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AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake with Pro DRY S Filter; Black (11-19 3.6L Challenger)

Item CH1099
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for "American Muscle" and today I'm taking a look at this AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake with the Pro Dry Air S filter for 2011 to 20 19, 3 0.6 liter Dodge Challengers. This intake is gonna appeal to the Pentastar Challenger owner who's looking for both form and function in one easy-to-install package. This is a premium intake that features a closed air box, a high-flow filter, and easy installation in an all-inclusive package that looks just as good as it performs. And the best part is there's no tuning required. Now, AFE has made a name for themselves in all things flow, hence the company's name Advanced Flow Engineering. And the key of course, to any good intake system, is that airflow, a large part of which is dictated by the air filter. Now, this system features AFEs Pro Dry S Filter, which is this big old 9-inch tall inverted cone filter. It has this massive oval flange with a polyurethane frame for durability, and the filter consists of three layers of synthetic media each one more fine than the one previous. So it does an excellent job at filtering out dirt in particulates. AFE claims 99.2% efficiency from the filter and given the size of this thing, I think that's probably pretty accurate. It's got a huge amount of service area with the height and these deep pleats that you see here too. Now, this is also a dry filter, so there's no oil to contend with, which means that cleaning it is gonna be a breeze. Just pop it out, wash it, and then put it right back in and you're set to go for a while. Now, the filter is great on its own, but the rest of the intake system is important as well.Now, AFE setup here includes a trick one piece, a closed air box. And if you wanna make the most out of an intake setup, the closed box is the way to go since it's gonna be a true cold air intake because it's gonna pull that cooler air from outside of the car, not hot air from inside or around the engine bay. Now, this box is made from Black Cross-linked polyethylene, and its CAD design and roto-molded. So, it's all one solid, strong piece and it's gonna provide excellent fitment. Now that polyethylene construction and the fact that the box is all one piece with no lid, it helps with heat insulation too. So it's gonna keep the engine bay heat off of that filter here. By now you've probably also noticed this little window at the top of the box too, since this is again, all one piece. That window is as much functional as it is aesthetically pleasing because it provides an easy way for you to check the cleanliness and the condition of the filter without having to disassemble any part of the system. Now, much like the box, the intake tubing is also Rotomolded CAD designed and Dino tuned to ensure a perfect fit and a noticeable difference overstock. Mostly an intake is gonna net you some better response and some increased noise. And that is certainly the case here. The tubing is large and it's smooth all the way through, so it's gonna provide excellent airflow. You can see that there's no weird creases or anything in it. All the curbs are smooth. So you're gonna get that cool intake honk too when you get on it because you get some great resonance through this too. And it's gonna be unobtrusive still while you're cruising around at light throttle applications. The tube also attaches with these super nice silicone couplings and it has some great fittings too for your temperature center and other ancillary pieces and what are probably the nicest clamps I've ever seen on an intake. So you can see that AFE did not skimp on the construction with this one.Another big positive here is that this is a no-tune required intake, so you do not need to invest in a custom tune or flash tuning module in order to get this set up to work on your Challenger. Just put this guy right in and you're often ready to go. However, like, I mentioned before, as, with any other intake, you shouldn't expect huge power gains. You should still feel some difference in the way the car responds since you are funneling more air through the intake, especially with this big filter. But big power gains are not gonna be the end result here. You are gonna get an appreciable difference though. And of course, even though the tune is not required, if you want to get the most out of this setup, you can always invest in tune or another breeding modification like an exhaust to make the most amount of difference. Now, all the features we just covered, of course, do not come cheap though. This is gonna run you right around $525, and that is one of the most expensive intakes for the Pentastar-powered Challenger.However, you are getting excellent quality, this gigantic filter, and all these other bits too. So if you're shopping for an intake, it's worth shelling out the money for the nice features. And that quality construction installation is also quite simple coming in at a one outta three, and it should only take you about an hour to get it done. It's a job that's easily accomplished at home with common hand tools and everything you need to get this installed in your car is right here in the box. Not much more to say about it. So let's throw it over to one of our AM customers right now, who's gonna show you the process for getting this installed on yourChallenger.Man: To begin, you do need a stock set for the clamps or yeah, for the clamps on the air intake. And you can actually also use it for the bolt that holds the intake in. You'll need an eight-millimeter for the stock clamp and then an 11-millimeter for the new clamps as well as the bolt that holds the intake