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2019 Dodge Charger

With a major refresh or even new generation on the horizon, the 2019 Charger makes do with a bunch of small changes amongst trim and package levels. For this iteration of the four door muscle car, Dodge has trimmed the Charger lineup to 6 models. The SXT, SXT AWD and GT Chargers all come with a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine, with the AWD and GT cars getting an 8 horsepower increase over the base SXT. R/T, R/T Scat Pack and Hellcat models all sport a gas Hemi V8, with the R/T using the time-tested 5.7L version whereas the others sport a bigger 6.4L V8. 2019 GT Chargers are now exclusively rear-wheel drive, have a revised sport tuned suspension and share the same hood as the R/T. New to the Scat Pack and Hellcat (and should provide a ton of fun!) is a launch control and line lock option. Both are meant to maximize performance from a standstill, but having the ability to independently lock the front brakes should make smoking the rear tires a cinch.

Low, Aerodynamic Stance

Replacing the stock coil springs on a 2019 Charger with a set of lowering springs is a beneficial way to improve the handling and look of the vehicle. Dropping the ride height, lowering springs close the gap between the top of the tire and the bottom of the fender, giving the Charger a more menacing and muscular look. On top of this, the act of lowering the car also impacts the position of the center of gravity (CG). The CG correlates with ride height (which in this case will lower) helping keep the Charger flatter through turns. Lowering springs offer many different levels of drop. 1-2" would be considered a mild to medium drop, playing well with the factory shocks. Dropping further than 2", however, is likely to require new shock absorbers that are tuned to work with a decreased ride height. Adjusting the castor and camber may also be necessary in order to keep tire wear in check. Expect lowering springs to firm up the ride. Lowering springs are generally progressive rate, meaning their rate of compression is non-linear and becomes firmer as the spring is further depressed. And given that there is less spring height available, lowering springs will always have a higher spring rate (takes more weight to compress) than the factory coils in order to provide a buffer over bottoming out.

American Muscle Sound

Unleashing the sound of a 2019 Charger can be made easy by upgrading the exhaust system components. In this case, there are two easy routes in which owners can choose from in order to vastly enhance the sound of their car.

  1. Axle-back
  2. Cat-back

The first option is an axle-back exhaust system. These systems replace the aft section of the factory exhaust - namely the OEM muffler and exhaust tip. They generally require the old parts to be cut off and then the new components welded back in place, however some axle-back systems do use a slip-over joint. Slip over joints make the install much easier, but are more likely to leak and offer less structural integrity as compared to a proper weld. In terms of shaping the sound, this is entirely left to the type of muffler included in the axle-back kit. Straight through mufflers are much more aggressive in sound as compared to a baffled or perforated core version. For completely unhindered sound, some axle-back systems delete the muffler all together and culminate with a straight-pipe. Providing unparalleled sound, this type of setup may not be legal in all jurisdictions. In comparison, a cat-back system is the more complete of the two. Replacing all the piping from the catalytic converters onward, cat-back systems will fundamentally change the sound of the car and can also provide a small power boost due to improved flow. A quality cat-back system will use mandrel bends throughout, a process that bends the pipe without changing or pinching the diameter through the radius of the bend. Further, construction material is important in terms of longevity. Most aftermarket cat-back systems feature T409 stainless steel, which has good nickel and chromium content in it to last a long time. T309, which has even higher nickel/chromium content, is reserved mainly for exhaust tips.

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2019 Dodge Charger

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