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Upgrading Your Mustang’s Springs - Lowering In One Mod Explained

Written By: Lisa Schaefer

Two of the biggest drawbacks of the Mustang (which are minor in comparison to other vehicles/competitors) is that it can have a lot of wheel gap/high stance and that its handling isn’t always the sharpest. A quick, easy, and relatively cheap fix is to upgrade your Mustang’s springs with a set of lowering springs. This guide will go over everything you need to know about lowering your Mustang and improving its handling with a set of springs.

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Quick Tips On Lowering Springs

  • Lowering springs eliminate the "elevated" look of the Mustang, sacrificing ride height for head turning looks
  • Lowering your mustang will change the geometry of the stock suspension; consider Caster/Camber Plates for an inexpensive fix for your new found camber
  • Grabbing a set of Lower Control Arms and suspension componets will allow further tuning for your Mustang's geometry of the suspension
  • Great thing about lowering springs is getting new springs is is super easy after removal of the stock ones
  • Remember, your new stance won't allow some wheels to fit. Choose wisely!

Why Invest in Lowering Springs For Your Mustang?

There’s more than the obvious reason to invest in lowering spring for your Mustang, that being to improve overall looks and get rid of the stock 4x4 appearance given by Ford. Another significant motivation is to improve handling and make your Mustang feel like the muscle car you thought you purchased! Lowering springs will lower your center of gravity, offering more control while driving and giving your Mustang an aggressive, mean stance.

How Much Do Lowering Spring Drop My Mustang?

Mustang lowering springs provide a lower ride height than can drop your Mustang anywhere from .5” to 2”, but it depends upon manufacturer and product line. Lowering springs offer a static drop that lowers your Mustang to a fixed height. Going any lower than 2” would make daily driving almost impossible and at the very least unbearable.

Pros & Cons Of Mustang Lowering Springs

There are many benefits to adding a set of lowering springs to your Mustang such as:

•    Dramatically improved handling
•    Better traction
•    Improved stance

Replacing the factory springs with aftermarket springs will refine your handling and improve your looks, while helping you to get off the line better. By in large, springs are an excellent mod with very few drawbacks. Some minor issues may arise with:

•    Wheel clearance
•    Daily Driving

Some lowering springs will cause rubbing issues with some aftermarket wheel and tire kits, depending on the size. A 2” drop with a 20” wheel and 315 tire will have some rubbing issues. If you have an aftermarket wheel and tire kit on your Mustang, than you will want to double check if the lowering spring you are looking at will cause any clearance issues.

Aftermarket springs will provide a stiffer ride, which is ideal for launching and cornering, but will make for a bumpy ride when daily driving—especially if you live in the Northeast or where there are rough rodes.

Should Your Mustang's Springs be Progressive or Specific?

With all the lowering springs available, it can be quite a challenge deciding which springs are right for your driving style. First, you want to choose between Progressive Rate Springs and Specific Rate Springs.

Progressive Rate Springs are daily driver friendly and ultimately offer a comfortable ride similar to stock during normal driving conditions. Another benefit of progressive springs is that they help to achieve higher performance when driving hard. These springs have larger gaps between coils at one end than the other. This allows the spring to compress and firm up to reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in corners and excessive nose-dive under hard braking. The rise in spring rate is not linear, allowing for a softer spring rate in the early stages of travel, but a much stiffer rate as the spring is compressed further.

Specific Rate Springs are geared more toward those who don’t mind sacrificing some ride quality for ultimate performance. These springs will be firmer at all times, which doesn’t allow them to absorb as much of the road as Progressive Springs and offer a bit of a harsher ride even over small bumps. With the SR Performance Springs (79-04), the coils all have the same spacing. This provides tight, responsive handling at a specific rate when coils are compressed.

So many choices – find your Mustang's perfect spring:

One thing you want to want to pay close attention to is the fitment for the springs you’re considering. Lowering springs are designed to handle and distribute the precise weight of your Mustang evenly and accurately.

You want to make sure to purchase a set of springs intended to support and lower your car to the listed specs. Some springs are made to support both coupe and convertible while some others are not; similarly, some springs are designed for both V6 and V8 models, while others aren’t. We encourage you to stick with a spring created with your year and model in mind to get optimum results in both handling and appearance.

Have a set of our wheels and tires, but wondering if there will be fitment issues? Rest assured all our wheel and tire packages complement up to a 2” drop without a problem!

VIDEO: The 4 Best Lowering Springs for 2015-2017 Mustangs

What Other Suspension Upgrades Should I Add With Lowering Springs?

Depending upon what you plan on doing with your build, there are a couple other mods you’ll want to consider when adding lowering springs to your Mustang. Some mods you’ll want to consider are:

•    Rear lower control arms
•    Rear upper control arms
•    Panhard bars
•    Shocks and Struts
•    Sway bars

Upgrading the suspension on your Mustang is a process that will require a lot of fine tuning and tweaking to get your desired result. Adding a set of lowering springs to your Mustang is just one part of the equation and there are multiple other parts you can swap out that will all work to improve your handling.

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