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Drew Black '06 GT

I built my car so I could have the best of both worlds. I wanted to have a ton of power, but I also wanted the car to look good. Most of my mods have been centered on that idea. This car is a pure street car so drivability was a big factor for me, the mods I have so far give me a great balance of power and streetability . My future mods will definitely give me the extra power I am looking for.

The Lowdown

  • Dyno Numbers
  • 408 HP @ Flywheel


Customer Service

Recently I bought my first home, the selling point for the house was not the amount of land, bedrooms, or bathrooms like how most people would choose a home. I made my choice based on the garage where the mustang sleeps. The garage is completely finished with painted floors, walls, ample lighting and ford banners to welcome my baby to its new home. This car has been a three year project for me; I can’t wait to have my Mustang in her new home! My new garage space now gives me room for future modifications like cylinder heads, underdrive pulleys and more.