready to remove our bumper. So, we have these two little supports here that we can pop up and over, to release those. And now we can release our bumper from our fender on both sides. So, now we can remove our bumper and disconnect all of our electrical harnesses. So, we have our one electrical connector underneath our driver's side headlight, kind of in the fender well area.Now, before we grab our new bumper and get that mounted up onto the car, we're gonna have to remove a few things off of our stock bumper to transfer over. So, we're gonna take out these side markers, remove our fog light harness, and remove this upper trim, to get started. So, we can start with our side markers. We have a tab down here and a tab up here that we can press down, and pop it out. And then we can do that same thing on the other side. So, next we can remove our fog light harness. So, we're gonna come up here and press down on that red tab, and then we'll press on the black, and wiggle that connector off. So, now we can take a clip remover tool to pop out all of these clips that are securing our harness to our bumper. Now we can remove our upper trim. So, we can start at the corner and just pull up.So, our next step is to remove the three 7-millimeter bolts that are holding in our fog light assembly. Now, we won't be reusing our fog light assembly, but we will be using those bolts to mount our new fog lights to our new bumper. So, we'll grab a 7-millimeter socket to take these out. So, next, we're gonna have to remove our U-clips on our bumper. We're gonna be removing every one but this one, because we don't have a mounting location for that one on our new bumper. So, you can grab a flathead screwdriver and get behind it to pop these off. And then with those clips removed and our fog light bolts removed, we can do that same thing on the other side.Now, before we start assembling our new bumper, we have these pieces on our grilles, as well as our bumpers, to help hold the shape. We're gonna have to remove these before we install them. So, you can either twist them to get 'em out, or you can use a pair of scissors to get a cleaner edge. Now we can do that same thing on our bumper. We're gonna do our lower grille first, so that we still have some structure in our bumper, so it doesn't flex.So, now we can install our lower grille. We have all of these tabs around the edges, that we're gonna press our grille into, and it'll click onto this side. Now, we're gonna line all of our tabs up first before we press anything into place. Now we can do the same thing for our upper grille. So now, with our tabs cut off, we can install our upper grille. So, now we're just gonna do the same thing for our two fog light buckets.Next, we can install our fog light buckets. So, these are just gonna lay right over here, and then we'll use 10 of our included Phillips head screws to secure this to our bumper. Now we can install all of the U-clips that we removed from our stock bumper onto our new one. Now we can install our fog light, and we can install our three factory 7-millimeter bolts. And then we'll take our 7-millimeter socket to tighten these down. Now we can install our side marker. So, we'll line up our holes, and then just press that right into place. And then we can repeat that same process on the other side. Now we can install our upper trim piece. Now, we're gonna have to do the driver's side first, because there is a notch here that the passenger side sits on top of.Now we can install our fog light harness onto our new bumper. So, we've got it laid down. We have these tabs on our grille that we're gonna pop our push clips into. Now we can connect the harnesses for our fog light and our side marker. Now, with our wires tucked out of the way, we can repeat the same thing on the other side. Now, for our canards, we're gonna have to drill a couple holes. You'll also have to pick up some hardware from your local hardware store. We're just using a screw, with a little nut, super thin to keep it hidden. So, we're gonna come in on this inside lip here. We're gonna drill two holes. We're gonna drill our first one where it starts to open up a little wider, and then our second one closer to the bottom here. Now, we'll drill those holes, line it up on our bumper, get it where we like it, and then we can take a marker and dot our holes, to drill through our bumper. So now, we can come in here with a marker, put down our dots for where to drill. And then the size of the drill bit is gonna depend on the size of your hardware. We're using a 9/64-inch drill bit, but yours may be a little larger or smaller, depending on your hardware size.So, now we can take our canard and lay it into position, get it dialed in how we like it, and then we'll take our marker to dot our two holes on our bumper. So, now we'll just take our marker to mark our two holes. So, our two dots are a little hard to see on camera, but we're gonna take our 9/64-inch drill bit and drill these holes. So, now we can take our canard and our screw, thread that through our hole. So, then we can screw it through our bumper. We'll do the same thing on the bottom here. Now, with both of our screws threaded through, we can take our nut on the backside and thread that on. And then, for our hardware, we're gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver on the front and a 7-millimeter wrench on the back.Next, we can mount our front lip to our bumper. So, we're gonna slide it into place, and then we have 10 screws that are gonna go in from the backside. So, now we can go around the inside of our bumper, putting in all of our Phillips head screws. We're gonna work these two first, these two second, and then we'll work our corners after that.Now, before we get down to installing our new bumper onto the car, it's important to note that this kit does come with a foam crash bar cover. Now, this would just sit in here like this. However, this doesn't fit our SS. This is actually for the Asian models of the Camaro. So, what MP Concepts recommends is to paint these two pieces black, so that it blends in behind the bumper. We're not gonna be doing that just for demonstration purposes, but at home, if you want that cleaner look, then spray both of those pieces black.Next, we can reconnect our bumper harness. Click that red tab to lock it into place. So now, once we have our bumper harness connected, we can lift our bumper up into place. Now, with our bumper sitting on the car, we can reinstall our six T15 Torx screws up top, as well as our two tree clips. And then we'll take our T15 Torx bit to tighten down our screws. And now we'll do the same thing on the other side.Now we can reinstall our 7-millimeter bolts. So, now we can reinstall the 7-millimeter screws that hold our fender to our bumper. Though this first one's a little hard to see. It's tucked up behind this metal piece. And then we also have one right down here, above our side marker. And then we have one last one, way up at the top. Now we can pull our fender liner back into place, and then we can reinstall our T15 Torx screws, and then we'll take our T15 Torx bit to tighten these down.Next, we can install our side arrow pieces for our front lip. So, we'll just mock 'em up where they're gonna go, and then we can drill our three holes, and insert our screws. So, now we can go ahead and put down some double-sided tape to hold our canard into place, so it's not flapping around while we're driving. Now, once we have our piece measured out, we can grab a pair of scissors and make our cut, and then we can lay down our strip of double-sided tape. Now we can peel back our double-sided tape backing, and then we can stick our canard down into place. And then once we're done installing our side arrow pieces and sticking down our canards, we can repeat that same process on the other side.So, that'll wrap up this review and install of the MP Concepts ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper, with Daytime Running Lights, Unpainted, for your 2016 to 2018 Camaro, excluding ZL1. Thank you for watching, and for all things Camaro, keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper Cover
      • Durable Polypropylene Construction
      • Includes Fascia, Chin Spoiler, and Grilles
      • Daytime Running Lights Included
      • Straight Forward Installation
      • Ships Unpainted
      • Fits 2016-2018 Chevrolet Camaro Models, Excluding ZL1


