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Eibach Springs & Parts

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Eibach Springs & Parts

Enhance your car’s ride quality, durability, and its center of gravity with a set of Eibach springs and parts. These suspension upgrades support your vehicle while helping it maintain a smooth and dependable ride. A good set of springs will allow you to lower the height of your car while helping with weight transfer as well as improved traction and handling. If you want to push your car to its limits, invest in upgraded suspension components to start getting enhanced performance from your ride. Learn about all of the benefits that a new set of Eibach springs or specialized lowering springs can bring to your car today.

Eibach Springs for Performance and Longevity

When you equip your vehicle with the proper set of Eibach springs, you enhance the performance of your ride while also making it more durable. Specific springs can improve the traction of your tires. You also have the ability to enhance the weight transfer of your ride or to improve the cornering of your car with a good set of performance springs. Many car owners invest in Eibach springs to lower their vehicle, but they are good for much more than that. Adding the right Eibach springs to your car can:

  • increase the traction to your tires
  • help with more effective weight transfer
  • improve cornering proficiency
  • extend the operating lifespan of your suspension
  • lower your car’s center of gravity

The springs from Eibach are designed to last for many years of use. They are crafted from high tensile steel and protected with a durable powder coat finish. The springs are designed to work with different types of aftermarket and factory wheels and tires and are designed for a straightforward installation too. It’s recommended that owners get these springs installed by a professional, but some vehicle owners have done the work themselves without too many specialized tools. Car owners that increase the power of their vehicle may want to invest in upgraded springs as well to help ensure that power gets transferred to the road properly with enough traction. Get the most out of your car and its components with high-performance springs for your ride.

eibach lowering springs

Reduce your vehicle’s center of gravity and dramatically enhance looks and performance with Eibach lowering springs. These specialized springs offer an increased amount of tension to support your vehicle while reducing the amount of space between you and the road. With these tough springs on your ride, you’ll enjoy a lower stance, improved aerodynamic performance, and an extended operating lifespan. Eibach springs are known for their dependable powder coat finish, and their lowering springs are no different. Choose from a variety of different powder coat colors to get the look of springs you are most interested in while lowering your car at the same time. Along with upgraded springs, you can enhance other aspects of your vehicle’s ride by upgrading to high-performance tires for improved traction. You could also invest in a big brake kit to help your vehicle slow down faster and more reliably than ever. If you power up your car, you should also increase the performance of your brake and suspension systems too. American Muscle has the necessary aftermarket parts to help you make these important upgrades to your vehicle. Invest in the right improvements for your ride and drive faster, more aggressively, and more confidently than ever before. You’ll love the changes you make to your ride and the performance you get from the aftermarket parts when they’re chosen carefully and professionally installed.