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Kelly '03 Mustang Cobra

I’ve always loved the “new edge” body styles and Terminators have always caught my eye. I drove mine daily for over a year before I purchased my 2013 Subaru BRZ Limited. It’s still a 6spd, so it’s a fun daily but obviously can’t compete with the Cobra – which is now my track/show car. I take it to local meets, shows, drag strips, etc. It’s an awesome toy/project!

The Lowdown

  • Performance Upgrades
  • JLT Cold Air Intake
  • Terminator Coil Covers
  • 2.76 pulley
  • LFP Heat Exchanger
  • Bassani X Pipe
  • SLP Catback


Customer Service

I was born into a Ford family where everyone has had a mustang at some point in their lives. My grandfather currently has a 1984 20th Anniversary that he shows with me. I bought my first mustang when I was 19 (it was a red 1999 Cobra) and then I flipped that to buy my current 2003 Cobra. Everyone calls me Kelly Cobra now.