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Coal K Black '97 Cobra

So far I have owned 7 mustangs, and I do not plan to stop by a long shot. Up until a year ago my daily driver was a ’97 sixxer with 229k. I fully restored that car from the ground up and kept it strong until the day I finally let it go - I miss that car every day! I currently own an ’88 GT that is pretty modified visually and mechanically, and I also own the ’72 Mach 1 which I plan to fully restore in the near future. The Cobra featured is actually my boyfriends. We met because of this Cobra and I’ve known the car for many years before. No other car makes has made my heart flutter like this one does. The menacing look, the sound, and its powerful meaning is truly indescribable. This cobra is exactly what my dream sn95 cobra will be when I can get my hands on one. It is an honor for me to have this cobra in my life, I maintain and take care of her better than my own!

Coal K

Coal K

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Since day one it has been all about being a “true blue gal”. I can proudly say that every single one of my family members has owned a mustang at one point or another! Growing up I was either camping, at the farm, or at the racetrack. I’ve always been around some sort of mustang and have learned that I have quite an addiction for them. My parents have owned various Stangs and jacked up Ford Trucks over the years – some of which include a ’64 ½ vert with a 289, a ’79 F250 with 44’s and a 12 inch lift, and also a triple white ‘72 mach 1 with the 351 Cleveland (which was my favorite!). My dad taught me how to turn wrenches while my mom showed me that having a clean, fast Stang or an awesome truck to get a little mud on was not just a guy thing – the only rule, of course, was that those vehicles had to be manual.