in. I also did use a small extension just to make it easier. You don't have to, but it does help a little. So you also need an Allen wrench. This is a one-eighth-inch Allen wrench. Its only purpose for this installation is the two screws that go to the bracket on the curve tube. And finally, I did use a pair of tin snips for the rubber that goes on the bottom of the air intake. It seemed to be about an inch-and-a-half too long. So I just sniffed about an inch and a half off. It is rubber, but there is a piece of metal inside, so you probably want to use something like 10 snips instead of just like a knife or something, just so it's more even cut. So, it's all the tools that you need for this installation.Hey, everyone. Today I'm actually gonna be installing the AV Momentum GT Cold Air Intake. This intake system is made for the 2011 through 2021 V6 Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Charger. So, I do want to go over a couple of things before I actually start the installation. First of all so whenever you are installing a kit like this, you do wanna make sure that you have all the pieces that come with the kit before you start just because you don't want to get halfway through, the installation and find out that you're missing something, and then it'll just be a hassle because you'll just have to uninstall the whole thing and go back to stock.So, I'll always just double-check the manual to make sure that you do have all the pieces. All right, so now to the installation. I am gonna be doing a step-by-step. So just to make it easier. So the first step is to remove the engine cover and disconnect the crankcase hose. The engine cover, just this piece should just pop right up. Might have to give it a good [inaudible][00:07:11], you just take that off and set it to the side. The crankcase hose is right here, it connects to the back of the engine, I believe, and the air intake. So you just need to pull this slide right out. Yep, slide right out. All right, so the next step is to remove the eight-millimeter bolt off the factory air intake box. So this is why when we start using the eight-millimeter socket, and that's wrong. I can't count, apparently. We will be needing this bolt later. So just you can set it aside or set it right here. Pretty safe in that little spot.So at this point, we also have to loosen the clamp at the factory air intake box. You have the throttle body, the ones you do look over here. There is a clamp. It attaches right to the throttle body and the intake that actually does need an eight-millimeter. So, I believe the new clamps that are in that are included with the kit. Use an 11-millimeter bolt. So we just loosen this a good amount, enough that we can pull this off eventually. I'm not gonna take the whole thing off. Well, actually it did come off right. So step four is to unplug the temp sensor. So this is the temp sensor right here. So the way to get this out is you want to pinch at the bottom at the very base of this and just pull it out. All right. Now, that's out, let me just step that aside also. And I'm gonna move the camera back. And at this point, everything is disconnected from the factory intake air system. So we can actually pull this out. So you should want to probably pull from this side and pull this up, and then you'll have to pull this entire side out and maybe to the side kind of because underneath this part of the intake system is a grommet that is attached to a mounting point on the car. So it'll be a rubber piece. It might be difficult to pull out. Mine actually does not have the grommet attached at all. So mine should be relatively easy. You might, may, or may not have the grommet attached to your car. Not sure why I struggled so hard, but you can take the whole thing out and we can set it on the ground.Okay, so step number six is to transfer the grommet from the factory air box to the AV housing. The grommet that we're talking about is located at the front of the stock intake box. So, I believe you should just be able to pull it out. It might be a little difficult. Actually, the metal piece does come out sometimes, and then you can pull the rest of the grommet out. So it does look just like this. And there's two pieces. So you install the rubber piece first and then the metal piece over it to give it a nice tight seal. So once we look at the new air intake, we do wanna place this like that. So it's partially sticking underneath the plastic piece at the top and also in place at the top. And once we do that, we take the metal piece and should just be able to give a nice push and goes right in. So the grommet is now installed. Step number seven is to install the Trim-Seal to the bottom edge, which I actually already did. I did this, it was dirty, but I did this because the trim piece looked a little long. So, I wanted to trim it ahead of time. So you do just need to just go along the edge, push it down, make sure it's nice and tight. I can pop off a little. So, I do suggest kind of holding it against either a table or even your legs and just kind of pulling it back down. Making sure that the seal is nice and tight. Mine's on pretty tight.Step number eight is to slide the AV filter inside the AV housing until it locks in place. And then you installed the clamp on the filter, but you do not want to tighten it yet. So you do just want to take the housing and the filter should slide right in, like, oh, backward, slide in, just like this, click in the place. All right, and that is in replacement. And then we take the clamp, it's the larger of the five clamps that are included in the kit. And we just wanna put it over this part of the filter. We'll tighten it later. Once every piece of the kit is installed. So step nine refers to 2015 and up Challengers. You can actually remove the cap of the center of the