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Keeping the performance of your Dodge Challenger in top shape and driving the rear wheels to race-winning standard requires driveshafts that can take everything your right foot demands. Your Challenger’s driveshaft has to soak up a lot of punishing stress. When you drop the clutch and mash the gas pedal to the floor, your Mopar engine unleashes hell on the drivetrain. Dodge didn’t hold back on the power, so you don’t want your driveshafts to give up the ghost. Sometimes, the strain is too much. If you’ve tuned your Challenger’s engine to release its maximum potential, you could find the stock driveshaft isn’t up to the job. When you’re gunning for the win at the track, you can’t afford to find out the hard way that the driveshaft can’t contain all of the power and torque. Our 2008-2018 Challenger driveshafts are engineered to cope with the hard work of communicating your engine’s output to the rear axle. High-performance driveshafts reduce the weight and imbalances that can reduce the efficiency of your drivetrain. Available in advanced aluminum and carbon fiber construction, these upgrade driveshafts weigh less than stock while being stronger. They’re engineered to fine tolerances to ensure maximum efficiency. With a new, perfectly balanced driveshaft, you’ll enjoy smoother driving, less noise, and more power at the wheels. For competition applications, our aftermarket driveshaft safety loops help to contain the damage if you overdo it with the engine power or revs, causing the driveshaft to let go.

2008-2018 Challenger Driveshafts