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PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads; Rear Pair (15-23 Mustang GT, EcoBoost, V6)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for AmericanMuscle, and today I'm taking a look at the PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-ceramic Rear Brake Pads for 2015 and newer Mustangs. I've said it before and you'll hear me say it plenty more times, but brakes are some of the most important components on your entire car. There's no sense in going fast if you can't stop fast too, and these Z26 Extreme rear brake pads bring plenty of stopping power to the table.These are a high-performance pad, with very little compromise, that's gonna give you the braking power you want and need, all for a very affordable price. Now, we get a lot of PowerStop's products through the door here, and they always prove popular because of their performance and their price tag. And since the company solely does brakes, that should really come as no surprise. These Z26 Extreme pads that I have here are made with PowerStop's own proprietary carbon fiber-ceramic compound.Now, these are designed for severe duty, such as track days, autocross, drag strips, things like that. And they're gonna provide excellent heat dissipation and solid braking no matter the temperature. That is because the compound makes for a stable friction coefficient even at higher temperatures. So you're gonna avoid that brake fade if you're hustling down a back road, hitting the track, doing a bunch of poles on the drag strip, things like that. These are designed to take the repeated hard braking sessions and high temperatures.Now, the surfaces of the pads here are also thermal scorched, so they're gonna make for a faster and more effective break-in as well, which means that you can get out and enjoy the added stopping power quickly. Now, a lot of upgraded brake pads lead to a compromise when it comes to regular use, such as commuting or just driving around town. Now, sometimes that might be in the form of braking feel. That initial bite when you hit the pedal might come on a bit later than it did with your stock brakes, or they might bite really quickly and bite really well, but they produce a ton of brake dust. However, that's not the case here. There's virtually no compromise in brake performance or feel with these. In fact, PowerStop claims that these pads, and all of their pads, are nearly dust-free.Now, no brake pad is gonna be entirely dust-free, just due to the nature of how they work, since you're basically scrubbing off this material every time you use them. But, these are a super-low-dust formula that's gonna keep your wheels a lot cleaner, and that's especially nice if you have some really cool aftermarket wheels on your car, or if you're just like me and you can't stand cleaning your wheels.Now, moreover, these pads are designed to operate with virtually no noise. So, unlike a lot of performance brake pads on the market, you're not gonna get that annoying squealing after the pads have embedded in. Now, the backs of the pads here, too, are finished with a nice powder coat, and they provide excellent corrosion resistance, making them durable and worry-free.You also get all-new hardware in the box. So, PowerStop provides you with stainless steel shims, and also some high-temp lubricant, for better heat dissipation and noise-free operation. Pricing will come in at just about $100 for this set, and that is quite a bargain when it comes to a pad of this performance level. So, if you're looking for excellent results without having to break the budget, these are a great choice.Of course, they also pair very well with the matching set for the front brakes, and we do have those available on our site, so I'd highly recommend picking those up too, so you got a matched set all around the car. Installation will come in at a two out of three on our difficulty meter, and it should take you about two hours to get both sides done.Now, swapping brake pads is a pretty straightforward job, though it does require some time and patience, but it is something that you can easily do in your driveway or garage at home, even if you've never done it before. And to show you exactly what's involved, let's throw it over to one of our AM customers.Man: All the tools we're gonna use for this are a tire wrench, a 3/8 socket wrench, or you can use a 1/2-inch socket wrench if you need to, 14-millimeter socket. And then, found this on Amazon. It is a OMT brake caliper tool, and what it does is allows, it pushes the piston into the caliper, so that way, you can put the new brakes on.So, here you've got your separator, and for this, we're gonna be using the number four attachment onto the adjuster. Before you take the tires off the car, you wanna make sure the parking brake is disengaged. This allows you to take the caliper off with much more ease. In doing so, you wanna make sure that the car is in gear, or either, or, transmission is in park.Today we're gonna be installing the PowerStop Extreme Street Performance brake pads, the rear brake pads, on a 2017 Mustang GT. First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna jack the car up, and once we make sure that there are jack stands attached, and then we also have the front blocked off, so the car doesn't roll around. We're gonna remove the five lug nuts, and then remove the tire.Remove the caliper from the entire brake assembly. We're gonna remove two bolts to take off the caliper. There's a bolt that can be found right here, and right here, and use your 14-millimeter socket and socket wrench to remove these. Now that the bolts are removed, we're just gonna simply slide the caliper right off the brake assembly.Since the caliper is kind of free-floating, we wanna make sure we secure it into place in some area that's not gonna rip up their brake lines. Some people use wire or a coat hanger to hold this, but for this, we're just gonna hold it right with our hands. Before we can decompress the piston into the caliper, we need to relieve some pressure. To do that, all we do is just simply take off the cap for the brake reservoir.Next, we're gonna compress the piston. Best way to do that, get your tool, line it up into place. There are pins that you need to lock into. There's the two pins here, and as you can see, there's little notches in the piston. Once you get the tool in place, you're gonna wanna line the notches, the nubs into the piston, and then you're gonna spin this little locker clockwise, to tighten up against the actual caliper.Once it is tightened down, you're gonna spin