headlight and install an inlet duct that you can actually purchase from AFE. It does let more air in. I actually did not buy it yet. I figured I might buy it in the future, but I'll see just how it goes without the inlet duct. But if you do want to install it, then you'll have to buy that. Otherwise, you can use this plug to close it off if you don't want any air coming from the front or anything. If anything flips in.Step 10 refers to the factory grommet that is supposed to be right here. It was actually on the bottom of the stock intake. It looks like this, if it is on your intake, you can just pull it right off. And then you just plug this hole just like that. Once that is in place, you can now go to step 11, which is to install the AFE housing assembly. It should just top bring a place on someone. Somebody just kind of sits there because it doesn't quite, the grommet does not hold it in. You'll figure that out in a little bit. So, now we look for the curve tube, is this tube. Step number 12, we install a hump coupling into this. The hump coupling is actually this coupling. We have two couplings that come with the kit. This one actually has the hump in the center. We do want to use the two larger remaining clips and you can put one clip over this and install it over the side of the tube. Once that is nice and tightly on, you can also put the other clip on or the other eye clamp. I'm actually gonna leave this one off just so it doesn't fall off for now.Step 13 is to secure the bracket of the tube. This is the bracket and we secure this onto the tube with the two furnish button screws, which are these screws. This is when you actually need the Allen wrench and it only goes one way, obviously, it goes this way. We do wanna tighten these. I know we are not tightening very many things yet, but we want these tight so the bracket is not loose. So now that is nice and tight, we are going to go to step 13. Actually, step 14. We install the provided rubber mount into the hole on the bracket. The rubber mount is this piece. It has a slight point at the end and we actually want to install it so that the opening is facing us. Should just be able to push it on. Might need a good amount of pressure to actually get it on. So step 15 is to install the furnished grommet into the hole on the AFE tube. The hole is this hole and the furnished grommet is this piece. So it has a little indentation in the center to provide a seal. So you should just be able to push this right into this hole. On this side. Again, it might need a little pressure. Probably wanna make sure that it's even on both sides. Sometimes if you push it a little too much, it might buckle on the inside or outside. So just to make sure it's nice. And even after this, we are now going to press a fitting into this hole. The fitting is the small plastic piece. It has an arrow pointing to this where we insert the temperature sensor. So this should just push right into this. It is a tight fit again, so it might again need a good amount of pressure. See that's all the way in.So at this point, we are now going to remove the temperature sensor from the stock intake. It has actually this piece we did unclip the sensor from it. So, normally, you want to turn it counterclockwise and then pull it out. I did loosen mine just because I normally have, a difficult time removing it, so it should just pop right out. So when you look at this piece, right here and on the other side, it looks like a small triangular shape cutout. So, when you're installing this, this little piece you just need to line up those to pieces of plastic to the opening, and then you want to turn it clockwise back into the opening. That gives it a nice lock. I believe you can also use some type of loop. I'm not a hundred percent sure. So you might want to Google that to make this slide into the position more. I could be wrong about that. So you should google that. If you decided to do that, it does go right back in usually. You might need, need to use a little force. You shouldn't be too much force because you don't want to break this. And you also don't want to touch this connector right here. You don't want to get any dirt or grime on it. Mine actually looks a little dirty on this side. I'm not sure if it is, but it looks a little dirty. If it's too dirty, you might just not get the correct temperature reading inside the car. But otherwise just, just hold it by this side and you should be good.Okay, so now we're going to go to step or to finish up with step 16 by securing the temperature sensor into the fitting that we installed. So we just need to line up the plastic pieces. I don't think you'll be able to see it on my video. I may end up just doing this off video just because I am at a slightly awkward angle. I'm standing and doing this and it's easier to just do it off camera. So you guys don't have to walk any struggle, but the idea is to just push it in a little and you should be able to turn it clockwise about 90 degrees. So, normally, this piece of plastic right here, it'll go over this tiny piece of plastic that's actually on the fitting and that's somewhat locked into place. Okay, so I did manage to get the intake temperature sensor all the way in was a bit of a struggle but is in all the way. So, now we go to step number 17, which is to install these small coupling over the throttle body with clamps. Smaller coupling is the only remaining coupling that we have, and we only have two more clamps left, slightly smaller than the other ones. So you want to take one clamp, just put it over the cup thing. And then we just fit this over the throttle pot. We do have a second coupling, so we should put this over the throttle body coupling also close together.Now, we go to step 18, which is to install the curved tube onto the coupling and then push