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Whiteline Parts

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Whiteline Parts

Whiteline Suspension

The suspension system on your sports car is one of the most important parts of your ride for maintaining traction and reliable performance. Whether you want to push your car to corner faster, or you just want to prepare your vehicle for intense driving situations, it's important to invest in performance suspension components for your muscle car. Whiteline Suspension excels at offering drivers enhanced suspension parts such as upgraded sway bars and bushings. Learn what sets these enhanced parts apart from OEM products and how you can improve your vehicle's ride with a few key investments.

Upgrade Your Control at Speed with Whiteline Suspension Components

Whiteline Suspension offers a variety of performance sway bars and enhanced suspension bushings for your vehicle. These two powerful upgrades give you the ability to corner faster and help you maintain your grip and your stability during intense driving situations. The enhanced sway bars are larger and more rugged than stock bars. They are optimized to reduce body roll even more during high-speed cornering and to help keep your car's tires planted firmly on the ground. The bars are made with stamped and forged ends for reliable strength, and they feature multi-point adjustment settings, allowing you to get just the right configuration for your specific driving style. Add Whiteline Suspension parts to your car and:

  • make it more rugged
  • reduce body roll even more
  • improve traction in different driving conditions
  • achieve a custom suspension tune for improved drive feel

When upgrading the swaybars on your vehicle with these high-performance replacements consider adding Whiteline Suspension bushings at the same time. These tough bushings are designed to support your sway bars for a prolonged period of time so you can enjoy high-performance cornering and reliable performance for extended driving sessions. Whether you're ready to take up racing, or you just want to toughen up your performance car, you can make serious improvements using these upgraded suspension components. Pair them with a set of performance racing tires and your car will enjoy better group and stability when pushing it to its limits.

Improve the Durability of your Muscle Car

Every muscle car should be enhanced to help it handle high-speed driving conditions as much as possible. Unfortunately, stock muscle cars often don't have enhanced suspension or drivetrain components to keep up with their larger engines and supercharger upgrades. To help your car withstand its high-performance output and faster cornering consider investing in these toughened Whiteline Suspension components. The parts are made from forged and stamped steel and protected by a long-term warranty. The sway bars are guarded with a 3-year limited warranty, and the bushings are protected by a lifetime limited warranty. The bushings resist wearing and failure thanks to their synthetic elastomer construction. All the metallic components sold by Whiteline Suspension are enhanced with a powder coat finish, making them more reliable than ever. You can depend on them to hold up to harsh driving conditions and rough weathering over time. Invest in top-tier suspension components for your vehicle and you'll enjoy superior handling in a range of driving conditions. Equip your vehicle with these toughened components and you'll be ready to push your muscle car to its limits. Consider pairing your car with a high-performance intake kit to increase the power output offered to help make it even more enjoyable to drive. You could also add a tuning kit to add power and excitement to your ride for a minimal investment.