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Nitto Tires

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Nitto Tires

Prepare your car for the drag strip with a set of Nitto Drag Radials. These exceptional tires are designed to provide the ultimate level of dry street grip and cornering power. The tires are meant for casual drag racers, but they perform at a high level of capability. If you’re searching for a tire to make your car track-ready, this upgrade is a good value with some road driving capabilities still.

Nitto Drag Radials Offer Exceptional Track Performance

There are dozens of different track tires available for purchase today, but only some will give you the performance characteristics you desire. The Nitto Drag tires are designed to offer the highest level of on-track performance overall. They accomplish this by maximizing the smooth-contact areas of the tires. By increasing the amount of tire compound that’s touching the track, the tires provide excellent grip in dry driving conditions. These tires are made for racing and aren’t really street tires, but they will handle okay for short street drives. Nitto Drag Radials stand out because they provide the following benefits:

  • Competition drag grip
  • Semi-racing build-quality
  • Stabile at high speeds
  • Exceptional dry performance
  • Protected by a limited warranty
  • Ultimate grip design

These Nitto tires offered here at American Muscle are designed with an ultimate-grip compound material that only increases its holding power as it warms up on the track. When you want to lock to the track as effectively as possible, you will enjoy the tight gripping power of these performance tires from Nitto. As long as they’re matched to your vehicle properly, they install quickly and easily and should serve as a huge upgrade in racing performance for your ride as well. The trick to matching these tires to your vehicle is to ensure you have enough space for your braking components behind the tires and to get the right bolt pattern for your vehicle. If you need more space for braking components, you can invest in spacers for your tires to give you the additional clearance you need. No matter what improvements you want to make, you should be able to find the enhanced parts at American Muscle to take your vehicle to the next level of performance.

Nitto Drag Radials are a Key Part of a Racing Upgrade

Nitto Drag Radials are an excellent value and a good way to start upgrading a car for on-track racing performance, but the tires are just the first of many useful upgrades available from American Muscle. After installing these high-quality tires, it makes sense to improve the braking power and power output of your vehicle as well. Engine upgrades such as superchargers, turbochargers, cold air intakes, throttle bodies, intercoolers, and others will give you the performance boost you need to drive fast. Big brake kits will give you the increased stopping power to brake and corner effectively in tight track driving conditions. When you want to race at high speeds with confidence, you can get Nitto Drag Radials to increase the grip of your vehicle for drag racing and traditional track racing. Invest in high-quality tires that will help you drive at high speeds more effectively. These tires are also meant to allow short-range street driving safely, and they perform well enough in damp driving conditions to be a reliable means of transport. Adding these high-quality tires to your car is an excellent way to increase its capabilities and to start preparing for the track. Consider which racing upgrades will benefit your ride most, and then invest in those upgrades to help you get the highest level of performance from your vehicle. Tires are an excellent improvement, to begin with, but there are other upgrades worth pursuing as well. Get familiar with the improvements you want to make and then enhance your ride.