the grommet onto the factory mounting peg. So we turn this entire tube over so that, this side goes into the throttle body and or into the coupling at that attach of the throttle body. And then this grommet will actually install onto the factory mountain point. It should just push on somewhat. Does sometimes help to have a second person who can either hold the tubes or sometimes they get just slightly stuck. So, if you have someone that you can have, pull on the tube a little. So now we go to step 19, which is to install the second tube into the filter and then into the coupling. So we go that way. And then into the coupling. We do wanna make sure that we have both lamps on. You know, we took one off just so it wouldn't slide off, but it was, it was pretty loose. Take this tube to just install it right into the filter area. How do you install the filter? Leave this part might be a little difficult. So yeah, if you do have a second person for this, it definitely does help.Step number 20, which is to align all the tubes correctly and make sure the grommet is engaged on the mounting peg. And then tighten all clamps. I believe all of the tubes are aligned. The grommet is attached. So we are now going to just tighten all of the clamps. I believe this is where we use the 11-millimeter. Oh, you do wanna make sure that all these clamps are nice and tight. You don't want them to be too loose and have any vacuum leaks or anything just because we are working with air and you don't want any air either escaping or just any vacuum leak that might affect the performance of your engine. You do have any electronic tools? It definitely does help. But I don't work on my car too much, but I haven't really purchased any like an impact branch, I believe it's called. I'm not sure how I want you to align. I have a weird thing where I just, like, bolts and clamps and stuff like this at a certain position. So I'm just moving them around. Maybe a little hand tight. It just a little, I don't know if that's easier. Probably won't get too far with your just hand tightening, but make sure the clamp does stay on the cup. We don't really need it to be on just the plastic, obviously that won't feel anything that's pretty tight. I might tighten it just a little bit afterward. If I don't think it's tight enough, I'll double-check after. Just gonna use the small extender. I'm not sure if that's what it's actually called, but, okay.So now that all the tubes are lined up and the grommet is engaged in and all the clamps are tightened. We can now go to step number 21, which is to reconnect the temperature sensor. I won't move the camera this time, but the temperature sensor is the sensor that is near the throttle body. It should just click into the sensor right over here. And now step number 22 is between or for vehicles between 2011 and 2019. You can reconnect the crankcase hose to the tube and secure it with the furnished mini clamp. The mini clamp is the only clamp left. It's the tiny one. I believe you can just, I don't know if you have to use this, but I realized that I did make a large mistake from the beginning of the installation. When you remove the crankcase hose, you should also have this tube that is attached to the crankcase hose. When you pulled this crankcase hose off, this was actually on the factory intake box. You do need that. You wanna put that, attach the crankcase hose back in there. Might have to bend a little or just kind of pull it down, I think. Yeah. And at this point, you do need a Phillips head screwdriver for this. I didn't notice at the beginning that you do need a Phillips head. So be aware that you do need Phillips head to tighten, that clamp. Okay, so now that the crankcase hose is completely connected to the intake we now have to tighten this clamp. I did grab my Phillips head screwdriver, sorry if I block the video. I'm trying to make it so that the hose is fully on the intake. The position hoses don't personally align. It makes me a little nervous because it's not like fully on there.Okay. So, I think that's nice and tight. So, now we can go to number step number 23, which is to reinstall the factory bolt to the housing. You do need your eight-millimeter again. You do want it nice and tight so it doesn't wobble around. It's like I did say it does not fully connect onto the grommet that's attached to the car. There's a little plastic piece on the bottom of this intake box that it goes into the grommet, but it doesn't snugly fit in there. Okay, so now that's installed, we can actually go step number 24, which refers to 2020 and up vehicles. So for 2020 and up vehicles, you actually would disconnect the entire crankcase hose from the back of the engine. It actually disconnects at the very back of the engine. You can replace and then step number 25 says to replace that hose with the new hose. The kit does with a brand new crankcase hose that you can use. So you would just route it on the driver's side and connects the AV tube. Now that installation is pretty much complete, we will go to step number 26, which is the final step. And that is just to replace the engine cover. Snaps right into place and you were done. You are fully installed. The instructions also do stay to place the enclosed carb EO sticker on a clean surface. The EO identification number or label is required to pass the MOG check inspection. You can do that if you would like unless you are not worried, but I would recommend doing that just for your inspection. All right, thanks, guys.Jake: That's gonna wrap it up for our review and install of the AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake with the Pro Dry Air S filter for 2011 to 20 19, 3 0.6 liter Challengers. Thanks so much for watching and remember, for all things challenge, or be sure to stick with us right [email protected]

