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Dave '07 GT Premium Convertible

This is my Convertible 2007 GT Premium in Tungsten Gray with Black leather. It has a fully adjustable suspension that sits 2” lower than stock on 18x9 and 18x10 GT4 wheels for daily summer time driving. It runs a Bama tune on 5 pounds of boost from an S trim Vortec super charger. The 3.55 gears and drag radials work well with the SPEC stage III clutch and billet aluminum flywheel to make this a very fun 11 second daily driver. The Cervinis hood was added to keep things cool and the interior dress up kit was the perfect topper for a very fun toy!



CS Training

I have been toying with Mustangs since before a driver's license was even an option. I've owned somewhere around 15 and I'm not done by a long shot. It all started with a 175 HP pearl white convertible Fox Body. It sparked my love for Mustang's and that sparked a buying spree fueled by the need for more power. I started with a couple of mid 80's convertible LX 5.0's, several early and late 90's GT's, and a very unique convertible SN95. I still own it and affectionately call my GT Cobra hybrid the "Fobra". Some of my cars saw street races, some saw track races, some just saw super aggressive daily driving. I promise, however, they all saw plenty of white smoky burnouts and might still have the rubber on the quarter panels to prove it!  I wanted each done up a little different. Partially for the fun factor of hearing different exhaust and engine mod combo's but also so that I could learn and evolve as a driver to the different body styles, suspension combo's and power ranges.