this clockwise also. It's gonna compress the piston. As you're doing that, you're also gonna spin this locker, so that way, it keeps locking onto the bracket. So, as you twist this, it relieves the tension. So, you're gonna wanna continuously tighten this down as you're compressing the piston. All you wanna do is you wanna make sure the piston gets compressed, got as flush as it could possibly be, so that way you can fit the new brake pads on.Now that the caliper is compressed, we simply remove the two brake pads, one in the front and one in the back. To do that, you just grab the brake pad, right here on the edge, pull it towards you. Do the same thing, but this time you're gonna push the brake pad out, just like that. There's also two metal clamps. Simply, to take those off, you pull on the tabs, and it'll come right off.You can use a screwdriver to do this if you cannot actually have any grip onto the brackets. The other thing that you need to remove is these two little pins that are stuck on. And try and keep these clean because we're gonna regrease them. There's two. There's one located here, one located here. Kind of have to pull a little hard to get that rubber off.Now, I like to lay the parts down right on the ground in the same orientation that came off the car, so that way, we know where the correct parts are gonna be going. Your kit's gonna come with two different sizes, these and a different size. What you wanna do is make sure that the metal brackets are the exact same size that you're gonna be putting back on. We got our replacement parts in the same orientation, so now we can start installing.First thing we're gonna do is we're gonna install the clips. Simple way to do this, line it up, simply just use a little force, pop 'em into place. Should feel, hear some clicking sound. Now that we got the top one, we're gonna do the bottom one. Same thing. Get it into place, push it on, you'll hear a click. Before we put all the grease that we need to do on all the parts, I'm gonna clean these pins, and remove any excess grease. Real simple. Use a clean towel, or clean paper towel, and just wipe it right off.Simply put on the grease. Just open this. You don't have to open it too far. Squeeze a little amount out. Nope, [inaudible 00:09:25] We're also gonna put a little bit of grease right on the end of the new brake pads. Kind of use the packaging to move it around. Before you insert your pins, you wanna take your grease that you put on there, and just kind of smooth it, spread it around with your finger, or you could use a simple towel to do this as well. Now, there is a specific part that has this black wheel that spins around freely. This goes on the bottom.So, now that we've spread that around, all we're gonna do, simply slide it over the sleeve, and just push down. Push down as far as it'll go. Sometimes the rubber will grab it. Other times, you have to push on the rubber, just to make sure that it fully grabs it. We're gonna do the same thing. Spread that grease around on the other pin, and then slide it over the tube. You know it'll go in if you hear kind of a popping sound with the air in it, and there you go.Now we're gonna install the rear brake pad onto the caliper itself. Now, since there is grease, you're gonna wanna be very careful, so that way, you don't get that grease on that rotor. Simply get it into alignment, and then push in place. You'll hear a clicking sound, so you know it's in. We're gonna do the same thing to the front brake pad onto the caliper. Same exact thing. Be very careful not to get any of that grease on the rotor itself. Line it up, and push it straight in.Once the brakes are in there straight, and everything is secure and put into place correctly, then you can install the caliper back on. You wanna make sure that the piston, with the little notches, one of the notches is straight up and down. So, there's these little tabs on the actual brake pad itself. You wanna make sure that that tab goes right in the middle here of that. You wanna make sure that these pins that are at the top, right next to where the bolts will go, the flat side is up against the actual caliper. As you could see here, it's got a curved side and a flat side.Now that the caliper is resting right in the place where it's gotta go, simply just take our bolt, the top one, just kind of get it finger-tight. Might have to squeeze it on there, just to make sure that it gets tight. There you go. We got that finger-tight. We're gonna do the same thing to the bottom one. With the bolts loosely in place, we're gonna tighten them down.We got the new brakes installed. We're gonna put the tire back on. Simple way to do this is look at your patterns with your bolt. Simply gonna poke one on, twist it if you need to, get the other one in place. There. With one hand, hold it. With the other, simply get the lug nuts on there started. Now that all of them are on there a little bit finger-tight, all you gotta do, take your spinner up. Simply spin. Now, for this, it does matter what pattern you're gonna be going into.So, you can see here, I started on the upper left. Now going to be going directly down to the lower middle one. You're gonna...or the way to think about it is you're gonna rotate around the tire in either direction, when you're gonna be skipping a lug nut. So, here, we're just gonna get it tight enough and move on to the next. So, think of it this way. You're rotating around the tire, skipping this one, going to this. Same thing. Skip one. Now that we completed the passenger side, we're gonna do the same thing to the driver's side, repeating the exact same steps.Car fully on the ground. Now we're gonna just put the cap back on the brake reservoir. Before you start it and you drive off, what you're gonna wanna do, get in it. Simply pump the brakes a couple times, until it doesn't move anymore. There, the installation is complete.Jake: That's gonna wrap it up here for our review and install of the PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-ceramic Rear Brake Pads, for 2015 and newer Mustangs. Thanks for watching, and remember, for all things Mustang, be sure to keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Better Braking Power with Less Fade
      • 20% Faster Stopping
      • Designed for Hardcore Daily Driving/Street Driving
      • Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic
      • Reduces Noise and Dust
      • Direct Fit Install for OEM Pads
      • Rear Pair - Driver and Passenger Side Pads Included
      • Backed by a 30-Day/500-Mile Limited Warranty
      • Fits 2015-2023 GT, EcoBoost, V6 Ford Mustangs