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


      • Boosts Overall Performance
      • Faster Throttle Response
      • Outflows Stock Air System by 28%
      • Super-Efficient Pro Dry-S Non-Oiled Air Filter
      • Heavy-Duty Heat-Resistant Plastic Construction
      • Clear Sight Window on Housing
      • No Re-Tuning Needed
      • Two-Year Limited Warranty
      • CARB-Certified; EO Number D-550-19/22
      • Fits All 2011 to 2019 3.6L Dodge Challenger Models


      Track-Worthy Performance. Take your Challenger to new performance heights with the AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake. This cold air intake will outflow your car’s stock air system by 28%, producing noticeable power and torque gains, and faster throttle response. These performance gains are ideal when you want to turn your Challenger into a proper weekend warrior.

      ECU Re-Tune Not Needed. The AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake increases power and torque by employing a free-flowing design and an efficient air filter that channels near-ambient temperature air into your engine for more complete combustion. No ECU re-tuning is needed, but your Challenger can definitely benefit from a re-tune in the future.

      Super-Efficient Dry Air Filter. The AFE Momentum GT Cold Air Intake uses the Pro DRY S oil-less air filter, a large air filter that uses 3 layers of progressively finer synthetic filter media capable of filtering out 99.2% of engine contaminants without impeding air flow. Additionally, this non-oil air filter is easy to clean, via tapping, vacuuming, or cleaning with mild soap and warm water.

      One-Piece CAD-Designed, Construction. AFE Momentum Black GT Pro Cold Air Intake is CAD-designed for a truly free-flowing air flow, and features roto-molded intake tubes and a 1-piece housing constructed from heavy-duty, heat-resistant plastic. This ensures the air filter is properly insulated from engine bay heat. The air housing features a clear sighting window letting you visually inspect the filter at a glance. Finally, the whole assembly uses high-grade silicone rubber couplings and stainless steel clamps for durability and an exact fit.

      Direct Fit Installation. The AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake conveniently installs in your Challenger’s factory air system location. No modifications are required, and standard hand tools are all you’ll need.

      Backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty. The AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake is backed by a 2-year limited warranty covering workmanship and material defects. Please visit the manufacturer’s website for more details.

      CARB-Certified. The AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake is fully CARB-certified with EO Number D-550-19/22. Use and installation of this cold air intake is completely street legal, so you need not worry about getting into trouble with the authorities.

      Application. The AFE Momentum Black GT Pro DRY S Cold Air Intake fits all 2011 to 2019 3.6L Dodge Challenger models.



      AFE 51-72201

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • (1) Air Filter
      • (1) Air Housing, Black
      • (1) Support Bracket
      • (1) Grommet
      • (1) Temp Sensor Fitting
      • (1) Housing Plug
      • (1) Seal Trim
      • (2) Intake Tubes, Black
      • (2) Silicone Couplings
      • (4) Clamps
      • Installation Hardware

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