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C&L Muffler Delete Axle-Back with Polished Tips (11-14 Mustang V6)

Item 412426
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      Video Review & Installation

      Jake: Jake here for AmericanMuscle, and today I'm taking a look at the C&L Muffler Delete Axle-Back with Polished Tips, fitting 2011 to 2014 Mustang V6s. If your Mustang just simply isn't loud enough, then C&L has got the answer for you right here. This 3-inch Muffler Delete Axleback is perfect for the Mustang owner who wants an easy inexpensive upgrade to their exhaust. It's going to bring some serious noise to the table.In fact, we're going to give this one a four out of five on our loudness meter, so you can be sure that you're going to notice a difference and people around you will too. But if you're looking for more noise without being too unhinged, this setup is going to be right your alley and it's not going to cost you too dearly either. Unlike some other axle-backs that have a muffler already built-in, as the name would imply, these are just straight-through. They are simply a muffler delete, so these are going to eliminate the factory suitcase mufflers and tips, replacing them with these pipes and these tips that we've got here.So you're going to unlock a lot more sound, even get some pots and crackles and burbles on the overrun. Now, not everybody likes those, but I know I sure do, and hopefully, you do as well. I also appreciate a louder exhaust too, and these do a lot to make the 3.7 sound really good. You get a much more aggressive exhaust note and it gets really rowdy when you get on it. It gives that V6 a raspy race car-like exhaust too, gets a little grumbly further up in the rev range, and really, I think it just sounds great.Now, you're probably going to find yourself driving differently than you're used to, just because you're going to want to hear that noise, especially those of you who might have a convertible. Plan on having to turn up your radio as well, because you are naturally going to get more noise in the cabin too. Now, it's not going to be quite as intrusive as some of the full cat-back setups on the market. This isn't quite as loud as those are, and most of the difference is going to be towards the back of the car, but it is going to be a noticeable increase in volume.Still acceptable for a daily driver, though, especially for a performance car like the Mustang. You also get a pair of these 4-inch tips to finish them off. These are really nice. They are a slash-cut dual wall tips, and they've got to polish finish to them. So they're not over the top aesthetically, but still something just a little bit different from your stock ones. Not maybe the first thing you notice, but there are nice little detail for those who are in the know.Now, these are a clamp-on style tip, which I like because it gives you the ability to adjust them. So if you want them to sit nice and flush with the balance in the rear, you can do that, or if you want them to poke out a little bit, get a little bit more of that aggressive type of look, you can do that as well. You have a little bit of flexibility in how you get these mounted and set up. While sound and performance are vital to an exhaust, construction is also important, and that's another big reason to consider this setup.C&L uses 3-inch diameter T409 stainless steel. No weird bends or crinkles in the pipe. 409 means that they're going to provide you with a good amount of resistance to corrosion and rust as well. And if you take a look at these, you'll probably be impressed by the welds. These are really nice-looking welds on both sides on all these hangers. Everything just looks pretty good coming out of the box. Those tips that we were talking about are made from T304 stainless, so they're going to stay looking nice and shiny for a while as well, going to provide you with a lot of protection against corrosion and rust. And really, I just can't say enough about how nice these are, especially for the price.Now, as far as pricing goes, this setup is going to come in around $250. That makes it the most affordable option for a V6 Mustang of this generation. So if you want the noise without having to pay the big ticket price or the price of a full catback, this is going to be a great option for you and you're really not going to be losing out on quality or the looks either because everything just looks and feels so nice in your hand. And really, the long and short of it is this is a great value for money.So if you want that noise, you don't want to pay the big ticket item price, this is going to be a great option for you and I think you'll be pretty happy with it in the long run too. When it comes to installation, these are gonna get a two out of three on our difficulty scale. You should budget about two hours to get everything buttoned up.Now, this, unlike a lot of other axle-backs for other cars, this is a totally bolt-on system. It's gonna use obviously all of your existing exhaust hangers, so you don't need to modify anything on the car at all. And you've got all your band clamps that you need, two for the tips, two for the pipes themselves to get everything nice and snug on the car.Now, if you've done an exhaust in your driveway before, especially on a car that's kind of low like a Mustang, you know it can be a bit fiddly just because of the lack of space. However, this is not a difficult job. It's definitely something a DIYer or a novice mechanic can do at home, especially since you're only removing the mufflers and not the whole exhaust system. But with that, why don't we hand it over to one of our AM customers who's gonna walk through the entire process?Man: Right here, we have a simple ratchet, a ratchet extension, 13-millimeter socket, 15-millimeter socket, and then this is just to make the sockets fit on my impact driver because it's not an impact wrench. But you can use an impact wrench if you have one. But let's get straight into it. Hey, guys, today, we're going to be installing the C&L Muffler Delete System. Before we do that, we got to take off the stock mufflers. Here are the tools you're going to need to take off your stock mufflers.First, we're going to start off with this 13-millimeter socket. That goes on here. And we're gonna take both of these because sometimes you can't fit this in the places, it's a lot of just small places that are hard to reach, so that's when this little small one comes in the play. It's a little bit harder to do