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Mustang Rear Gear Ratio to RPM Chart

Written By: Andrew Cilio

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One of the best mods for your Mustang in terms of acceleration and increased performance is replacing the gears inside your rear differential. Give your Mustang the jump it needs and replace your stock gears with a set that works for you.

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Use this chart if you're wondering what gear ratio is currently in your Mustang, or looking to change your Mustang's rear gear ratio.

Estimated RPM Range for Highway Driving (~65MPH)

Anyone who’s purchased a used Mustang before knows how annoying it can be to figure out if the previous owner changed the rear gear ratio or not. Sometimes, you know they were changed but have trouble identifying what ratio the new gears are. Below, we have mapped out the usual suspects when it comes to aftermarket gear ratios. If you do not see the RPM for which you are reading at 65MPH for your particular transmission you can safely assume by going with whatever ratio of gears falls between the provided sets.

This chart will also give people who are thinking about changing their Mustang’s rear gears a look at the increase in RPMs they will see for each ratio. Note that the smaller the gear (smaller gears have higher ratios – 4.10s are SMALLER than 3.73, ect.) the more RPMs. Higher ratio gears can actually increase fuel efficiency around town but will use more fuel when driving on the highway, and vice versa.

Transmission Type 2.73 Gears 3.08 Gears 3.55 Gears 3.73 Gears 4.10 Gears 4.56 Gears
AOD AODE (Automatic Transmission) 1400 RPMs 1650 RPMs 1800 RPMs 2000 RPMs 2300 RPMs 2550 RPMs
4R70W (Automatic) 1500 RPMs

1850 RPMs

2000 RPMs

2250 RPMs

2350 RPMs

2600 RPMs

T5/T4 (Manual)
TR3650 (Manual) 1450 RPMs 1900 RPMs
TR6 (6 Speed Manual) 1200 RPMs 1500 RPMs 1600 RPMs 1800 RPMs 2150 RPMs 2400 RPMs
MT-82 (Automatic & Manual) 1560 RPMs 1750 RPMs 2000 RPMs 2150 RPMs 2350 RPMs 2600 RPMs
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