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Mcleod Clutches & Parts

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Mcleod Clutches & Parts

Prepare your vehicle to shift reliably after a serious tune by adding a Mcleod clutch to your ride. These performance-focused clutches are designed to withstand higher horsepower outputs, which means that you can shift effectively even in a seriously enhanced vehicle. If you swap the engine in your ride or invest in a supercharger or turbocharger for your ride, one of the improvements you should make to your car is to add a more durable clutch. At American Muscle, we offer a selection of Mcleod clutch products that will help your car shift faster and more reliably than ever, even with the huge power increase.

Enjoy Superior Reliability with a Mcleod Clutch

The clutch on your car determines how well you can shift over time. After upgrading your engine, you’ll put more stress on your clutch during regular shifting. While it might still be possible to use your OEM clutch, you’re better off investing in a Mcleod clutch or another performance option instead. These clutches are built with more durable components. Enjoy the reliability of dual friction discs and ceramic materials. These parts wear more slowly when handling high levels of torque and power output. If you want to shift fast and put a strain on your car, you should get a clutch that can handle the extra force. A Mcleod clutch is a good investment because it is:

  • built to handle high-power engines
  • designed with ceramic construction
  • made to work in street and track environments
  • equipped with dual friction discs
  • enhanced spline design
  • created with reduced wear components

Even though a Mcleod clutch is a performance upgrade, it isn’t difficult to install. These clutches are designed to fit like OEM products and shouldn’t require any sort of modification to install on a properly matched vehicle. If you take the time to match your new clutch with your car properly, you can get real performance gains without a difficult installation process. Most full Mcleod kits come with the pressure plate, bearing, disc, and some also have the pilot tool too. The installation process on these kits isn’t overly difficult, and a mechanic can make quick work of a serious clutch upgrade for your ride. Some clutch systems are unnecessarily complicated or require modifications to put in, but not most Mcleod systems. Add one of them to your ride fast, and you’ll be back to driving in just a day or two versus the lengthier installation process required for other systems.

Enjoy Track and Street Performance with a Mcleod RXT Clutch

One real issue with many track-grade clutch upgrades is that these clutches aren’t enjoyable to use for street driving conditions. These clutches are difficult to engage and uncomfortable when driving less aggressively, but that’s not the case with a Mcleod RXT clutch. This product features a dual-clutch design that allows for a light pedal operation and comfortable shifts that are precise and reliable, and enjoyable for street driving. This high-grade clutch is still durable enough to withstand high-pressure driving that comes in track situations, but it will work in a street environment. If you’re creating a car for track and street driving both, an RXT clutch from Mcleod is an obvious choice as an upgrade for your ride. Whether you’re creating a performance car, or you just want more precise shifting and enhanced clutch reliability, you can get a Mcleod clutch that will give you good shifting performance and the feel you want at the same time. These high-grade clutches make excellent investments and are a good value when purchased properly. Match the right clutch to your ride, and you can improve most aspects of shifting overall.