by hand, but I mean, if you have something that can reach in there, use it, but I don't. So we're gonna get down here. So I like to start at the back here.This is your muffler clamp right here. What this does is hold it to your mid-pipe exhaust manifold, not 100% what that's called, but it just pretty much connects it to the rest of the exhaust system. So what we got to do is we have to take that clamp off to free it. So figure out an angle that works for you. For me, there's not many angles, but I just gotta try to make it click. And there's that. What I like to do is bend this roughly clamp and then it should be able to just slip it right off. Sometimes it does not slip off. There we go. And then this little clip on the back here, this will be pry down.So either you'll have to use a flat head or something to pry this up because this will be clamping the clamp down onto this even tighter. So just keep that in mind, once you get the original muffler clamp off, you're also going to have this little clamp right here to get off. So once we've done that, we're going to just go ahead and give her a shimmy shinning shape and get this connected. Then what I like to do is come down here to this little hanger right here. And then I like to disconnect it from this hanger.So to do this, the best method I found is to hold this against you while you push against this little pin right here. This little metal pin on this side, if you push against this while pulling, it should just pop right off. So, let's go ahead and push, pull. And there we go. Now your muffler is gonna be almost completely free-hanging. All you have connecting it is one hanger back here. And I'll show you how to take that suit. What we're going to do is actually... You might not even need to take your hanger off, but for the video process, I'll just show how to.So what we're gonna do is we're gonna grab our socket, our 13-millimeter. We're gonna take our 13-millimeter and this bolt right up here, we're gonna come look at it. If you can see it, it is right here. I don't know if you can see it. It is right here above...right in direct center of the hanger. I'm going to go through these two screws on the side here first. If we look down on this side, I was thinking about the other side. On this side, we have two screws all the way up here. We have one right here that connects this to the rest of the car and then we have one down over here which we will get through in a second. If you can see, it's right under this hanger here. Let me get a flashlight real quick.All right, so you can better see it. Right here. You can see that right there. We have a bolt we have to get off. After those two, it'll be pretty free-hanging. So, you probably don't want to keep a grip on your muffler just so that way it does it all. But we're gonna go ahead with the 13-millimeter socket and we're going to just take those two off. I'll insert a finger on a certain clamp. I'm still unscrewing the same screw here. This one does not wanna come out. All right, guys, so I'm gonna try to use my impact driver to get this off because I think it's a little bit stripped in there.So if I can fit it. Rearrange things here. Bring all these things up, free up some room. There we go. All right. So that should give me the room I need to probably get. Let me see if I can grab this one real quick. Okay, cool. So what we're gonna do is go for this one here in the middle. Perfect. We got this middle one off right there. So I'm gonna push this back into that hanger. So that way I can access these other screws. I'm going to add this back screw here and bolt. This is one of the screws that are up here.Come back here and look. We have just this screw or this bolt and then another bolt down a little bit further here. What's going on with this bolt is I believe this bolt is stripped so it doesn't want to come out completely. So it's just gonna keep spinning, but it's like threaded in there. So what I'm trying to do is get it a little secure so that way I can maybe wiggle it out. It's just got a lot of tension on it. So I just went and grabbed my extension here. Still on. See if I can reach it with my impact driver. Perfect. Cool. So either I just was impatient or not the screw was definitely stripped.As you can see there, this tip part, I'm gonna have to order a new bolt, but that is definitely stripped right there. A little unfortunate but a little. Now with that off, we are going to proceed with the very last one which I'm going to use this socket for because I can't fit anything up into this little hole back here. So I'm gonna get this real quick just to show what I'm talking about right up here. There's little hangers blocking it, but you can see it right there. There's one right here.That's what we're going for next. We just got done getting that one off right there. You see that little hole right there, that one is right next to the exhaust. And then, so this is the last one on this side it's the exact same steps for the other side, except you don't have the extra one up here, you have just this one down here which I think is personally a million times better. I don't know what the difference really is why this side has more bolts, something, but anyway, enough talking, let's get this puppy off.So this one's a very tight space. This is what I'm gonna do to this one to get more room. I'm gonna push it back. That'll give the room I need. Get this in here. You should have enough room to just pop it off. We gave ourselves enough leeway to pop this off instead of taking all of that off. Now that I got all that, I'm gonna come back over to the slide. So what I did there is I pushed this little hanger off here because this hanger doesn't have a little tapered, I guess, end, to keep it in there. So this one slips out a lot easier. So now that gave me a lot of room to do what I need done back here. Like I say, remember once you take this one off, your muffler will come completely off. Along with this hanger at the top. Almost there.All right, so this is the passenger side. Pretty much the exact same thing. We're just gonna do this one pretty quick. You know, just take this clamp off. Start there. Get that off. Then the clamp. There was that. Cool. Then we're gonna come down here. We're gonna do the same thing on this one. We're gonna do a little push-and-hold technique. Pretty easy. Straight forward. Shouldn't be too difficult. Perfect.Now that we've got that, remember what I did last time, we're going to come to the side that doesn't have