      Supercharged Braking Power. In order to really explore the true power of your Mustang, you need high-performance brake pads and these deliver just that. This rear pair of PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads offers up to 20 percent faster stopping power without hindering drivability.

      Hardcore Construction. PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Brake Pads are crafted from a powerful blend of ceramic and carbon fibers, letting them stand up to extreme temps, and giving them incredible durability and resistance to fade.

      Reduces Noise and Dust. Forget about getting nasty brake dust all over your Stang's beautiful wheels. These PowerStop Z26 Brake Pads are precision-slotted and drilled to dispel dust, gas and water, leaving your wheels pristine and your rides silent.

      Bolt-On Upgrade. PowerStop made these Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pads as a direct-fit upgrade for your OEM pads. The install is so simple, you'll have these installed in about 45 minutes.

      Backed by a 30-Day/500-Mile Limited Warranty. The PowerStop Brake Pads are covered by a 30-day/500-mile limited warranty. It doesn’t cover failures of components due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or normal wear. For more information on this coverage, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

      Application. This Rear Pair of PowerStop Z26 Extreme Street Carbon-Ceramix Brake Pads fit 2015-2023 GT, EcoBoost and V6 Ford Mustangs.

      Information on PowerStop's proper Break-In Procedure can be found here:



      PowerStop Z26-1793

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (2) Rear Brake Pads
      • Installation Hardware


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