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Ryan H Black '94 GT

My car sports numerous parts from the junk yard, some because I needed them, some because I wanted to see how they looked; it’s always a work in progress. I never added a lot of power increasing mods, since I know how a Crown Vic looks through the passenger window at 130. I drove my car all the way to California and back on a 3 week road trip, even sleeping in it one night. I used to slide my car through snow storms until I got tired of it and bought a 95 F150 5.0

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Ryan H

Ryan H


I’m a country boy, so all I need is my Mustang and a truck. I worked as a civil engineering assistant for 10 years after high school. I didn’t want to sit at a desk again. After being laid off for a year, I got a job with American Muscle, now I get to play with Mustangs all day. I grew up working on my Dad’s F Series work trucks and we always did our own work. In high school I wanted a 98 Mustang, until I realized the 94’s looked basically the same and cost less. I’ve gone to the junk yard almost weekly for the past 5 years, I even went to one in Japan. I have torn down over 100 Mustangs, mine’s the only one I actually had to put back together. I’ve worked on all types of vehicles, but I know Mustangs.