the little tapered end and we're going to try to push it out. Disconnect the exhaust from your muffler. There we go. Push. Push. Give it a few pushes. And there we go. This side's a little bit easier. She pops right off. You don't really have to take the hanger off. And there we go. All right. As you can see, there she is and all her glory. I'm gonna pop this off because we're gonna move the DG's this for your C&L mufflers.All right, guys, we just got the stock mufflers off. Now here are your brand-new C&L muffler deletes. Right here, we have one fully assembled with the polished tip. Right here, we have one completely disassembled with the polish tip off. So the polish tips come with it, obviously. You just got to connect them to it with a little V-band, V-clam, whatever these are called. It's pretty straightforward, it's nothing too hard. So let's get under there and let's just go ahead and get this straight on and show you how to do it.So we're going to start with this side, because we got to completely put the hanger back on this side. So that's what I do. Grab your hanger, grab all your screw bolts. And then we're gonna get under there and we're gonna get her on. We also are going to need this. This is the muffler clamp. You don't know this because we just took it off of the stock ones. These are pretty straightforward to use. Nothing too crazy. So these are when it comes with it, a little V clamp, and then your muffler clamp and then this, this will go on this way. And then, yeah.So let's just show you that under there. It's quite easy. So first, we're gonna wanna get our finger back on. So, take this. Let's get back under there. All right. You know, all of it will be right there. So we're gonna take our hanger. We're gonna do pretty much exactly what we did last time to put it back on. So for this, you should be able to use this for most of them other than like the really hard-to-reach ones. So what we're gonna do is you're gonna line it up with the holes. There's gonna be a bunch of little holes. It's not too hard to find the right one because it won't line up properly if it's not any right one.So, line, it's gonna be right here. Perfect. And then we're just gonna take our little bolt while we're holding this up. Do it. Butterfingers today. We're gonna take it, we're just gonna screw that right in there. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, nothing too crazy. And then after we've done that, I'm gonna unscrew it and then screw it. That's all right. I'm gonna take next one. I like to go right here to this one by the back of the muffler next. And then after that, we're gonna go to the last one here, which I'm going to have to use a socket for or a ratchet. You shouldn't screw it that hard, but low. I'm going to grab my ratchet now and then we're gonna put the 13-millimeter. Just a reminder, the whole time we've been using a 13-millimeter. The 15-millimeter is going to be for the tips tightening the V clamps on the polished tips.So, we're gonna take this. Screw it up in there. Hand-tighten a little bit first just to get the end there started. Nice. Cool I want to make sure there's no major movement. This, as you can see, I'm shaking it. There's literally no movement at all. So after we've got it on there, we're going to grab our muffler. We're going to... I like to hook it up to this first one right here. Just a little bit in there. But sometimes that doesn't work. So you can just take it and slap it back here.So, just go line these up with the hangers. And that shouldn't be too off. Slide those in. This should go in quite easy, then you can do the second part. This goes on a little bit easier that way for some people. Some cars, it just fits differently. Not sure what the differences, guessing different exhausts. Whatever, but now here, you're probably wondering how are we gonna get these on. That's not too difficult. You can either put them on before or after. I just put them on after. You can just bend them apart a little bit. I'm gonna try to just tear the pop in on there on this smaller little neck.It's proving to be a little more difficult than I thought. But it'll work, I've done it before. Just give it alittle bit more of a stretch. Wrap it around there almost. All right, just like I was doing, I kind of just stopped the video for a second, but I just tried to pop it on to there, that's all you already did. I was just pushing and pushing trying to pop it on. So right here, you're gonna make sure everything is in a good place. Nice and secure. And then that's where this can be applied. So to I like to make sure mine's fitting.All right, now we're just going to squeeze this. We're going to line this up here. Just kind of trying to squeeze it to... Give it a little bit of a leeway so that way you can screw this into there. I'm gonna do that all the way up here. It's not too crazy hard. There we go. And then we're going to grab our impact driver or wrench, or socket, or whatever you have. We're gonna just gonna line her up. And we're gonna tighten up as much as we can. Now let's tighten her up. I like to get it on there just a tad bit, so that way, it doesn't slip off. And then I can push it up to try to get the best sweep there. It's a little bit hard was one person to push and do that at the same time. Just 100% matter. All right guys, now the very last part is gonna be putting on your polished tips.So pretty much what that entails is you're gonna need your 15-millimeter socket, one of these impact drivers, wrench, socket, whatever. And then you're going to want to just go ahead and take the little V clamp. I already have mine put on there. You're gonna want to throw it on there. The top of your polish tip is going to be the one that's more stuck out. The bottom's going to be one that's pushed in a little bit more.All right, we just slipped the polish tip on right under here. We're gonna have our 15-millimeter nut or bolt whatever on here that we're gonna need to screw on there. So we're gonna take it. Go ahead and screw that on there. You want to make sure you hold it kind of firm so that way your tips don't spin. You're gonna need to sit in a chair. Just get it tight enough to where that is not gonna snip on. Make sure it's on there straight. And there you go.Jake: That's gonna wrap it up here for our review and install of the C&L Muffler Delete Axle-Back with Polished Tips, fitting 2011 to 2014 Mustang V6s. Thanks so much for watching, and as always, for all things Mustang, be sure to keep it right here at

