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2016 Dodge Challenger

The 2016 Dodge Challenger remains untouched since its mid-cycle refresh the year prior. A Pentastar 3.6L V6 continues to be the base engine for SXT models, and the 5.7L V8 the default option for R/T and higher. The optional 6.4L Apache V8 is available to SRT 392 edition. Showcasing some neat tech, the driver display instrument cluster, a digital display, is completely customizable in terms of what gauges and metrics are monitored. Further, a central 8" U-Connect touch screen handles all media, communication and many HVAC capabilities. Of course, performance is the root of this MOPAR muscle machine, made evident by the Hellcat edition, which produces over 700 supercharged horsepower. Dodge advertises the supercharger on the Hellcat as capable of sucking all the air out of a 10'x13' room in one minute.

Smoother, Quicker Shifting

Completely new shifter assemblies can be swapped en lieu of the factory piece. For automatic equipped Challengers, doing so is purely a cosmetic change. A shifter assembly will come with a new trim plate, shift lever and knob. Featuring polished aluminum or carbon fiber trim, an aftermarket shift assembly offers 2016 Challenger owners a complete package in which to change the look of the center shift console. 6-speed manual Challengers, on the other hand, can benefit from a new short throw shifter setup. Normally CNC-machined from billet aluminum, these assemblies are engineered to reduce the physical distance between gear shifts, making each shift easier faster to hit. Compared to the factory TR6060 shifter, an aftermarket short throw shifter will reduce gate distance by 40-45%. Dropping right in, short shifters are a fun way to liven up the driving experience.

60's Muscle Appeal

Installing a rear window louver onto your 2016 Challenger will add an edgy, retro look, reminiscent of the original muscle cars back from the 1960's. Rear window louvers feature a horizontal slat pattern, usually with two vertical support pieces towards the middle of the louver. These slats, tilted slightly downward, give a rakish appearance to the rear of the car and also act somewhat as a privacy screen. Matching quarter panel louvers with the same raked slats can top off the look. Generally speaking, most louvers are made from ABS, a durable, impact resistant type of plastic. The top of the line louver kits are made from aluminum and painted black. One thing to keep in mind when selecting a rear window and side quarter louvers for your 2016 Challenger is ease of install, or rather, ease of removal. Most panels use automotive tape to attach brackets around the perimeter of the window, and then the louver attaches to those brackets. The brackets stay in place while the louver can be put on and taken off as necessary to clean the window or run the car through a wash.

Maintaining a Clean Tract

Part of current emissions regulations is to vent crank blow-by back into the engine to be re-burned a second time. While this does reduce emissions, oil mist can be sucked out of the crankcase and then directed into the intake manifold, where it can build and gunk up the intake runners over time. An oil-catch can, plumbing directly into the PCV system of a 2016 Challenger, can help reduce the oil being passed through to the intake during PCV recirculation. As the crank blow-by is routed through the catch can, it is forced to pass through filtering media that scrubs the oil out of the air and deposits it at the bottom of the canister. A complete system for a 2016 Challenger will include the catch-can and all necessary tubing and fittings in order to plumb it in.

2016 Dodge Challenger Accessories & Parts (V6, Scat Pack, SRT Hellcat)

2016 Dodge Challenger

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