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Aluminum 3-Row Performance Radiator (79-93 Mustang)

Item 412270
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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: If the factory radiator in your stock or modified '79 and '93 Fox Body is either cracked, clogged, or leaking, well, then it's probably time to consider a replacement like the aluminum three-row option we have here today. Now this all-aluminum tig welded radiator will increase your cooling and efficiency by nearly 40% over the stocker you will be replacing. As far as the install is concerned, it's gonna drop right into place without any modification and it can be had here on the site for right around that low $200 price point. So, these Fox bodies approaching 30 or even 40 years of age here, there are certain maintenance items that really become essential over time and a big one is of course maintaining the cooling system. Now a failing cooling system can lead to a number of problems including a damaged or blown motor and is one of the most essential aspects of a proper running car. And the centerpiece of any solid cooling system is no doubt the radiator. Now, this particular option, again, will be an affordable way to replace a failing or damaged stocker and really help get those temperatures back in check. Now this one does feature an all-aluminum construction. You've also got the three-row design working for you here as well along with those tig welded end tanks. And that combination is gonna help increase your efficiency by over 40% compared to your factory radiator, meaning a cooler running car and without any of those crazy temp spikes.Now this will be a direct swap with that factory radiator and will measure 29 and a quarter inches wide, 19 inches tall and 2 and 3-quarter inches thick. It does also include a brand-new radiator cap along with a new metal petcock and it does feature provisions for the trans cooler allowing this to work with both manual and automatic cars. Now you're also looking at OE size inlet and outlets meaning you're not gonna have to modify or change out your upper or lower hoses. Now you can also still reuse your factory-style clutch fan and the shroud or if you'd like, you could always use this opportunity to switch up to an electric setup if you prefer. Last but not least, guys, this option does get backed by a 90-day warranty just in case of any immediate issues.But now we wanna shift gears and talk a little bit more about the installation process and site is actually gonna go soft three out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter here, guys. Call it a couple of hours to complete from start to finish. But to give you a better idea of just how things will go down on your Fox body at home, check out our detailed walkthrough provided to us by an AM customer now.Male: All right, so these are the tools that I will be using. We'll go from right to left. These are electric ratchets. You can use electric or regular ratchet. These are quarter inch. You can use half inch or whatever you've got. These are the sockets. This is an 8 mil for your radiator hoses, it's an 11 mil for the shroud to radiator connecting bolts and this is a 13 for your radiator retainers. These are extensions that I'll be using. And these, you can use either, or. These are to take off the pins that hold your shroud at the bottom and the little pins that hold the shroud to radiator...the bolts on top. So, you can use either one. They both work. And yeah.All right, so this is just a view from on top of what you're gonna be removing. You should have some kinda light source, you know, just to give you extra lighting. If you're doing it on your driveway, then you can use the sunlight. That's perfectly fine. So, I'm just gonna explain really quick what you're gonna be removing. You have two radiator retainers that are held down by two...well, one on each, 13-millimeter. You have your overflow hose right here that connects to this little outlet that's on your radiator. And you have 2 11-millimeter bolts that hold your shroud to your radiator as well as you're gonna be removing this pin that holds them together. And you have your hose, your upper hose and then your lower hose. You can also remove your water pump. You know, you can take that off the clutch, the fan clutch as well as your shroud but me, I like to leave it on. It's just, you know, less work. But you can take it off if you want more room. It's, you know, optional. You can do it either way. And yeah, it's pretty straightforward. You know, nothing too fancy. And yeah.Another thing that you wanna do is drain your coolant from your engine. You have your drain plug at the bottom left over here. Just drain it out. I've already done it. And you'll wanna jack up your car if, you know, if you have trouble taking off the bottom hose. It shouldn't be, you know, too hard. You can always jack it up just a little bit with a jack and just take off that hose. But yeah. So that' wanna make sure you drain the coolant for sure so there'll be a lot less of a mess when you take it off or whatever. And yeah. So, I'll get to, you know, removing this and I'll show you guys step by step.All right, guys. So, I'm gonna start the removal of this radiator. I'm gonna start by taking off these retainers. These are 13-millimeter bolts. I have my ratchet, extension and a 13-millimeter socket and I'm gonna flip it to the right to take it off. You can use an electric ratchet to make it easier. Easy. Get them loose so that you can take them off by your hand. Do the other side as well. There we go, oh. Go ahead and take them off with your hand. [inaudible 00:05:38]There we go. Those retainers are off now. Next, we'll be removing these 11-millimeter bolts. I'm gonna use the short extension. It's much easier to fit rather than this longer one so I'm gonna go ahead and do that. It's an 11 millimeter. And yeah, so they're very easy to take off. There we go. It does not require a lot of force. These should not be held down, you know, tight. These should be relatively tight but also kinda loose because you don't wanna damage your radiator. This is aluminum so it'll bend. So, there's one.There we go. Two. So, these are the two retainers