      Product Information

      Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation

      Features & Specs

      • Loud, Aggressive Exhaust Note
      • Improves Exhaust Flow for Better Performance
      • Muffler Delete Design
      • Mandrel-Bent 3-inch Diameter 409 Stainless Steel Tubing
      • Polished, 4-inch 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
      • Simple Bolt-on Installation
      • Fits 2011-2014 3.7L V6 Ford Mustang Models


      Loud, Aggressive Exhaust. Add a loud, aggressive exhaust note to the sound of your V6 Mustang's exhaust with a C&L Muffler Delete Axle-Back Exhaust System. This C&L Axle-Back exhaust features a muffler delete design that will produce an extremely loud aggressive exhaust note that will be sure to wake up the entire neighborhood. Besides an increase in sound, this Axle-Back, with its mandrel bent piping, will also improve your Mustang's exhaust flow for an increase in overall power and performance.

      Quality Construction. C&L proudly manufactures their Axle-Back Exhaust systems from mandrel-bent, 3-inch diameter, premium grade, 409 stainless steel tubing for excellent exhaust flow and enduring corrosion resistance. This system features a pair of 4-inch, polished, 304 stainless steel exhaust tips.

      Direct Bolt-On Installation. C&L engineered their Axle-Back Exhaust to be a direct upgrade replacement for your Mustang's factory rear axle-back exhaust. This Axle-Back Exhaust Kit easily bolts up in the stock location with no cutting, drilling or modifications required for a straight forward install that can be completed in about 2 hours.

      Application. This C&L Muffler Delete Axle-Back with Polished Tips is designed to fit 2011-2014 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 models.



      C&L 412426

      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

      Installation & What's in the Box

      Installation Info

      What's in the Box

      • Driver Side Tailpipe Assembly
      • Passenger Side Tailpipe Assembly
      • (2) Exhaust Tips
      • (2) Exhaust Clamps

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