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BBK Headers, Throttle Bodies, & Cold Air Intakes

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BBK Headers, Throttle Bodies, & Cold Air Intakes

Dramatically improve the performance of your vehicle by upgrading the intake system with BBK headers, throttle bodies, and cold air intakes. These different parts all work together to get more air into your engine and to expel exhaust more effectively too. If you want your engine to produce more torque and horsepower at the same time, upgrading headers, BBK cold air intakes, and throttle bodies is an excellent way to start. These parts are reasonably affordable, and the changes can be made through short installation processes at a local garage as well. Think about how much power you want to add to your vehicle, and then start considering different intake and exhaust upgrades that will help you achieve your goals. We make all those parts and more available for purchase, and they are easy to sort through for your particular vehicle type.

Enhance Throttle Response with a BBK Throttle Body Upgrade

One of the first upgrades that enthusiasts opt for is a throttle body enhancement. This is because a new throttle body enhances the throttle feel of your vehicle while making your engine more efficient at the same time. Throttle adjustments feel the most dramatic overall, which is a big deal for any vehicle owner that wants to take their ride to the next level.

  • enhanced throttle response
  • improved air flow
  • bolt-on installation
  • warranty protected
  • tough construction
  • no computer tune required

Throttle body enhancements install through simple bolt-on installation procedures. That's good news for vehicle owners that want to make upgrades fast and with minimal labor costs. Some owners can do the work themselves, but others pay the small cost to have a garage do the work for them. Either way, you can make a throttle body enhancement to your ride at a reasonable cost, and that's just one of the first upgrades you should make to your ride to make it more effective.

Why Consider a BBK Cold Air Intake or BBK Headers

Even though a BBK header and a cold air intake upgrade work in different ways, both of these changes will make your engine more efficient in different ways. The cold air intake will drive colder and more dense air to your engine to increase the oxygen level during combustion. A greater level of oxygen will increase the power that's produced from combustion. Enhanced BBK headers increase the flow of exhaust out of the engine, and this creates more space for fuel vapor and oxygen during combustion to increase the power generated as well. Both of these improvements will make your vehicle more powerful and effective overall, and they are simple changes that don't take long in a local garage. There are many different performance enhancements you can make to your vehicle to make it stand out and to change the way it feels to drive. Headers, cold air intakes, and throttle bodies are just a few key performance upgrades that are available. Many consider full exhaust system enhancements as well. Not only can you upgrade the exhaust in your ride to make your engine more capable, but you could invest in a supercharger or a turbocharger as well to really up the power of your ride. With so many different aftermarket enhancements available to choose from, it's easier than you might realize to take your vehicle to the next level. Consider the many different parts that are available for your vehicle and make these changes to make your ride more capable and enjoyable to drive.