      Aggressive ZL1 1LE Styling. Transform the exterior styling of your Camaro with this ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper Kit from MP Concepts. MP Concepts Front Fascia closely mimics the lines and styling of the ZL1 1LE to give your personal Camaro a more aggressive appearance.

      Daytime Running Lights. This ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper also includes Daytime Running Lights (DRL). These LED DRL lights come with a wiring harness that simply splices into your Camaro's existing factory headlight harness. The LEDs will then automatically activate in conjunction with your running lights. These eye-catching LEDs not only look great, but will also make your Camaro more visible to other drivers at night and in poor weather conditions.

      Quality Construction. MP Concepts manufactures their ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper Cover from an injection molded polyurethane (PP) material using the original OEM CAD data from Chevrolet to ensure a perfect fit. Polyurethane is an extremely strong material known for its light-weight, superior durability and impact resistance - making it perfect to withstand the hazards of daily driven vehicles. Ships unpainted.

      Straight Forward Bolt-on Installation. MP Concepts engineered their Front Fascia to be a direct fit replacement for your original stock bumper. Installation can be completed in about three hours, after painting of course. Please note that some of your original hardware will be reused for installation.

      Application. This MP Concepts ZL1 1LE Style Front Bumper with DRL; Unpainted is designed to fit 2016-2018 Chevrolet Camaro models, excluding ZL1.

      Technical Notes. This MP Concepts Front Fascia Kit ships unpainted. AmericanMuscle recommends professional installation of all body parts. We also recommend test fitting these products before they are painted.

      Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, no expedited methods. What is freight shipping? Your Answers are Right Here.


      • 2016 Chevrolet Camaro
      • 2017 Chevrolet Camaro
      • 2018 Chevrolet Camaro

      MP Concepts CC1992

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Bumper Cover
      • (1) Chin Spoiler
      • (1) Chin Spoiler Winglets
      • (1) Upper Grille
      • (1) Lower Grille
      • (2) Daytime Running Lights
      • Center Brace
      • Installation Hardware

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