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Josh Silver Metallic '00 GT

My 2000 GT was stock when I bought it - it was owned by a retired gentleman its whole life; he had no family so the interior looks like it just rolled off of the show room floor.  I bought the car in April 2014, and I have since captured the look I want.  I like old cars, and I like them looking new.  I like everything to appear clean and stock...until I pop the hood or turn it on.  The car has a strut tower brace, 70mm SR Performance throttle body, plenum and intake spacer, 93 octane race tune, JBA off road H-pipe, Flowmaster American Thunder Catback, King Cobra Clutch, K&N CAI, Hurst Shifter, Staggered FR500s with NITTO drag radials -  along with a couple other small restoration things I have done over the past two months.



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I have always been a motor head.  My parents told me my first word was “car”, and growing up I always had a toy with 4 wheels on it!  My grandfather was also a big motor head and me being the first grandchild (and the only other person who had the car gene in the family) I was soon the companion for every summer car show! Like many a mustang owner, my fascination with mustangs came when my grandfather showed me the movie Bullitt.  Watching Steve McQueen short shifting and double clutching around San Francisco sparked my never ending obsession with mustangs.  I learned a lot about mustangs from my uncle who owned many over the years and was big into them himself.  I received my permit when I was 16 and he let me drive his 2000 silver GT convertible. That drive got mustangs in my blood and I knew I had to have one from that day on.  It is quite funny that I now own a 2000 silver GT myself, it being my second mustang.  The first was a black 1998 and, by me purchasing that car when I was 17 years old, it sparked a tradition in my family to the point that between my brother, father and I we have had about 6 mustangs in the past 3 years.