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Magnaflow Exhaust, Mufflers, & Parts

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Magnaflow Exhaust, Mufflers, & Parts

Give your car a ferocious roar while making it faster and more intense using Magnaflow exhaust upgrades. These improved parts help your engine perform at a higher level while also allowing you to change the sound of your ride. There are many different exhaust kits available from American Muscle, and you can choose to replace the entire system or just select components depending on the changes you want to make and what budget you’re working with. No matter which exhaust improvements you invest in, you will boost the performance of your ride while altering its sound and style too.

Improve Sound and Performance Using a Magnaflow Muffler

The muffler in your car influences how fast exhaust gases flow away from your engine and out your tailpipe while changing the sound of your ride at the same time. Investing in a Magnaflow muffler allows you to change the performance of your car while adjusting its engine tone as well. If you’re interested in making your ride more powerful or more efficient, or you just want to customize the sound of your car a bit more, it makes sense to invest in an upgraded muffler. With the right muffler, you’ll smooth out the pathway of exhaust through your vehicle, slightly reduce backpressure that your engine must overcome, and you’ll change the tone of your vehicle. Consider what features you can get from a particular Magnaflow muffler and use the list of perks to help you choose the right muffler for your ride. A Magnaflow exhaust upgrade offers some or all of the following benefits to your vehicle:

  • stylish colors and design
  • bolts onto factory components
  • corrosion-resistant materials
  • mandrel-bent turns
  • efficient pathway design
  • customize the sound of your ride

In order to gain all of the benefits listed above for Magnaflow exhaust components, you must get parts that are designed specifically for your vehicle. When you choose matching components, they install easily, and they work well with your existing exhaust system. IF you’re only planning on replacing a few parts in your system, you can get the biggest benefits by choosing components that are designed to work with your stock system. We recommend starting with the header and muffler in your system and then moving on to other components such as the downpipe, the resonator, and others if you want to optimize performance gains from your exhaust system improvements.

Create a Cleaner and More Pleasing Sounding Car with a Magnaflow Resonator

One component of a Magnaflow exhaust kit that’s specifically for changing the sound of your ride is the resonator. A resonator is a special part that’s made to eliminate the drone sound of an exhaust system. This is a key component that should be added to every vehicle that has a modified muffler. A better resonator will give you a clean sound and help create an exhaust system that you enjoy more. Consider getting a well-made resonator that’s built to go with your other exhaust components. If you plan on making other Magnaflow exhaust upgrades, you should add a Magnaflow resonator to your vehicle as well. You’ll love how improved your ride sounds with a good resonator installed, and this is just one of the many enhancements you can make to your vehicle with parts from American Muscle. Find out more about the different improvements you can make to your ride, including the many different exhaust components and intake components that are available for your vehicle. Take the time to match your improvements to your specific car’s model and year, and you’ll enjoy bigger improvements overall.