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Joe R '01 Mustang V6

The only changes that were done in a shop consisted of the 3.73 rear gears with an auburn posi-lock differential, the stage 1 spec clutch, and the harmonic balancer (25%UD pulley). Each mod and step that I have taken since I purchased her in May of 2012 I have done myself with the exception of paint and the gears, diff, clutch, and balancer. I chose to go with the well-known 03/04 Cobra front body style complete with hood, chin spoiler, fog lights and bezels. On the rear of the car I went with a GT rear bumper to combine both the rear look of a Mach 1 and the front look of a Cobra to complete the new exterior look. I have always been a fan of quarter window scoops, so those came about in time. I love the color scheme of red and black, so with the red base of the car I accented the exterior in black at various points to give it a more unique look. This brings us to her name - Harley Quinn (yes, like the character from the batman comics). Though she is only a V6, she has some bite to her, and with the amount of work I have done, she is able to keep up with most big V8’s at the drag strip without being too far behind. There are always exceptions of course!

Joe R

Joe R


Found my current mustang through Fred Beans dealership. Only owned her thus far, but plan on buying another someday. I got into mustangs through searching for my next car and discussing mustang mods with a friend of mine years ago. I love my mustang because I have turned it into a pony car that reflects my personality in various ways. Each step forward with my mustang has been done mostly by my own blood, sweat, and tears.