that hold your shroud to your radiator. So, there's another step. The overflow hose right here as well. Very simple to take off right here. You don't wanna forget it because when you remove your radiator, it's gonna be held down by this which can be kinda awkward. So, we went over to this side. I'm gonna be removing my upper radiator hose. This is a turnkey hose. If it was a regular hose, it'd be an 8-millimeter but since it's not, you can just turn it. Very simple. There you go. And then nice little twist. And you wanna have your catch can at the bottom if there's extra coolant just to make sure you don't make a mess. So, you can go ahead and set this to the side over here. So, there's one. And the last thing you'll need to take off is the lower radiator hose and that one's an 8-millimeter.All right, guys. So next what I'm gonna be doing is jacking up my car. You have several jack points under here. You just wanna make sure you get, like, a nice, sturdy point. You can always use this. This is where I jack up my car. I would stay away from the pinch rows because these are kinda weak. You can bend them. And just avoid anything right here because then you'll have this nasty little kinda like gap right here from your door and your fender. So, I'll go ahead and jack up my car and I'll show you guys that process.All right, guys. So right here I have my jack. I'm gonna be putting it on that jack point real quick just to jack it up. Not that high. Just enough to fit, you know, your...half your body under your car. Yeah, so I'll put a jack right there.So, there's that. I have my jack now. You wanna make sure you have some kind of support in the back. You can either do this or put e-brake. If you put e-brake, still put something here. So yes. The car's jacked up now. I have enough space to get under here and get that lower hose removed.All right, guys. You can always wear gloves if, you know, you have a leak here and, you know, it's kinda messy. There's no problem with wearing gloves. But this is the hose clamp right here. It's an 8-millimeter. You wanna go ahead and take that off.Once that's loose, you wanna go ahead and pull it back a little bit. Just get, like, the extra tension off. There we go. So that's loose enough. And again, if you have coolant in your system, you wanna go ahead and put a catch can here. But I'm gonna go ahead, twist, twist. Twist. There you go. So now your hose is off. And there you go. Just [inaudible 00:10:10] hold it up. So, there you go. That was the last step. Now you can remove your shroud. These are the retainers right here. You just pull it off and set it on top of your fan. And your radiator should come off.So now I'm gonna go ahead and remove my jack. So just jack it up a little bit. There we go. Slowly lower it. There we go. That's it.All right, guys. So now I'm gonna go ahead and pull out my radiator. So, I'm gonna go ahead and take my shroud on top of my fan right here. And there we go. We can do it with one hand. It's that easy. All right, guys. So, what we have here is my old radiator. There was a big hole over here. There was a bunch of coolant leaking as well as through here. You can see, you know, it's kinda bad. So, these are the pins you're gonna be removing right here as well as the retainers in the bottom. So, this is where you can use a flat and a hammer or some pliers. Easily grab onto them and pull them off. So, I'll show you guys that right now.All right, guys. So, I'm gonna go ahead and remove these pins right here. I'm gonna use some pliers. Very easy, very simple. Just grab on to the bottom right here. Kinda wiggle it up and it should come off as easy as that. So, there's one. Same thing for the other side. Just grab it from the bottom right here. Go ahead and wiggle it. This one's kinda harder. Go ahead and wiggle. Then I'm gonna go ahead and pull it off. Easy as that. These are kinda stubborn. You can always order new ones if these are kinda old and you have to take it off some other way. These aren't expensive. You can go ahead and reuse these. That's what I'll be doing. And I'll show you guys how to remove the bottom retainers as well.All right, so as for these, you wanna kinda lay it on a wall or something just to make sure it's slanted and this is hanging up. So, I'm gonna go ahead and use a hammer and a flathead as well as the pliers. So, I'll be using both. You can always see if it's, you know, not gonna be that hard. Just kinda wiggle it, you know. This one just came off easy as that. You can go ahead and use the pliers as well. And move it back and forth. That should come off. It's easy as that, guys.All right, so you're gonna go ahead and transfer these onto your new radiator. Make sure these go in the same way as you took them off. And yeah. So, we can just prep the radiator right now and throw it in.All right, guys. So, this is my new radiator right here. We'll be removing it from the bag. It's very light. Very good quality. Very pretty. You wanna make sure to kinda wipe away the handprints if you're all about [inaudible 00:13:39] Oh, just make sure it doesn't fall. So yeah. These come with, you know, a cap and everything. And yeah. So, you just wanna go ahead and throw in those pins that you took off from your old one and then you can throw this thing into your car. All right, guys. So, with the radiator facing towards you with all these lining up towards you, we're gonna start by putting these in. these have two sides. So flat side and just the outwards side that's kinda pointing outwards right here. So, you're gonna wanna go ahead and put them this way on this little hole right here, on these little lines right here. Not the big ones. So, you should put it in and use a little force. Maybe use a hammer or something. Not that hard. And go ahead by doing it the same on this side right here.All right, guys. With your radiator still facing towards you...gonna set it on the wall or something so you can throw these retainers in for your shroud. So, these go on pretty simple. You're gonna want these facing towards you like this. This is where your shroud's gonna be held on to. So, you're gonna wanna put it under on these big ones right here. Go ahead, use the flathead. Now your retainer's in. There you go. And do the same thing