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Hurst Shifters

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Hurst Shifters

Update your car’s interior while tightening up your manual shift with a Hurst shifter. These high-grade shifters are designed to reduce the throw distance of your ride while making it feel tighter and more reliable. If you want to upgrade the feel of shifting in your car, investing in a new shifter itself may be the best way for you to achieve your goal. There are many different shifters on the market today, but the products from Hurst stand out for their build quality and their performance feel.

Gain Real Performance Gains with a Hurst Shift Knob

Hurst shifters are known for their superior build quality and are designed to create a satisfying feel every time you shift. Thanks to tight tolerances and high-quality parts, you’ll enjoy a firm feel each time you shift. You’ll shift between the different gears with certainty and won’t experience any of the play that inferior shifters leave you with. Add a new hurst shifter to your vehicle gain a:

  • reduced throw distance
  • tough build quality
  • limited warranty protection
  • firm and tight shift
  • comfortable grip style
  • a more aggressive look

A Hurst shifter isn’t just designed to have a satisfying feel; it’s designed to shift faster as well. You can reduce the throw distance your hand needs to travel in order to switch gears. Some of the shifters will reduce your throw distance by as much as 30%, which feels like a lot when you start using it. These shifters are designed with different style shift knobs to allow you to accessorize your ride any way you want and to get a feel you enjoy. Upgrade the shifter in your ride to change the style and shift feel of your car at the same time. This simple upgrade is easy to install and won’t cost you much in labor at a local garage. Some car owners even swap shifters themselves with good results.

Toughen Your Ride with an Upgraded Hurst Shift Handle

The OEM shifter that comes with your vehicle is designed to last for a decade or longer, but even that product won’t be as well made as a Hurst shifter. Most of these products are formed from a blend of billet aluminum and steel, and they have a solid feel to them. These shifters come with different style knobs and handles, but they are all overbuilt to perform for many years. Not only are the shifters well-made, but most are protected by a limited warranty as well, so you have the assurance that you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Equip your ride with one of these tough shifters, and you’ll be ready to drive with renewed confidence. Upgraded shifters and shift knobs will change the feel of driving your car, but they’re only one of the many upgrades that you can make to your car to change its feel. Invest in a tuner chip to change the throttle response of your car and change the feel of driving even more. You could also install an upgraded shift into your vehicle to change the shift feel in a different way. Consider investing in a different steering wheel as well to alter the style and feel of your car while you drive. With so many different upgrade options available to choose from, you’ll feel overwhelmed when trying to decide how to enhance your ride. Consider what changes you want to make to your vehicle the most, and invest in the parts that will help you achieve your goals. American Muscle makes it easy to access OEM-fit upgrade parts for your car to make it faster, more comfortable, and more stylish too.