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Chris B Black '09 V6

I have big plans for this Mustang! I’m not looking for it to run 10 seconds, but I’m planning on making quite a few modifications so that this V6 really stands out and is a super fun daily driver. I love everything about cars in general, but there’s just something about Mustangs that separates them from any other car and have had me hooked since I was a little kid. Growing up in “The Fast & The Furious” generation, all I hear is VTEC this and 2JZ that - but for me nothing replaces the sound of a Mustang’s V8 blasting down the street and making every head turn in its wake!

Chris B

Chris B

Fulfillment & Production

I flew out to Wisconsin to pick up this particular Mustang and drove it all the way back to New Jersey just because it was exactly what I had been searching for - that’s how passionate I am about Mustangs. I’ve owned a total of 5 so far, a 92 2.3L Notch Back Fox, a 93 5.0 LX, a 95 GT (which I still own and plan on making my drag strip car), a 95 3.8L and my current ride which is a 2009 4.0L 45th Anniversary Edition that’s black on black and has a Manual Transmission.