on the other side. Get your retainer. Put it through the top on the big hole. This is gonna go through right here. Set it up like that. Get you a flat and a hammer, put it right here on the inside and gently hammer it.All right, guys. So, with your pins and retainers in now, we wanna go ahead and remove these caps as well as this one up here. Don't forget that. These are really simple to take off. Just hold your radiator down with something and kinda twist these back and forth as well as pulling. There you go. Easy. As well as with this one up here. And you guys up here. This one's very easy to take off as well. Just hold your radiator down with one hand. Go ahead and twist these while pulling. There you go. Easy as that. As well as this one up here. This one does not require force at all. Just go ahead and twist and pull, twist and pull and twist and pull and it's almost off. Wow. There you go. Easy as that.All right, guys. So, you have some retainers down there that your radiator sits on. Right there and then on the other side. All the way down there. So, you're gonna wanna make sure your radiator's sitting on those. I'm gonna go ahead and zoom out right here. Make sure your radiator sits on those perfectly because that's what's gonna be holding down your radiator from the bottom. Yeah, so make sure your radiator's facing the right way and gently put it down on those two retainers. And now it's solid right there. And it's on those retainers and everything's ready to go back on.And now with your radiator in, you'll wanna go ahead and reconnect everything. So, I'm gonna start by reconnecting my shroud. Your shroud, you wanna make sure they line up with the retainers that you put in the bottom of the radiator. So, this...kinda eye them out a little bit. And...there you go. Perfect. So now my shroud is sitting on those retainers at the bottom. And that is good.Now you're gonna wanna go ahead and put these retainers, these bolts in. You're gonna wanna move this around to make sure it centers with the hole. So, with the flat and your hammer, you can go ahead and move them very easily. Not that much force. I'll show you guys how to do that right now.All right, guys. So, the flat, the hammer. Just kinda put it on top right here. Kinda hit it gently. Make sure it lines up with your holes on the shroud. And that is perfect right there. You're gonna wanna go ahead and put these bolts in. So, with your hand and then you can use your ratchet to make sure they're tight.All right, guys. So, with the ratchet and the short extension and the 11 millimeter you're gonna wanna go ahead tightening these down. Perfect. Make sure not to overtighten it because you will bend your radiator right here. I'll just go right ahead and do the same thing for the other side. And just tight like that. So that's perfect. My shroud is on. It's retained at the bottom with those retainers. And all that's left is to connect these bolts...I mean, these hoses. Go at an angle. Boom. Very easy. You wanna go ahead and just tighten these down with an 8-millimeter or with one of these turnkey hoses, these hose clamps. And easy. This is not going nowhere. That's that. And then there's just one left on the bottom.That should be good. All right, guys. And with your 8-millimeter socket again, you wanna go ahead reattach this hose. There you go. And make sure this is angled at a not so difficult way to, you know, loosen or tighten the hose clamp. So, make it easier on yourself. So, hold it down with one hand, twist it. Make sure that it's tightened because you don't want any leaks. There we go. It's not going anywhere. And that is perfect.All right, guys. And all that is left is to put your radiator retainers right here. Simple as that. Make sure it grabs on. Do the same for the other side. There you go. Start one side. Then you can go ahead and do the other one. All right. With a 13-millimeter socket and a ratchet, electric or regular one, you wanna go ahead and tighten these down.There you go. You don't need to tighten them down so hard. Just enough to where there's no play.Make sure these are lined up correctly. And a little bit...there you go. And that is it, guys. If you did go the other route and take off your water pump, you wanna go ahead and reconnect it. And all that's left is to fill up your radiator with coolant and just go ahead and burp your Fox. There's gonna be air in here regardless. So, you wanna go ahead and burp it.Justin: But wrapping things up guys, if you're looking for an affordable way to help keep your stock or modified Fox running a bit cooler year-round, then you'll have to check out this aluminum three row performance radiator right here at

      Product Information

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      • Cooling Radiator
      • Helps Eliminate Engine Failure
      • Works up to 40% More Efficiently than Factory Radiators
      • Keeps Temperature Surges to a Minimum
      • 3-Row Racing Design
      • 29.25 by 19 by 2.75 Inches
      • 90-Day Warranty
      • Hard Installation
      • Compatible with the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang


      High-Grade Aluminum Cooling Radiator. Enjoy improved cooling efficiency anywhere the trails take you with the Cooling Radiator; 3-Core MT; Aluminum. This cooling radiator helps eliminate engine failure with an innovative tube and fin design that works up to 40% more efficiently than factory radiators, keeping temperature surges to a minimum.

      3-Row Racing Design. This unit is constructed using aircraft aluminum, with a 3-row racing design. Its overall dimensions are 29.25 by 19 by 2.75 inches.

      Warranty. This product is protected by a 90-day warranty, which protects against defects in materials and workmanship from the manufacturer. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for lack of maintenance or improper use.

      Installation. It takes no more than 2 hours to install this product if you have moderate to expert level mechanical skills.

      Application. Cooling Radiator; 3-Core MT; Aluminum is compatible with the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang.


      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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